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    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    *Has a happy* Finally. These are awesome, Teleport and Rare x Rare breeding especially.
  2. Congratulations, Sapphire. I apologize for taking so long. I've been busy, but mostly due to my own procrastination and laziness. I predict that I will able to start testing soon, and I will make my best effort to become more productive so I have more free time.
  3. This. I like Coke and Pepsi equally, but Dr. Pepper is much better, IMO.
  4. Paine, you're really good. I especially love the Marrow backstory.
  5. Google! *Glomps* Welcome back! Take your time, Google. Your art is well worth the wait. <3
  6. I've got everything but the brightly colored one. I can't wait to see the adults.
  7. As of right now, none. I don't have anything worth trading, and I'm too shy to ask people to be put on gifting lists outside of breeding threads.
  8. Happy birthday, DC! I got two dark eggs and one pearl egg.
  9. For one of my Legion vamps: Comments: Made my day.
  10. "Most people assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a nonlinear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more of a big ball of wibbly wobbly... timey wimey... stuff." -The Doctor {Oops, it seems that Paine beat me to the punch on this one. } "Hello, I'm Sexy." -the TARDIS.
  11. These are amazing! I especially love Fireheart. <3
  12. My elementary school had a few outbreaks during my time there, but I was never affected. I can't recall if my current school has had any infestations.
  13. satyr76

    Rhea's Art

    ... I actually just pictured a rainbow in the sky when I requested that, but Rainbow Dash works too.
  14. I'd love to write a novel, but I first want to get my writing skills to a much higher level. Also, I've had a few ideas for novels, but I either lose interest of find tons of flaws in a few days.
  15. satyr76

    Rhea's Art

    D'aaww, that's adorable, thanks. It'll go in my sig once I stop being lazy and update my rotators.
  16. satyr76

    Rhea's Art

    The snakes are adorable. <3 Rhea, you are taking requests for snakes, right? If not, If so: I'd love a sky blue snake with the feathery wings, but with white eyes and a matching belly. The stripes would be rainbow colored (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, red, etc.). If that's too complicated, I will happily change my request.
  17. I just watched the first episode of the new season and half of the new one. While watching the new one, I was hiding behind a doorway and hugging a pillow. /wuss
  18. satyr76

    Rebecca Black

    And now I feel absolutely terrible for her, along with a newfound respect.
  19. satyr76

    Rebecca Black

    While I don't like the song at all, I do feel bad for her. She's being bullied quite a lot due to one song. I'm not sure this is true, but my teacher said that she had done the song for fun as a birthday present, and it was in no way a professional music video, but it somehow made its way to the internet. Again, I have no idea if that is true.
  20. satyr76

    2011-04-27 - Downtime

    Thanks for the update, TJ. Luckily, I didn't lose any dragons, but I did lose a good number of Easter eggs.
  21. D'aaww, the fox is adorable.
  22. I'm completely terrified of bees, wasps, hornets, etc. (which I believe is called apiphobia) due to two attacks in two months. *Shudders* My fear of them seems to be intensifying, so I'd rather not go into detail about the attacks. However, I must say that it is not fun having that much venom in your body. I'm forever grateful that I'm not allergic. I'll run if I see anything resembling a bee, or even if I hear a buzz. Whenever I feel a pinch, I get a jolt of adrenaline. I'm scared of tornadoes and hurricanes, but not as much as I once was. A few years ago, I would panic whenever I saw a cloud that looked remotely triangular. I'm not scared of blood per say, but I get nauseas and dizzy whenever I see too much of it.
  23. Hm, the prices are quite tempting... I'll have to see if either of my parents has a Paypal. /minor I wish you the best of luck in getting money for your summer courses. Also, I'm not sure if I've said this already, but the red panda is absolutely adorable. <3
  24. I get a bit nervous around horses, I'm not sure why. I'm fine with other large-ish animals like cows, but horses make me paranoid.