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    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Awesome. Is DC down for anyone else?
  2. The Beach was in Season 3, so it would be in the 3rd movie. I loved Azula right after she kissed Chan. IMO, it was one of the funniest parts of the series, along with the cactus juice.
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    I'm guessing you deleted accounts again within the last few days, because mine got deleted
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    I love meat and animals. It happens in the wild, so I don't see much wrong with it for humans, though I do feel bad for the animals. I support hunting, as long as it is humane and you actually eat the meat. My dad's venison is probably my favorite dish.
  5. T.T Toph was my favvorite character. I refuse to let them mess her up like that
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    It isn't letting me log in.
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    I joined as Satyr76. The sprites look amazing. But how do you get to Abandoned Island? Found it
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    It lookspretty cool. I'll probably join when it's finished. But I have 1 question: Are there Platypus Bears?
  9. I'm hoping her animal guide will be a platypus bear, but I doubt it actually will be.
  10. GIR Gaz The Almighty Tallest Bugs Bunny Pretty much everyone from Avatar: The Last Airbender
  11. The cartoon was one of the best cartoons ever aired. In the movie, nothing happened. A team of about ten Earthbenders did a long interpritive dance in the movie. All it did was throw a pebble
  12. It was tough to choose. They're all great
  13. Looks epic, but I'm not much of an RP'er. I started watching it a few weeks ago, and it's one of my favorite shows. I love Gaz, GIR, and The Almighty Tallest
  14. Kei: [url=INSERT URL HERE][IMG=http://i855.photobucket.com/albums/ab117/eavesdropping/Pa.gif][/url] 'd
  15. I have to say Percy Jackson. Eragon was okay, but I got bored by the middle of Eldest.
  16. In Tunnels when The main character's adoptive sister turned out to be evil
  17. No, Ravenclaw is blue and bronze. And if you were being sarcastic, then I fail.
  18. Just made this That Flypoke is epic
  19. Azula is in a high-security mental hospital. I doubt she'll return. Does anyone else want to see bloodbending in Legend of Korra?
  20. I miss Misty too. May was okay, but Misty was way better. And I can't stand Dawn And what I don't get is that Pikachu is amazingly powerful, but a Pachirisu/Buizel that's probably only Level 10 beats it
  21. Doesn't this belong in Visual Media? Anyway, I loved the original series, but it became terrible by the beginning of Sinnoh, IMO.
  22. Filch is a Squib, I don't think hee went to Hogwarts. And Hagrid was Gryffindor The only Hufflepuffs that come to mind are Ernie Something-or-other, Justin Finn Fletchey (or something like that), Professor Sprout, the Fat Friar, and Cedric Diggory