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  1. Just named one of my vamps. She was the first succestfull bite I've ever done so I named her His first Bite.
  2. Yay, got them all! Ty everyone who made this grate event.
  3. 20 done 18 more to go. Pretty well for a late starter.
  4. Me too, and im hunting for more all the time.
  5. Heinips

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I saw some chickens, dinos, cheeses and splits
  6. Heinips

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    The other names are easier. At least I think so.
  7. Heinips

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Nice Seen the green one and the "nebula" in the requests, and mayby the others not sure. But well I catched the sunset one and the green one and now im locked. Six more days till I get free. (have a 2nd gen sunset with sunset parent so...)
  8. Named my black female Princess of the Nigt I was supposed to name her Princess of the Night, but well I forgot the h xP And I have named my purple Dorsal High Heels (female) I dont even remember why I named her so. Oh and theres also this female Winter that Im gonna release (very long & inbred lineage) and her name is Thats not my Name Then theres my splits Albus and Teddy (male) and Violet and Lily (female). Notice most of the split names are from HP. And then I accidentally put Dusk into one of my dragons name even tho he isnt a Dusk (in lineage) And my first dragons name is Summer Sprint, hes a Green/earth dragon, Ive got no idea why I named him like that. :I But well, thats all. I guess...
  9. Me too. Tho I have done this already a few times, and its fun.
  10. Member No.: 54,064 Joined: 17-January 10 So I'm a New Generation?