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  1. Oh, I forgot to thank you. Well, thanks a lot. it's awesome.
  2. Trainer:Psychic Female Pokemon:Gengar In case you are wondering, it is for my grandmother. I'm putting a link to her scroll in my sig. And this is probably my last trainer sprite request.
  3. Thanks, I love it. I'll add it to my sig now.
  4. I love the art, but I think my sig is too full to fit an image that size.
  5. Trainer:Ace Trainer Male Pokemon:Fearow
  6. I like the spring theme, but I'll probably come back to blue around summertime.
  7. I'll miss the Frills. But Lyth said the end of June, I'm pretty sure
  8. Thanks for the update Edit-FIRST POST! I've never even been on the first page of a news post before.
  9. Trainer:Bug Catcher Pokemon:Ariados
  10. I love the cockroaches When I was little, at a zoo, a guy was putting on a show where he showed us a few different exotic pets like bats, tarantulas, etc. I was holding a cockroach, and I loved it. A kid who wanted it next had started to come toward me to get, but by the time I'd turned around to give it to him he'd gotten scared and ran off.
  11. That's adorable. My parents had a really friendly snake years ago.
  12. Hedgehogs can be like that, but some aren't. Anyway, I can definitely say that rats have more personality than most pets, as my friend has one and she (the rat) is amazingly friendly and curious.
  13. I'm not crazy about it, but I hate when people get babies' ears pierced. They should at least be physically and mentally able to say no.
  14. satyr76

    04/24/10 - Maintenance

    Thanks, even though I'll probably be asleep.
  15. I've read the first 8 or so, but I've been too busy to with other books to read the rest. They are pretty good, though. And I didn't know theey were making a movie. I hope they don't make a completely different storyline, like the Lightning Theif
  16. I want a rat so badly, but my mom won't let me have one. I hate all of these stereotypes. People are so bigoted aginst them. They are adorable little guys, and as smart as dogs. I was looking at a website, and a girl said that when she was little, she was crying by her rat cage because her parents yelled at her. The rat handed her one of its crackers. Also, one of my best friends got a rat named Olive, and she is adorable. Rats all have unique personalities, and people who think they are vermin have never really attempted to befriend one. PS:Dot and Beatrix are adorable I also have a Russian Tortoise, and 3 anole lizards.
  17. Nebulas are amazing. There is so much detail in the wing patterns. It looks like a real nebula.
  18. Freezing is not actually to ice, I'm pretty sure, but is a spell that freezes the hatchling at whatever stage it of develpment its at. Besides, would you really want to put a hatchling into a block of ice to make it stay a hatchling? Also, I have one word that easily explains most of these comments. MAGIC. This is a universe where magic exists, so things should be illogical on magical terms, too. Even magic has some limits. PS: Sorry if I'm getting too serious, I always over-analyze everything