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    I have to agree with this
  2. I just got back from seeing it. So disappointing. Pros Good special effects Cons Barely any humor No Kyoshi Warriors No Cheong-Cheong No Jet Firebending is too limited Momo doesn't even get named La (Ocean Spirit) never joins with Aang, he just does some fancy-schmancy waterbending Sokka isn't awkward Iroh was just terrible Zuko has no ponytail, and his scar is barely noticeable Azula looks too nice And there are many more
  3. I love the art, but I don't think I'll be able to request. My sig is way too full
  4. I'm seeing the movie later today. I'll telll you guys if it's good. But they cut out the Kyoshi Warriors. TT How does Sokka get a girlfriend now? And they changed the pronunciation of Aang to Ahng
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    I've got a phsycotic (Probably spelled that wrong, my brain doesn't start working until noon) cat who my family found as a stray. I don't like the idea of letting it roam because, although it does give more freedom, there are a lot of predators, busy roads, and idiots where I live, as well as harsh weather. I wouldn't want to risk my cat being hurt. My sis' friend's cat, Gary, was let out to roam and got an infected wound, as well as an attack from animal abuser's. Gary was swung by his tail into a wall.
  6. I made another sprite using the tutorial
  7. Thanks This probably is pretty bad, but
  8. Cool *Goes off to try* Leany, umm, how do you get an individual sprite to Paint? On Spriters-Resource, it gives me the whole sheet /noob
  9. Ren and Stimpy was always on. Just around 1 AM Anyway, I never saw the show, but it sounds pretty good
  10. This might just be me, but in the movie commercial, I saw Zuko riding a giant gator. What happened to rhinos?
  11. This. I'm no spriter, but even though the eggs are getting intricate, I doubt they compare to the adult and hatchie sprites
  12. I really don't think it is supernatural, I think that "powers" are more like unique talents. Like when I can interpret an animal's feelings, I've been near animaks my whole life, so I know what to look for. What I don't really know how I do is make myself unnoticeable. I'm short, but I have some traits that are pretty noticeable
  13. I can predict the exact plots of TV shows I've never seen, I can read how animals are feeling, and I can usually sense people's personalities. The main thing I do is that, if I stay still, people don't notice me at all. And I'm usually easy to notice. I don't know if this is rare, but I can feel when people are near me, without seeing them, hearing them, etc.
  14. I love Sky Bison, Platypus Bears, and Turtle Ducks
  15. Oh, I forgot Iroh. He's another of my favorites. I'm watching the marathon on Nicktoons
  16. My favorite characters are Toph, Bumi, and Appa
  17. I'm interested. I've always wondered how you did those sprites.
  18. I loved the books. Read them all as they came out. I've been obsessed with mythology since I was a little kid.
  19. No humor? I like the actioin, but it was a mix of action and humor that actually made me like the show. Does anyone know if they're making a movie for Book Two? /wants Toph
  20. Something is telling me the new series will have something to do with Kyoshi.
  21. In Spongebob's Last Stand, they called Sandy Sandy Squirrel... IT IS SANDY CHEEKS! I used to love it, but most of the new episodes are terrible