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  1. Ooh, the eggs have hatched. Really liking the hatchies, especially the subtle color. Can't wait to see them grow! <3
  2. Happy Valentines everyone! Can't wait to see what the valentine's dragon looks like ones it's all grown up Also really loving the flower gathering so far.
  3. Sent out a few more flowers/cards. (my scroll: moonbeam)
  4. Have: A bunch of CB V-day eggs - code OMb8d - code YK3Oa - code 1pkA7 - code upcaO Need: Want to swap them for corresponding hatchlings, since there are still a few valentine's eggs that I need and don't have the space for.. So, these: If interested please PM!
  5. Thanks to all the tips mentioned here I finally managed to get my two CB Hollies and finally have all I need! (using chrome, disabling javascript & images really helped) So thanks to anyone who posted here!
  6. Another day of no luck with CB Holly catching. I'm starting to feel like I won't be able to get my pair of CB Hollies.. Oh well, at least I got everything else I needed. (And don't take this the wrong way, I'm really grateful and happy we even have the chance to catch past CB holiday dragons!)
  7. I'm glad to see that the Holiday biome is back after Halloween. Managed to fill all my egg spaces with some of the holiday dragons I've missed. No Hollies thou, but I'm happy with my 2 Yules, 1 Snow Angel, 1 Ribbon Dancer, 2 Wrapping-Wings and a Solstice.
  8. My goal is to have a total of four adults (two of each gender) and 3 hatchlings (s1, male and female) of every breed. Altough this only applies to breeds that can have both gender (so not unbreedables and most Christmas/Valentines breeds). If the dragon breed can be achieved from the Cave then my ultimate goal is to have all the adults and hatchlings of that breed be CB. For hybrids, alts and other such breeds that can't be obtained from the cave I prefer the adults to be 2nd gen, the 2nd stage hatchlings to be 3rd gen and s1 hatchling to be 4th gen. WIth alts I also prefer them to be PB. With rarer dragons (metallics and prizes mainly) I'm looking to find as short a lineage as I can. Non-Holiday: Hybrids: Prizes, Metallics & Dinos: With metallics I'm first trying to complete the "families" with neat lineaged dragons and the slowly replace the dragons with cave borns (starting with adults). Holiday: Holidays are divided into two segment. I've listed breeds I'm completeley missing dragons, as well as dragon breeds of which I already have a bred one on my scroll, but would like to replace with a CB (keeping in mind the 2x CB limit for all but halloween). Just keeping a list of them in case past holiday dragons are re-released in the cave. Halloween: Christmas: Valentines:
  9. I just accidentally influenced my CB green copper egg wrong D': And I've been looking for a CB green copper for ages (so I could continue a lineage). I really feel like crying right now >.< Edit; Thank you borth for you help! I'll use the thread if this happens again (didn't know of its existance earlier). Still a pretty stupid thing that happend, so I'll leave it be ^^