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  1. I picked up the Canopy, thanks! Those are some great lineages. c: ~~~~ I have a few Thuweds, most with messy lineages. I only have a few named, though, because my names were wiped and it takes a while to go through every dragon's lineage to check if its a Thuwed.
  2. Everything's been positive so far. Awesome.
  3. Oops, I didn't catch that. |D Yeah, that was a slip-up. Thanks! c:
  4. Accept: I wouldn't tease him, I'd hug the crap out of him. Nice work Satyr! -Flerida Accept: Hooray for homosexual dragons! Let's see what the reviewing troll comments on this You guys are awesome. c: And this was 3 characters under the limit. It was kinda tough fitting everything in.
  5. I'm now inspired to write a few gay dragons. I've been toying with the idea for a while, but this definitely makes me want to write them.
  6. This^ It seems that anyone who includes homosexuality in a description gets at least a few comments like those.
  7. Arizona Blond Tarantula. They're beautiful spiders, and my dad's willing to get me one, but my stepbrother has arachnophobia, and it'd be cruel to bring a spider in the house with him. So, oh well. In a few years when I get my own place, maybe. c:
  8. I don't have an eating disorder, although I think i's possible I can develop one in the future, which scares me. DX I'm not overweight-I'm a bit pudgy, but I wouldn't really say it's a problem. But every once in a while I get that little voice in my head that tells me to stop eating for a few days. I'm usually able to beat it back, but there have been times where I almost listened. D: And I'm kind of scared that if I do end up with a disorder, I won't be able to open up about it, 'cause I feel like people will say guys don't get anorexia. DX
  9. They're not dropping anymore, but I believe there are some gifting threads for those who missed the event. o3o
  10. I got my first Marrow, with a lovely lineage, and my first Shadow Walker, also with a great lineage. I managed to breed a second gen White egg, with a Winter Magi father and a White mother. <3
  11. I just finished Of Mice and Men, and I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting not to like it, but even though I'm not a fan of the genre, it was very good. I'm planning on re-reading Gregor the Overlander.
  12. Transcendence by Lindsey Stirling Anything Jessie J has ever sang I Was Here by Beyonce Goodbye, Invisible, Dancing With Tears in my Eyes, and pretty much anything else unreleased by Kesha. She has such an amazing voice. I wish she wouldn't use Auto Tune so much. D: Gangnam Style by PSY And then there are a few songs that are just so perfect they have to be separate: Paparazzi by Lady Gaga (Acoustic live performance) Man Down by Rihanna (Nothing like her other songs, but very good.) Big White Room by Jessie J ****ing Perfect by P!nk
  13. I'm still training for Drayden. DX I'm kind of underleveled, so I need to Audino train, which takes forever. Am I the only one that sees one of N's Pokemon show up and think the entrance animation means its shiny? I saw a Kling(is that it? I can never remember ) show up in Chargestone Cave, and when I saw the shapes swirling around it, I got excited and thought it was shiny. I was really disappointed when I saw it was just N's.
  14. I'm not a poet, so I didn't enter, but I look forward to reading all the entries. It's an interesting topic. c:
  15. Um, what? Okay, I'm out. Peace. ~~~ Flan. That's what it's called. Ohgod it's so good. Thank you neighbors I love you. /shot
  16. Um, what's wrong with Catholics? Sure, there are radicals who do bad things, but there are some in every religion. It's not really fair to lump a whole sect together.
  17. I find it offensive when people say "I'll pray for you" in an argument or something, but if they're praying for health/safety, I'd consider it a compliment. Even if they're of a different religion, I really wouldn't care. Praying for someone's salvation because they're gay, a different religion, etc. is alright, I guess, but telling them is rather offensive, and just seems to be a way of saying "I'm better than you."
  18. Oh my god, that was delicious. <3 I have to find out what it was called. It was really nice of our neighbors to make it for us. c:
  19. Okay. Homework time. Focus. Even though the majority of the county has no power, there still could be school Monday. And right when I need to do homework, I get a sudden urge to describe ALL the dragons. /shot
  20. Okay, so tonight I have to write for NaNo, maybe describe a few more dragons, do my homework that was due Monday, and watch Invader Zim. Sounds manageable.
  21. Accept: Very, very good! Accept: Made my day. c: And Lagie, the Edgar Allen Poe description is epic. <3
  22. Personally, I wish it would have stopped after the third book. I'm not really fond of the series past the first three. I'm one of those people that's still hoping for some sort of continuation of the HP series. Even if it had completely different characters, I love the HP universe.
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