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  1. How lvely that thy both alted for you ❤️ so pretty
  2. Herk

    Z Project

    Got Z'is as a dummy - enjoy
  3. Herk

    Z Project

    CB z Gwyvern up for grabs
  4. The counter says 226 ( I have everything ) right now after the latest release
  5. There are several gifting threads in the 'Trading' subforum. There's the wishlist thread and a LOT of users are happy to help out if you pm them - we usually put that in our signature or profile. If you click on your username in the upper left corner you can find 'account settings, then you choose signature which lands you here Also - I'm a mentor if you want to pm more questions
  6. There's a limit for GROWING things (eggs + hatchies) that's three times your egg limit and no limit on total dragons, there are scrolls with well over 10,000 dragons out there
  7. That's the general discord though isn't it? We do have a descripdoom channel here but that's been pretty dead too
  8. Gotta LOVE Xenobreeding - I didn't think that lineage could get any brighter
  9. Welcome to the club - meeting the 'commentless rejecter' is a kinf of initiation rite around her Just to be clear, some of those might just be misclicks. Otherwise just ignore the comment-less rejects, otherwise you'd just go crazy.
  10. I will defend my accordion death metal covers to the end!
  11. So my Holiday haul Val '09: Thanks @Laura-Lana Sweetling: Thanks anon Rosebud: Thanks @natli - Thanks anon - Thanks @Yhme (might I pester you about a mate someday?) Heartseeker: Thanks Laura-Lana again - Thanks @Dragon_Arbock - Thanks Meg Foxye Radiant Angel: Thanks @lolahighwind - Thanks @Moulder - Thanks @Daiyachiri (love your scroll name) Thanks @beefcake - Thanks @elestren - Danke @Fly-By-Night Thanks @snowwall - Thanks @scarletluna621 - Thanks @sfts Thanks @KiraLwolf - Thanks @Dracleia - Thanks @librarygremlin... Thanks and thanks @xForcibleFeeding - Thanks @Ookami11 Thanks anon for him, him, and him Soulstone: Thanks Von Elegance breeder Thanks @thesearemydragons
  12. Have: EG 5 checker from Silver Shim Want: Holiday mates I still need: a 3rd gen Angel from HFW checker unrelated to these guys or a 3rd gen Rosebud from Spotted Greenwing checker for him OR: s2 messy Soulstone, Floralcrown or Heartstealer for freezing If you need as a mate but can't offer any of those pm offer HERE
  13. Other offers? Like freezing fodder (Heartstealer, Floralcrown) ?
  14. Have: 3rd gen EG from Mageia and Bronze Tin Want: Holiday mates I still need from this group so either a 3rd gen Angel from HFW checker unrelated to these guys or a 3rd gen Rosebud from Spotted Greenwing checker for him or holiday half-mates for the rest of the holidays (to cut my search down to half) offer here
  15. It's back for her - try your luck @SunstonePhoenix
  16. Herk

    Z Project

    Soulstone x Thalassa z'ix-code
  17. 348 (or so) so yeah that DOES sound like it could be part of the problem :/
  18. Not only future people, also tomorrow a whole batch of hatchies will grow up and I can hunt/breed again
  19. Can't wait for tomorrow Thanks to TJ and everyone, DC is the only reason I care about Valentine's at all and it's fun every year ❤️
  20. Jupp - CBs have limits, you can grab as many lineaged ones as you like
  21. Herk

    Z Project

    Rosebud x White checker for free Just an information, I bred him and him - if you stumble upon a sibling I'll gladly swap you for the z
  22. If you don't choose one of them you will lose ALL. So hurry and choose ( I think the timeframe is 30 minutes).