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  1. I've only used Umbreon and Vaporeon before, but I agree with he completely new team thing. I very rarely repeat teams. My team hits hard and fast, except for Pignite, which is an awesome wall with the Eviolite. I'll probably lise that when he evolves, but at least Emboar has decent HP. c: The only gym I've had trouble with so far is Cheren, though I think Elesa might be a challenge. I'm banking on Espeon taking out her Emolga, and I'm hoping Oignite can take hout her Zebstrika, since I don't trust Lilligant with that Flame Charge.
  2. I-I'm jst gonna go cry now. ;~;
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    Personally, I believe it is a baby only late in pregnancy, when it can survive outside of the womb. Because of this, I am very against late-term abortions, except in extreme circumstances. It's fine that you have you're opinion about abortion, but I just can't wrap my head around comparing abortion to the Holocaust. These were established people, and they were not only killed, but tortured emotionally, mentally, and physically. The whole thing is just... awful. DX Sock wrapped up my feelings much better than I can.
  4. We had a Holocaust survivor come to my school a few weeks ago, and it really changed my perespective. The Holocaust seems so much more real and tangible now, and I'm a lot more sensitive when it's brought up. But as a side note, she was the coolest old lady ever. I wish I could've talked to her personally - she was amazing.
  5. Yeah, I considered Jolteon, but Espeon's been one of my favorites since I was little, and I needed a Psychic type. But I've heard both are really good Pokemon to have in game. And yeah, just keep going west in the sewers and you'll come to a staircase that leads to the garden. c: It might take a while, though, since there's only a 5% encounter rate for Eevee D:
  6. It took me months to beat her in White. Almost every member of my team was weak to electric, except for my Servine, that got taken down with flam charge every time. You can catch Eevee in a little garden at the end of Castelia sewers.
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    I can't even bring myself to watch the video. Comparing the Holocaust to abortion is just so... Wrong, it actually makes me tear up a bit. The Holocaust killed about 11 million people who were undeniably people. They could think and feel. While abortion is sad, it does not even come close to the ballpark of the Holocaust. @Infinis: I believe the number was actually 11 million. It was 6 million Jews, but he also prosecuted (is that the right word?) gays, Rrom people, politcal opponnents, etc.
  8. I'm currently getting ready for Elesa - I'm hoping to beat her tomorrow morning. Le team: Ben the Pignite Elle the Espeon Bruce the Crobat Petunia the Lilligant They're all level 26 atm. I spent a ton of time running around to get Elle's happiness up after I caught her, I maxed out the whole team's happiness. So Bruce was a Golbat for all of five minutes. As for training spots, I used Castelia gardens to get ready for Burgh, and Nimbasa seems to have plenty *shrug* I'm not far in yet, so there are probably less later in the game. DX
  9. I am so done with people. Seriously. I'm just goi to never talk to anyone again and buy a ton of snakes to fill the void. And then everyone will know me as that weird guy down the street with 58 snakes who does nothing but watch MLP and play Pokemon.
  10. I haven't done the memory link yet. DX I have to convince my sister to let me borrow her DS. I think I'm going to train N's Pokemon post game.
  11. I'm currently grinding for Burgh. I managed to nab a female Eevee in Castelia garden (though it cost me most of my pokeballs ), and I'm hoping to evolve her into an Espeon. So, my team so far: Ben the Pignite Ricky the Riolu Petunia the Petilil Elle the Eevee Bruce the Zubat I like alliteritive names, okay? ;v; And I know glaring weakness to Psychics DX Ricky's going to be swapped out for a Drapion at some point. In the mean time, I'll have Petunia handle them.
  12. I watch gen 3 MLp episodes sometimes, because nostalgia. |D It was a family tradition to watch A Very Minty Christmas every year on Christmas Eve, but I lost the DVD. D: I have The Princess Promenade, too, which is apparently wat FiM is based off of.
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    In preperation for NaNo, I did a little experiment. I free wrote for ten minutes, and ended up writing 291 words. So, if my math was right (and it probably wasn't), I'll need to write about an hour a day. I guess i could go with an hour less sleep every night. Of course, I'll probably need to do longer, since a novel requires more thought than a quick free write.
  14. Right now I just have a Pignite and a Riolu, but I will probably ditch the Riolu later in favor of a Drapion, since the team I planned out will be pretty weak against Psychics as it is.
  15. That was ariund 600 words, and I did it in about half an hour. Maybe NaNo won't be a disaster
  16. Starting a new writing project. But I also have to plan for NaNoWriMo DX
  17. I like Genesect, but I have a thing against using legendaries unless it goes better with the plot (i.e. the battle with n in b/w), so I don't think I'll use it.
  18. I picked up my copy of White 2 today, and I'm loving it. I spent like half the day Riolu hunting though. Amd Cheren's turning out a bit difficult. He keeps spamming work-up and OHKOing everything. I should probably train my Riolu a bit more
  19. Okay, another project has come up, so I'm just going to submit an older work: The Santa Project. It's a Pokemon story, and yes it's Christmas themed but I don't have anything else I like enough to submit. {Are dA links okay? I'd be happy to switch it over if need be}
  20. Glee wait. Glee. Waht are you doing. Glee. Stahp. ~~~ no school today
  21. This, so much. Klaine is one of.my favorite pairings ever and if they break up my life will no longer hold meaning. </slightly dramatized>
  22. Personally, I enjoy most of Moffat's writing, and I don't feel that Amy and River are portrayed in a sexist manner at all. However, I do agree that those comments are sexist, and they made me lose a ton of respect for him.
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    I'm curious-Is anyone planning on using the Traveling Shovel of Death? I think I might. I think I'm going to write a Pokemon fanfic, but I like to look at Pokemon with a little bit of grimdarkness.m|D And a shovel would be an awesome shout out to Pedestal
  24. I should probably start planning for NaNo, but distractions.
  25. I used to be scared about people judging me and too, but I realized that I wanted to live my life the way I chose, not other people.And honestly, dating the class puppy isn't much cause for judgement in my experience. Even with other people who were looked at like little siblings, I only heard people that thought e couples were adorable. |D And like briar said, you have to let him know what you're comfortable with. If you don't see him much irl, you may want to make an effort to, as things like that seem to be better to talk about than text about. Bu right now, I'm sure things are confusing, but they'll clear up soon, and you'll hopefully know what you want to do. <3