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  1. 12 hours ago, Lagie said:

    I did! I got lucky! :)

    and a nice code, too.

    I think I even have a name in mind.

    Are you vaccinated?


    Pink frosting. XD Happy zyu hunting, trystan!


    *sneezes* It never occurred to me that the pile of clothes I'd been meaning to try on, and finally did, would be so dusty.

    Got my first shot no idea if/when I get the 2nd one because of the AstraZeneca panic here

  2. On 3/13/2021 at 7:21 PM, Saynna said:

    EDIT: I do wonder what Herk thinks of the new Magis 🤔



    In celebration I did a bit of a Magi - massbreed. I haven't bred my bebbies in ages but I thought this might be a good opportunity. I did the checker/almost checker/mirror ones plus the EG PB ones that gave g4 and upwards gen. I refrained from breeding my g2s and CBs as to not clock the AP for too long ;)


    I wonder what @Mathcat  thinks about this update too

  3. Just to be extra sure: If a Cantomaris egg changed colour (by being teleported for example) then a neutral BSA like influence WON'T change it back - right?