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  1. My science teacher called a red panda a baby fox. I pointed out what it actually was, and she went into a huge rant about how she would never embarass me. I didn't say anything rude, I just corrected her.
  2. My grandmother just donated to WWF a few weeks ago. I love the eyes on the Grey dragon..
  3. The hatchlings are beautiful. I can't wait until they grow up. I love the decorating contest. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating.
  4. Dear Journal, My daughter hatched a few hours ago. She's very cute, and curious too. She loves to play with Errie, the Sweetling, and Festive, a Yulebuck hatchling. She often bats at the vines of Herb, her father. Festive is quite a generous young dragon. He even offered to share his food to me. Master is very attached to him, so he shrouded him in a magical fog to keep him safe. My daughter is intrigued by the fog, and she doesn't understand why she can't walk through it. She has also met Fuscho, the Pink who is almost always in the nursery. I'm now teaching her what it means to be a Snow Angel. Master says he will give us each a present tomorrow in honor of Christmas, which is my favorite time of year. He also hopes to bring home more Christmas dragons tomorrow. I cannot wait to meet them. -- Gold Snowfall
  5. I asked her, I'll tell you when she gets back to me.
  6. I WANT THIS DRAGON DRAWN! Username:satyr76 Dragon type: Canopy DC: yes If non DC: Stage of the dragon: Proud and showing off Speech Bubble: no If yes, the dragon says: Would I need to get Sif's permission to request this? The red is great.
  7. So, there's a chance of Invader Zim coming back?
  8. I think CPA in Forum Games counts as that. I love this forum. I've been to a few others, and this is one of the few that I like enough to stay active. The members are friendly and the mods are fair. The only thing I think could be improved is the PG-13 rule. We need more in-detail guidelines, as it seems as though people have gotten in trouble for discussing subjects that they didn't know were inappropriate.
  9. I WANT THIS DRAGON DRAWN! Username:satyr76 Dragon type:Canopy [breed] DC: yes Stage of the dragon: Proud and showing off Speech Bubble: no Oops, I just saw that requests were closed. Sorry. I always get over-excited when artists post a finished request.
  10. This art is amazing. I'll have to stalk this thread.
  11. Your Pokemon are great. Paper or Digital?: Digital, but paper's fine if you don't feel like doing it digital Pokemon: Baoppu In Colour?: Yes Pose/Details?: Can it be in a pose similar to the Sugimori art? Siggy Copy?: Sure If you don't do Generation 5 Pokemon, tell me and I can choose a different Pokemon.
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    Digi, it's 25. Got all three. I love the Buffalo Yaks the most, though.
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    Could they be Buffalo Yaks, Rat Penguins, and Vulture Lions? White for spoilers.
  14. "Fish" is used when all of them are the same species. "Fishes" is used when they are different species. I'm pretty sure that's right.
  15. I just came back from watching the new one, and I loved it. Dobby was epic. My favorite part was probably when Dobby dropped the chandelier (spelling?) on Bellatrix. Bellatix: You could've killed me! Dobby: Not kill, never kill. Just maim, or seriously injure. White for spoilers.
  16. I'm going to see it this Friday. I can't wait, it's supposed to be really good.
  17. I love the designs. I'll probably ask for some Shallow Water things for Christmas.
  18. Oh, yeah, I forgot the time I stepped on a yellow jacket nest last summer. I was with my friend in the woods, and the nest was hidden by a bush. I stepped on it, and got chased all the way back to his house. My friend was beating the things off of me with a net, and he only got one sting. I got arouind fifty, I think, including on my head and neck. I'm not allergic, but it hurt a lot. I got at least ten stings on my ankle, and it took months for the scars there to go away. The doctors said I was lucky I didn't have to go to the hospital. But it is not fun having that much venom in your body. I can't imagine what would've happened if I were allergic. As you can imagine, I'm completely terrified of bees and wasps now.
  19. When I was a toddler, I was rolling around on the floor, and I slammed my head into the corner of a desk. I got a few stitches, and I still have the scar on my eyebrow. When I was 2, I thought it would be fun to jump off of the couch. I did not realize I would hit the coffee table. I still have a scar under my nose. I was not the smartest kid.
  20. Username: satyr76 What am I arting? The head of a male green anole with its throat flap out (I can get pics for reference) What am I arting it with?Traditional is fine What else am I arting? N/A How big shall I make it? Avatar sized What did I tell you to put here? Unicorns and rainbows I love your art. Thanks in advance!
  21. Username: satyr76 How often can you be online? An hour or two every weekday, about twice that on weekends. That time is cut in half when I'm busy. Also, my timezone is EST Which classes do you want to take? Recoloring and Splicing Just a warning- I don't have any experience with it yet.
  22. I speak English, and I'm pretty good at Spanish. I'd like to learn Latin, Italian, Korean, and Na'vi.
  23. I just got a little green ghost. <3