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  1. Agh algebra II quiz tomorrow. If I get under an 85 on this, I'm screwed.
  2. On weekdays I go to bed from 11:00 pm to 1:00am, and I get up for school around 6:15. On weekends, I just go to bed when I feel like it, and wake up whenever.
  3. I wish I could tell you. I know you'd be okay with it, but you just don't understand. It's not a choice. If I could just snap my fingers and magically become straight,mbelieve me, I would. But the world doesn't work like that.
  4. I agree with the whole mainstream thing. It seems that people who say it are trying to be different, when by saying that they're being just as unoriginal. /has tastes that are almost entirely mainstream |D ~~~ People who correct every little typo and grammar mistake. I'm on a forum, not writing n essay, so unless my typo is hilarious or changes the meaning, please leave it alone.m|D ~~~ Algebra II. Just no.
  5. Yeah, it's one of the few required readings I actually really loved. <3
  6. Just finished To Kill A Mockingbird. <3 I loved it.
  7. I don't really like the heat. I've always been a winter person, and I'm kimda sensitive to heat. |D
  8. Showers, but I hate hot showers. Lukewarm showers are awesome.
  9. satyr76


    Hamsters are cute. When it comes to little furry pets, though I prefer hedgehogs and rats.
  10. 1. My eyes. They're greyish bluish greenish. 2. Somehow I have friends. Not really sure how that happened but okay 3. I have decent grades. I have a B- in algebra 2, but I'm trying to bring it up, and there are people with a lot lower, so it makes me feel a bit better. |D 4. I make people happy a lot. It's one of the few thing I do that I'm proud of. I mess up asometimes, but at least I do my best to be a good person, right? 5. My writing. It's average at best, but it's one of the only things I'm determined to improve. 6. On most days, I have good self esteem. It drops sometimes, but it usually goes back up within a day. c: 7. I'm not scared to be who I am. Most of the time. 8. I'm good with snakes. I haven't been bitten in years, although that's mostly luck. Still, I consider it an accomplishment. Okay, can't think of any more. I almost made it to ten. |D
  11. Especially when they're telling someone else they have bad grammar
  12. This >_> ~~~ okay, finish my art, do the algebra sheet, and finish the notes for history. Shouldn't take more than half an hour. Unless I screw up on the math sheet. Solving systems with three variables isn't fun.
  13. "Don't speak, I know just what you're doing, don't tell me cause it hurts." ~~~ okay, I have a character I don't hate. Now I just need more characters, an antagonist, and a plot. ~~~ kaudwadwe boys. I'd say I'm just gonna stop trying to date, but the teenage girl inside me does not allow it. /shot ~~~ homework time. *sighs*
  14. Ohgod he's cute.. DX But I think he used to date a guy I know, and I don't want to make things awkward. DX High school drama whyyy
  15. *Hugs and gives a teddy bear* ~~~ one percent left on my ipad. o.o
  16. Okay, just history now. Hopefully I can finish math tomorrow morning. If not, well, I'm screwed. Gah, I hate school. >_>
  17. *hugs* and writer's block seriously sucks. D: I had it for like, a month, and I was just like "Okay I'm not gonna wait anymore. I'm going to write, damn it." Surprisingly, it worked. ~~~ oh god this homework. I can't. DX Why did I save it all for today? *hits himself with the spork of punishment*
  18. Okay, I have to do a 1k word freewrite either tonight or tomorrow. ~~~ dear school, please stop being stressful.
  19. Just beat Elesa; I'm hoping to beat Clay later tonight. c: Okay, curiosity time: Who do you consider the powerhouse of your team? For me, I'd have to say Lilligant. Espeon is equally awesome in terms of stats, but Lilligant has Quiver Dance. |D Even without setting up, Lilligant's Giga Drain can take out almost anything that doesn't resist it in one hit.
  20. I feel like I have social anxiety or something. DX It's not normal to be like this. I kinda want to talk to a psychologist...
  21. Social skills, please magically appear. ~~~ i've been posting here a lot lately. ~~~ i really hope I didn't mess this up. DX
  22. I think I just screwed up the wording of that even worse. DX I should really stop trying to fix things, since I only make them worse.
  23. My interests have changed a bit. I'd like to be an author one day, either a novelist, or to write anthologies of short stories, which I seem to be better at. I wouldn't mind working at a reptile specialty store, either, and I'm hoping to get a summer job at a bookstore sometime. If whoever I end up with makes enough money, and we have kids, I wouldn't mind being a house hubby. I'd still write, though. I'm never going to stop writing.
  24. *hugs* i should probably start my homework.