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  1. Ohgod I've been looking for one of those for ages. /hates touch keyboards ~~~ no, bad snake. You do not eat the mouse tail-first. DX You're not very bright.
  2. I was going through my dragon's lineages earlier, and i came across this Tinselkin. <3
  3. I'm really bad at naming dragons. DX
  4. Can't sleep. Crap. Although being on my iPad probably isn't helping.
  5. Apparently, it's not too uncommon for people to think that gay=trans. DX I really don't know how to respond to it.
  6. So the brand's supposed to be really good, but the color I want got bad reviews. DX Apparently it fades to gray with a few washes. Good purple dyes, y u so hard to find?
  7. Lady Gaga. sure, she does things I don't agree with sometimes, but she's incredibly talented and a huge advocate for LGBT rights. Daniel Radcliffe because Harry Potter is amazing and he's also active about LGBT rights. Neil Patrick Harris because he's Neil Patrick Harris. David Tennant. No reasons needed. Niall Horan. (Don't judge me. )
  8. Resubmitted Knight of Violet's description to fix my mistake. Here are the comments: No haters so far. c: ~~~ i think a thread in breeding might work, although you still might want to ask a mod to make sure. And personally, I doubt I'd be a good OP. I'm not good at that kind of stuff. |D
  9. I haven't had school in two weeks. o.o Mostly because my town looks exactly the same as it did right after the hurricane. DX No one's done anything about the trees of power lines.
  10. It's an awesome house, but my bedroom is so... tiny. Yes, I'm the only person staying in the room, but still. I feel like I keep geting downgraded to smaller and smaller bedrooms.
  11. IMO, matrimony is the religious ceremony, and marriage is the legal ceremony.
  12. A bit of happy news, so this thread doesn't become totally depressing. It's a big milestone, and it shows that people are getting more accepting in the US. c:
  13. Ugh, these past few days have sucked. My emotions are all screwy. And now I have the added stress of the election. Please don't win. I actually would really like to get married one day.
  14. I'm really considering downloading some sort of comment blocker, since whenever I read the comments of an LGBT related article, I tend to end up in tears. But for some reason, I can't stop myself from reading them. So hopefully that'll kind of help, because I really don't like reading about how I'm subhuman and am going to Hell for something I can't change.
  15. I'm... I'm just gonna go cry now. ;~; This is why I don't like people. DX
  16. Voted. I really enjoyed all of them, it was a really tough choice. c:
  17. I could go with the amplified an it'll last longer, but what if I don't like it? But the normal might not last long enough. Then I'd end up with a blonde streak, or I'd have to keep redyeing it almost every weekend. Adgejd this is complicated
  18. Question for people who dye their hair at home: What are your experiences with Manic Panic dye? I've heard it's good, and I was planning on bleaching a streak with the Flash Lightning kit then dying it with amplified Ultraviolet. I'm having a neighhbor who used to work at a salon help me, so I don't think I'll mess it up, but I'd like a few opinions on the brand before I buy anything.
  19. Shut up. Please. I am really not in the mood for this.
  20. Has anyone seen this letter? this is one of the biggest reasons I like Obama. He's far from perfect, but he supports diversity and restores my faith in humanity.
  21. *hugs back* ~~~ ohcrap today's election day. I'm scared.
  22. I think all my emotions just collapsed. Cue the curling up in a corner and crying.
  23. I completely agree. I really don't see why it's such a big deal. Everyone says love is beautiful, but if two peole of the same gender love each other, it's wrong? I don't get it.
  24. First one was me. |D ~~~ i think a new thread for LGBTA dragons is a good idea, although I'm notnsure how it would be set up. c: ~~~ Accept: Very unique dragon, I'm intrigued as to why he remains silent as well! Very interesting. Accept: Nice Description Accept: