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  1. Ugh, homework time. :c Health is gonna suck this year. Yes, I know low self esteem is bad. I'm trying to work on it, honest. But really, if she makes us talk about our feelings, I'm going to be mad. There are only a few people I'm comfortable talking about this stuff with. I know I'm not mentally healthy, and I really don't want all this stuff pounded into my head. And reading this, it makes absolutely no sense. I have no idea what I'm trying to say. Crap, I'm horrible with words. DX
  2. Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan.
  3. satyr76

    Maximum Ride

    The first three books weren't bad. They weren't spectacular, but they were enjoyable enough as some light reading. After that, though... ugh. I gave up after the ffth or sixthThe plot made no sense, the flock got random powers for no reason, romance took over, and it turned into a dull "stop pollution and global warming" series. So, personally, I think Patterson should have stopped after the third book. Sure, the first three had plot holes and flaws, but they were much more enjoyable.
  4. Ohgod math test tomorrow. And i have to do the review sheet, which will take me at least an hour. Algebra II, y u no make sense?
  5. I... I don't like to talk about that. v.v Sorry.
  6. I hate Tumblr sometimes. It's fun and all, but every once in a while I find a really depressing blog, and I can't stop reading, so I just end up crying all night because I know I won't be able to help.
  7. I really should work on art, but I don't have any colored pencils. I hate my art teacher. ~~~ my dye came ~~~ I think something's wrong with me.
  8. These are great. <3 I have to say I prefer the female, but the male sprite's awesome too.
  9. I don't even care anymore. I'm so done with art. I really haven't learned a thing. ~~~ i need to do my homework. But tumblr is calling to me. ~~~ Okay, two Bs. Better than I thought i would do. ~~~ Emotions, please stop. I don't want a crush right now. ~~~ annd, I'm out. Peace. okay I post way too much here I should just stop. I'm clogging up this thread with my annoyingness.
  10. You *. I'm done with you. All you've been is bratty and nasty and obnoxious, and yet if I say the slightest thing o you, you'll throw a tantrum. You made my sister cry because you don't let her spend any time with pur dad. Why? You think you're the most important thing in her life, but you're not. Do you know how much she hates you? Do you know how many times you've made her cry? And you're ***ing delusional if you think I'm going to let you hold the hognose when I get it.
  11. This. ~~~ *sassy snap* wow. ~~~ I don't know anymore. I've already left, like, three times. Maybe I'll just lurk for a while.
  12. Ooh, these are pretty cool. <3 What app do you use?
  13. Wait, that counts? Oh god, do I...? , I'm scared.
  14. I'm sad. I have no reason to be sad. Why am I sad? Ugh, this sucks.
  15. I didn't have too much trouble getting my eggs. Then again, I got them in the second hourly drop after they were released, so I imagine there weren't as many peopleon then.
  16. Man, chondros are more expensive than I thought. And all that's without the cost of the actual snake. Well, it's a hognose for me, then. *is still clinging to the hope that he'll get one at the next reptile show even though he knows his dad won't let him*
  17. I want to talk to someone. A therapist, psychologist, whatever. I don't like feeling like this. O want to be able to talk to people I don't know well without breaking down and becoming unable to make simple decisions. I think could be more than just social awkwardness. I get really nervous with people I din't know well. God, if they're not friends or close family, I can barely make eye contact. I just want to be able to talk to people and make friends. Sometimes I feel social, but then I'm away from my close friends and my mind goes blank. I can't talk to anyone, and I'm constantly living in the fear that I said something wrong, something that made one of my friends angry. I just can't deal with this anymore.
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    I managed to get a picture of my ball python yawning. <3 Linked because phobias
  19. *hugs* :c ~~~ i need to take my snake out. I haven't seen her in two weeks. First I need to put the cats away, though. Don't want small furry things running around with a hungry snake.
  20. Managed to grab three without too much trouble c:
  21. Why the did I read the comments. I know what that does to me. I'm gonna spend the rest of the night crying kthxbai
  22. I think I just gained ten pounds. Ph well, I'll worry about that later.
  23. Austin Powers yay ~~~ 1. Platypus. Platypi (Platypuses? Platypeople? [if you get that reference, you're awesome ]) are awesome. 2. Galapagos Tortoise, since they live for so long. 3. Emerald tree boa. <3
  24. Satyr, your lack of social skills is showing. Damn, I'm gonna have to, like, take lessons or something. I have no idea how to interact with people.