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  1. This is the first Halloween drop I haven't missed. There always seems to be something that keeps me from getting on. DX But luckily, my power came back the other day, so I managed to grab a few eggs. c:
  2. Here I have internet and family I haven't seen in a while, but it's not my house and I feel awkward. There it's kinda mine, I have my snake, but there's no internet and my stepsister, who acts almost exactly like Regina George from Mean Girls. DX
  3. Love love love this show. <3 Unfortunately I haven't seen all the episodes yet. D: So far my favorite is the Halloween episode. Mabel's definitely my favorite character.
  4. I had no power, and trick-or-treating was postponed since there's a ton of trees in the roads, so it was pretty uneventful for me. |D
  5. I thought you were dead. I was waiting for the police to knock on the door and tell us they'd found the truck mangled. You made me worried sick. All because you had to go on a ****ing adventure in the middle of a ****ing hurricane. Yes, you were in a dead zone, but you shouldn't have gone in the first place. You went out during the brunt of the storm, and we had no contact with you for an hour. We had the ****ing police on the phone. I know it was days ago, but I'm just so mad at you I can't even
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    Between being sick and having no power until a few minutes ago, I wasn't able to start today. D: And I still only have the first few chapters mapped out. Bleh DX
  7. *is reminded of Drake and Josh* But seriously, they do. :c
  8. Ohgod I finally have an 85 in math. I started out the year with a 73. I;m so happy I could cry. ~~~ I'm 400% done with this. Crushes suck.
  9. I'm still really giddy over how good my school is about LGBT tolerance. |D I'm well over a month into the year, and I've only been insulted about it once, which I consider an accomplishment. And everyone who Is LGBT is really open about it-couples hold hands and hou can talk openly about liking someone of the same gender without getting harrassed. I feel like I'm really lucky. I wish all schools were like this. DX
  10. Ohgod he's so perfect. ;~; But he has a boyfriend. And i think he's a junior. Abeuceencar can't I ever have a crush on someone who likes me back? Seriously. I wasted over a year pining over a straight guy, and there is no way in hell I'm going through that again.
  11. Ohgod Algebra II. This homework is really confusing and I have a test on it tomorrow ashdhfkecs how do I maths? I'm gonna be doing homework all night. And I have to plan for NaNo. I only have five or so chapters planned out. No sleep for me. Joy.
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    Haha, thanks. Most of the pokemon will be Psychics, Ghosts, Darks, or Poisons, but I might have some you like. c: And my irat NaNo just wouldn't feel like a NaNo without the TSoD, although ninjas, usually use stealthier weapons. I'll make it work
  13. *hugs* ~~~ i just... Don't know anymore. Is it worth it to stay?
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    I've decided on a Pokemon fic. I don't know all the details yet, but it will have ninjas (hey, that "have ninjas burst into the room" thing might actually make sense), be set in Sinnoh or Unova, and will have an awesome ninja Lopunny |D I'm gonna be relying on the Notes on my iPad. I'll just upload e chapters to dA and transfer them to a USB later.
  15. Proofs are horrible. Although, so is math in general.
  16. *hugs* ~~~ i need those hats o3o
  17. You can get Volcarona in Relic Castle, fairly early on. c:
  18. I'd like to go to NYU one day, but I kind of oubt I could make it in. They supposedly have an awesome creative writing program, though.
  19. Team update: Ben the Pignite~Lvl 33 Elle the Espeon~Lvl 33 Petunia the Lilligant~Lvl 34 Bruce the Crobat~Lvl 33 Boo the Frillish~Lvl 31 Just got out of Chargestone Cave. I'm so underleveled. Hopefully I'll make up for it in Celestial Tower and Route 7.
  20. Religion, usually Christianity, has ingrained itself in the government in so many ways we usually don't realize it. The pledge of allegience, on our coins, etc. It really annoys me. I stopped saying the pledge a while ago, and I really wish that people would realize Christianity isn't the only religion in the country. DX
  21. This, so much. Secret language. ~~~ Agh I'm too young to be worrying about college. NYU sounds ccool, but I really doubt I could get into it. Apparently, it has a good writing program, though.
  22. My art teacher. He doesn't teach us anything. He'll just give us a sheet and be like "Shade this" without explaining how to shade at all. And he grades every little thing we do, so even if I mess up on a practice sheet, it will affect my grade. And he acts like photorealism is the only style of art. I understand that it's the focus of the course, but he says that art is expression and then tives us such rigid rules we really can't do much. DX
  23. My only source of excercise is P.E. /lazy