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  1. Ugh, sorry I haven't been posting. Writer's block. D: Michael's mean. Grey is adorable.
  2. I'm glad to see you're back, and I can't wait to see what new eggs you'll make.
  3. Ugh, I hate this. It's why I haven't started a story I'm planning on writing. I plan on having the main character be gay, and they'll be shifters. So if someone read it, there are two conversations I can see happening: Outcome #1: Mom: omgwthbbq a gay? No that's too grown-up kthxbai. Outcome #2: Anyone: LOLOLOLOL Why is he naked? You're gross LOL Me: He's a shifter. Do you expect his clothes to shift, too? And it isn't like I go into detail about it. Person: LOLOL He's naked.
  4. Wesley was frozen in fear as the creature lunged at him, its claws sinking into his abdomen. Too shocked for words, he slashed at the creature franticly with his small blade and then lunged with it. He preferred not to fight, but he had no choice. He still had no idea how he could have made such a mistake. He was usually one of the stealthiest shifters he had seen. It must have been the surprise of seeing so many others. Wesley scurried behind a large tree as quickly as he could with his injury, and shed his soft shirt to assess the damage. “Damn it!” he swore. There were moderately deep puncture holes just above his waist, on the left side of his belly. He then shed his shorts and closed his eyes, concentrating. He again fell to his knees as he became a tapir. His body filled out, and his nose elongated. Fur spread across his body. In just several seconds, he was a Malayan tapir. It had been one of his faster shifts. His injury prevented him from running, but the tapir’s strong jaws would at least give him a fighting chance.
  5. Oh, your last two pictures are stunning. I can't wait to see mine.
  6. I love it, thanks. Also, that dragon is beautiful.
  7. Wesley had sat under his tree for quite a bit before deciding to head out. It was close to nightfall, but he planned on being back before dusk fell. He lumbered over to his den. After closing his eyes for a moment, he began to shift. His spine changed, and he rose to his hind legs. His limbs elongated, and now sported digits. The fur and colors on his body retreated to the small spot on the base of his neck. His trunk shrunk into a normal human nose. In less than a minute, he had become a young man. He reached into his den and felt for the soft fabric of his makeshift clothing. He found his shorts and tee shirt, and donned them as quickly as he could. He grabbed the leather handle of his small, silver blade and walked into the woods. As he walked, he smeared a bit of mud onto his exposed skin. It was just a thin layer, just noticeable against his tan flesh. However, it would mask his scent well enough. It was far from perfect, but it served its purpose. As he walked silently, a small green parrot flew to a nearby branch and chirped. “Hello,” Wesley whispered, a ghost of a smile on his face. He loved the parrots of the island. They were his only company since his parents were killed. The parrot tapped his arm with its talon and then flew off, foraging for food. After a few minutes of walking farther, he came across some scorched land and many animals and humans alike. Shifters, he thought to himself. They seemed at least somewhat friendly, but Wesley would not take a chance. He quickly darted behind a nearby tree, hoping that he wasn’t seen. He took a step forward to catch another glimpse of the charred earth and made a fatal mistake: He stepped on a large, brittle branch. His eyes widened as the snapping sound echoed across the area. They’ve heard me, he thought, frozen with fear. They’ll find me.
  8. How am I supposed to choose? DH's has amazing colors {and Pokemon }, Kanaye's and ksew's are beautiful, and Omen's was plain but still stunning. D:
  9. I'm not an artist, but it annoys me when I see people do things like that. I only ask for drawings if someone is taking requests. I usually give crits if something in anatomy seems off, but that's as far as I go. I do write a bit, however, and I absolutely hate it when people look over my shoulder while I'm writing. *Glares at sister*
  10. They're all beautiful, but I chose Autana's in the end.
  11. satyr76

    Rhea's Art

    The tail seems to be a bit big. The rest seems okay. Of course, I'm not an artist, so I may be wrong.
  12. Oh, your art is beautiful. Would you consider drawing me something for this egg?
  13. Yes, feta's definitely one of the best cheeses for salads. {IMO, anyway.}
  14. I love cheese, especially sharp aged cheddar. The only cheese I hate is American. To be honest, it tastes like plastic. I went to a cheese store once, and I tried seven-year-old cheddar. It was amazing.
  15. I want Wes to meet her because I enjoy torturing my characters sometimes. If done in moderation, it can be fun. That reminds me, expect disturbing nightmares about his past soon. They explain why he has a white streak.
  16. Merp, I feel like I could have made that last post longer. D: And eventually, I will make Wes meet Roko, no matter how much he hates it. Also, STOP GIVING ME UNWANTED MENTAL IMAGES. *Glares at Bubbles's post on anglerfish*
  17. After only a few minutes of dreamless sleep, Wesley’s beady eyes fluttered open. He slowly dragged his large, black and white body out of his den and lumbered over to the other side of the tree. With nothing better to do, he lied down and thought. After years of living alone, Wesley had grown tired of his solitary life. His only company was the occasional parrot, and they never stayed for long. He was, for the most part, content with being a loner. However, he knew that it would be beneficial to have someone to rely on if there was any danger. If a jaguar found him, he could only hope that the sight of him shifting would be enough to scare the feline off. If not, then he was as good as dead. It would be useful to find a handful of friendly shifters, preferably ones that would be of use in a fight. If Wesley had nowhere to run, then he was powerless. It was a miracle that he was still alive, after over ten years of being on his own. The problem was, not all of the Island’s shifters were friendly. He had seen many that would have killed him without a second thought if they had noticed him. He had even observed a few shifters that were especially hostile towards males. He was very grateful that he had a talent for hiding himself. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hide forever. Eventually, another shifter would find him. He could only pray for it to be a friendly one.
