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  1. Ogod a cliffhanger. I need the sequel. Nao.
  2. Yes, because three-foot ball pythons are just terrifying killer anacondas.
  3. Oh god am I started to like him? No no no nope. Emotions, don't do that.
  4. satyr76

    Dusk Lineage

    Thanks, duskspoken! c: I grabbed the Geode. <3
  5. Ohgod stores are stocking eggnog again. I am buying every carton.
  6. This book... i don't know. It seems like some of the information is kinda exaggerated.
  7. Ohgod he's so cute <3 Apparently like everyone in the school has a hopeless crush on him, including me.
  8. You need a hug. ;~; ~~~ why do I keep trying? I never make things better, no matter how hard I try. I just screw everything up and make me look like an awkward *.
  9. Sorry for being an ***. ~~~ don't get to see my snake this weekend. I miss her. My dad better remember to feed her. ~~~ Welp, failed that test.
  10. *hugs antisocial buddies* ~~~ is it bad I'm scared of my best friend's boyfriend? he seems nice, but he's like a foot taller than me, and tall people are scary. D:
  11. Why can't I interact with people? Even texting makes me nervous sometimes. I just can't... I always feel like I'll say something wrong and screw everything up. And I can't even say "hi" to people I don't know. How am I gonna ever get a job?
  12. Ohgod three tests tomorrow. *cries* and what should I do for art extra credit? I think I might just do a few sketches with shading and hope that's enough.
  13. Uggh, which one should I ask? My mom's only letting me bring one person but idk who. And how do I ask? What do I do if their parents say no. Nanekdes SOCIAL SKILLS. COME TO ME. *Does the social skills dance*
  14. Okay, an 83 in art. I'll probably do some extra credit, but I can live with that. Now I just have to pray I do okay on my history test so I can keep my shiny new A-. Oh, and there's the algebra II test, too. Shouldn't be too hard. Matricies are a pain, but it's not hard. Just have to be careful. Okay, gotta go study for history now.
  15. Umm, yes, I am gay. Haven't we established that? I've been out for two months, and it's come up in conversation several times. How didn't you notice? And why the hell are you acting so weird? You keep denying it, even after all of my friends confirmed. It's really not such a big deal, so why are you being like this?
  16. Okay, I've got a week to bring up my grade in art. Then I just have to maintain my grades in all my other coasses, and I should be good for the marking period.
  17. *hugs* ~~~ Everything I say has an unintentional double meaning. I will never be able to live anything down. ~~~ Tall people are scary.
  18. I just can't do it. I can't handle the stress anymore. I can't remember the last time I was able to go out on a weekday and do anything I enjoyed. I wish I'd taken study hall.
  19. I have school tomorrow. For the first time in two weeks. *cries* this means I ahould probably do my homework
  20. I hate this. Why can't I just go to sleep like a normal person? I hate myself. ~~~ Might be getting another snake soon, though. c: I think I have enough money.
  21. Oh, thank god he's okay. I really need to work on socializing him. I've been neglecting his mental state lately, so I really need to take him out more. D:
  22. I don't get it. I want to be social and fun, but I shy away from social interactions. I want to go out to the mall and go shopping, but I freeze up when I have to talk to people. Damn it, I can't even hold up a conversation on the phone without freezing and panicking. How pathetic is that? I'm weak.
  23. *Hugs* no you're not. You're awesome. >:U ~~~ should probably do my homework, since I might actuallly have school Monday