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  1. I think that's pretty good. c: A lot of people, including myself, are notoriously slow writers.
  2. I need to get erasable pens. I make a ton of mistakes but I hate pencils. DX
  3. I want to participate! I'll give it a shot c: Oh, is the host going to pick the winner, or will there be a poll?
  4. Biology homework. Do not want.
  5. Call Me When You're Sober... In my pants Trespassing... In my pants Fashion... In my pants
  6. I... Like myself. Wow. It's been a while since I could say that.
  7. Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj's verse on Monster Electric Chapel by Lady Gaga Glee's cover of Call Me Maybe HOV Lane by Nicki Minaj (Can you tell I like Nicki Minaj? |D Her rapping, anyway. Her singing's not nearly as good, IMO.)
  8. Oh, really? Haha, sorry, I didn't catch that detail. It's been years since I studied the story. Thanks for that. c:
  9. One of the things that really put me off from Christianity was the passage where God told someone to sacrifice his son, and he almost did before God told him it was just a test. I found that kind of... I don't think "sadistic" is the right word, but I can't think of a better one. It just seemed like a really nasty thing to do, and I don't see how someone could sacrifice their own son because a deity told them to.
  10. Omg I was like dying of Kurt withdrawal while I was waiting for season 4. And Unique! My gosh! The scene when they got slushied: That Brody guy...is so much more attractive than Finn (when my dad saw that scene with Brody and Rachel in the bathroom, he was like: O__O You are never going to college! and my mom said "Take me to college with you!!" lol) but I don't want him to mess up this whole Finnchel thing...gah D: If people as gorgeous as Brody actually exist, I am going to every college ever. but Rachel's definitely going to cheat on Finn. D: And Kurt and Unique are the bes characters ever. <3 I love them so much I don't even know. ~~~ Youtube app, y u no work?
  11. "UNIQUE'S EYES. THEY ARE ON FIRE!" Asdhr help me
  12. I was really disappointed in the last episode. It just idn't have that spark, and the plot was a little confusing. The nexxt episode looks promising, though. c:
  13. I thnk Unique saved the episode. |D I was really pissed at Tina-I'd never seen her act like that before, but I loved Kurt's and Rachel's storylines. ~~~ Three day weekend
  14. Calcifer is awesome. ~~~ that was... Not the best episode. :c
  15. The whole Wicca = Satanism thing. Just no. How overly sexualized female characters are in comic books. I love shows like Teen Titans, but I won't read the comics cause the female characters are all fanservice. *coughStarfirecough*
  16. I've never been out of the US, but I'd love to visit England, France, Italy, Japan, and Scotland, and I may be going to Canada next year.
  17. *Huggles glam* If you ever need to vent, my PM box is always open. c: I wish it wasn't so cold. My snake needs some fresh air.
  18. Wicca isn't all witchcraft. Most Wiccans are witches, yes, but not all, and ere are plenty of witches from other religions, including Christianity. If you want a great website in Wicca, check this out. It's the best Wicca website I've found. c:
  19. I'm kind of flitting between agnaostic atheist and agnostic theist at the moment, which the "theist" part being Wicca. I figure that this will settle eventually, and if I convert to Wicca, I'll commit when I'm ready. c:
  20. I believe in some entities, but I don't know if they're ghosts or spirits or what have you. I'm not sure I believe in Ouija boards though. And i do believe in magic, but not the Harry Potter sense of the world. The magic I believe in is a lot more subtle.
  21. So, my mom sister and I watched the new glee episode, which had a transwoman join the club. My sister got confused and my mommexplained "he's just confused." I'm really surprised at how many people think that way. DX
  22. Political parties. I hate them so much.
  23. Someone called me a gay slur and I didn't care. That's never happened before. I used to cry just hearing that word, but that didn't even phase me. It feels awesome to be able to brush things off like that.
  24. I want to write, but homework. DX