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  1. *Hugs* That seems rough. D: I wish I knew how to help. :c But , about the whole "puppy" thing, I don't think people will think it's weird you're dating if you end up going out. I was elected as the "teddy bear" in my grade, and when people thought I was going out with a friend of mine <which I wasn't-girls are icky > they didn't judge. People treat me like a little brother but they didn't think itnwas weird I (allegedly) dated. I don't know a lot about this stuff, but I'm sappy, so I'd say to tell him how you feel. Hopefully he'll understand, and bottling things up is hell. I had a crush on this guy for well over a year, and I really wish I had told him something, even though I knew he was straight. {Please ignore the typos, my keyboard is being stupid D:)
  2. I think I did okay on that test. I really hope I did. I'll be really upset if my grade goes back down to a C. :c I'd still have one if I'd forgotten to do my homework one night.
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    If I participate, I'll probable aim for 30k, since I've never written more than 5k. Baby steps. But wordwars sound fun
  4. Need to get started on this Pokemon fanfic, but I have no ideas. D:
  5. Aww, they're cute together. <3 And yay, other people in my grade are actually coming out. This high school is pretty good about that.
  6. Please, plaese stop. Herp lovers are not all creepy introverts who won't talk about anything but snakes. I'm really waitingmfor the day Fatal Attraction gets canceled.
  7. I'm pretty sure we don't have any bands that both of us like. |D Damn.
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    I've been really obsessed with Hello lately. |D I'm pretty sure it's my favorite song by them. I like how the background instrumentals are simple but still powerful, and Amy Lee killed the vocals.<3
  9. My friends can all write and draw and sing and act and I'm just kinda there. DX
  10. Congrats, wonton. c: ~~~ Well, I'm out at school. It's pretty awesome, and it raised my self esteem a lot for some reason. But even though it's pretty much the same kids, my high school is a ton more accepting thatn the middle school was. My friends were all awesome about it when I told them, and I joined the GSA, so maybe I can nab myself a boyfriend sometime during the year. |DD
  11. I tell you I don't like certain foods, and yet they seem to be the only foods you make. >.>
  12. If Klaine breaks up I will cry for weeks on end. D:
  13. You're the best. Like, seriously. ~~~ glee in ten minutes
  14. Hm, since the word limit changed, I can enter something I wrote a while back, but that would be lazy Hopefully I'll have time to write something new.
  15. *huggles* My PM box is always open <3 ~~~ blehh homework
  16. Really? You're hitting on her boyfriend? In front of her? You just don't do that. I'm pretty sure it's against the rules of being a decent human being.
  17. Coincidentally, this ^ D: Algebra II, y u no easy?
  18. I hate when I just can't put things into words. It makes sense in my head, but I just can't transfer it over to any language. DX ~~~ . My self esteem's starting to go down again. I'm feeling way more insecure than I did a few days ago. Hopefully I can nip this in the bud.
  19. This pretty much sums up my feelings on war. Infortunately, I can't see war ever fading into nonexistance. :c
  20. "I'm sorry I'm not made of sugar/Am I not sweet enough for you?" Aadgwgje why am I so obsessed with songs from cartoons?
  21. Trying to convince my parents to let me get a purple streak. Not going well. |D
  22. I need to write. Should I work on the fanfic, or do something else. Asdfhrg decisions. DX