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  1. 42/53 I may not make it, I have to leave in about an hour. D: Oh, well. I've gotten quite a few, and they're all beautiful.
  2. Just got my first egg - a squid. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up.
  3. *Tears up and hugs his Audino* ... Great. Thanks to that comic, Audino is never going to leave my party.
  4. I've never had a breeding request so far, but, as I'm getting more and more rares/pretty lineages, I'm guessing that it will happen at one point. As long as someone was polite about it, I wouldn't mind breeding the egg they wanted for them. However, I might not do that for Metallics, as they take quite a while to breed. However, if someone said something along the lines of, "i want a silver breed me one," I'd decline.
  5. Yeah, Rainbow Dash is definitely around twelve in terms of maturity. (Not to say that I haven't met mature twelve-year-olds, of course.) I just finished Applebuck Season, and I have to say that it's my favorite yet, with th pilot coming in second.
  6. I finished The Ticket Master, and it seems that Rainbow's getting a bit more annoying. I still love her design, though. /shot
  7. I have a few speech problems. I stutter quite often. Also, I think much faster than I can talk, so I often accidently skip words, but then my tongue tries to go back and say whatever it missed, so it ends up a jumbled mess (like this sentence). I have friends name Johnny and Thomas, but, almost every time I say their names, it comes out as Tommy and Johnas. I've been made fun of a bit because of it, but it usually stops soon, as I just ignore it.
  8. It's usually followed by something offensive, so I guess TJ deemed it pointless and censored it. However, I can see how that censor could get annoying {especially in role-playing}. /fail explanation 'd by Walker
  9. I plan on having a Rainbow Dash sig and a Pokemon avatar, so it can't be much stranger than that.
  10. I just finished part two of the pilot. So far, my favorite character is Rainbow Dash, but Flutter Shine is epic as well. *Goes off to hunt for Rainbow Dash sig*
  11. I'm in the middle of watching an episode of Friendship is Magic. It's... surprisingly good.
  12. Wow, requests went by in one minute. I think that's a personal best for you, EG. The ND is gorgeous. <3
  13. Before I start testing, when counting the two weeks, do you count the time or just the days? --- Congrats on getting the official title, guys.
  14. Inappropriate thoughts aside, those are beautiful.
  15. That Geode is amazing. I love the texture. <3
  16. Grimace's eggs still say he's level seven, while LadyA's {just using you as an example} have gone up.
  17. Has there been any confirmation that shinies are easier to get in this generation? It seems that they are.
  18. Is it just me, or is grimace not listed on The Moderating Team page? Also, it seems that his level-egg-thingies haven't changed from his normal level.
  19. Wow, congrats everyone! I had a feeling that rubyshoes would get a Site Discussion spot.
  20. It says that this is open for comments, so...merp. I'd just like to say that this guide is extremely helpful for any RP'er, new ones especially. When I first began RP'ing, I didn't know where to start, but this guide helped quite a bit. I like that DragonicFlames added a section on Anti-Sues, as they are even more common than Sues, and, sadly, they are mentioned much less.
  21. I was always taught that punctuation went inside of the quote. o.o For example: He stood, saying, "You certainly shall not."
  22. For fonts, I usually like to open up introduction posts with Vivaldi when RP'ing, but Times New Roman is a classic. Unfortunately, they are fairly small, so I usually have to change the size a bit.
  23. satyr76


    Right now I'm using the Spring skin, but once spring is over I'll go back to Blue. I like the Red skin's design, but the coloring is harsh on my eyes. D:
  24. I had been taught that i.e. stood for "id est," but I could be wrong.