  18. *Jawdrop* Your art is amazing. I may request a commission one day, I'll have to see if my parents still have a PayPal account. For now, I'll just stalk in case requests open again.
  19. If I messed up in my intro post, please tell me. I think I got everything right, but I'm easily confused.
  20. A young man sat under a large, leafy tree, watching a parrot crack open a nut. The slightly moist ground was warm and comfortable, and he was content sitting where he was. However, his throat was beginning to become a bit dry, and thirst overcame him as the parrot swallowed its nut and flew off to another tree. The man grabbed a small blade to bring with him to the lake. He would not use it to fight, as he was practically a pacifist. He mostly used it to carve, but always brought it with him, just in case it was needed. He stood up and stretched, then began to make his way to the lake. He silently wove to the trees until he eventually found himself looking at a vast expanse of water. He smiled and took a small wooden bowl that he had carved from a makeshift pocket, and walked over to the lake’s edge. He scanned the water for threats, but saw none. He then knelt down and dipped the small bowl into the lake. He rose the bowl to his lips and drank the water, savoring every drop. As he was about to get a second bowl of water, he saw something. About two hundred yards farther along the curve of the lake’s edge, he saw what looked like a human. He was not completely sure, as his eyesight had room for improvement, but he was fairly confident in his assumption. Even more shocking was the large amount of charred ground that the human was standing by. What could have happened there? the man thought to himself. He decided not to take the risk of the human seeing him, so he darted into the trees. The man stopped when his den was in view. He bent downward, panting, in need of a break. He then saw what he believed to be an edible plant. He picked a branch and sniffed it suspiciously. He then bit off a leaf and chewed on it, confident that it was safe. Somehow, he felt… wrong, eating something so directly from nature as a human. He walked over to his den, set his knife down, and shed his clothes. He stored them in his den, a large hole in the ground between two roots. He preferred to be clothed, as he felt less exposed, less vulnerable. However, his loose-fitting clothes would not shift with them. He closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment, then dropped to his knees. His arms and legs became shorter, as did his body. He winced as his bones and organs shifted painfully. His nose elongated to a small trunk, and the patch of black and white at the base of his neck grew furry and expanded. In moments, what had once been a young man was now a large Malayan tapir. He lumbered over to the plant that he had found, and grabbed a few leaves with his trunk. He shoveled them into his mouth, and repeated the process until the shrub was nearly gone. He then walked over to his den and crawled inside. His eyes fluttered closed, and the strange realm of sleep soon overtook him.
  21. Thanks, I'll get started on my intro post now. And tapirs are love. Hm, Dante is a male, but only female anglerfish look like that. The males are tiny, and were once thought to be a different species. So technically, Dante changes his gender when he shifts. Interesting. /knows way too many useless facts
  22. Username: satyr76 {But call me Satyr} Character Name: Wesley {Those who know him call him Wes} Age: 25 Sex: Male Personality: Wesley is very shy, rarely showing himself unless he is sure that he will be safe. He is good at hiding himself and keeping quiet. If a threat presents itself, he will almost always flee. His is generally fearful, but is willing to take small risks if there is a great reward. It takes a lot for Wesley to trust someone, but the results are worth it. When presented with someone he truly trusts, he is honest and trustworthy. He is more intelligent than he lets on. He can be found in his animal form more often than not, and is very convincing at being a normal animal. Animal Form: Malayan Tapir Description: Wesley is about five feet and six inches tall, and has a rather small build. He is fairly thin, weighing only one hundred-ten pounds. His skin is a bit tanner than usual. His features are very rounded, and his eyes are small and the color of milk chocolate. His hair is jet black and parted to the left, with a tiny streak of white that lies just above his eyes. His hair goes down to just above his shoulders. His fingers are short but nimble, and he has good dexterity. His complexion is free of acne and freckles. There is a circular spot at the base of his neck that is black on the left half and white on the right half. This is his mark. His eyesight could be better, but his senses of hearing and smell are strong. He normally wears shorts and a tee shirt made of thick, tan cloth. They are a bit loose, but they serve their purpose. Other: He's of the second generation of shifters. Also, he's gay. But shhh, it's a secret. Key word: Veranda If you would rather I PM this form to you, just tell me. Also, this is my first time in a strictly Literate RP, so some of my posts may be a bit close to the minimum length. However, I've made a few posts that are probably at a Literate level, and I'll try my best to post at least two developed paragraphs. Also, sorry, but I edited it a few times. @Hungergames: I believe Bubbles meant that the shifters grew up rather primitively on the island, yet your character had a modernized history. I could be wrong, though.
  23. Oh, pretty Magis. And Maple, great job on the Double-Tail. It's even more amazing that it was your first time using the program. And EG, you definitely deserve a gift like that Double-Tail. Congrats to those who were able to grab a spot.
  24. I love it, thanks! It was well worth the wait. Do you mind resizing it to 100x100, if you get the chance?