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  1. Ah, the birthday release, always the best birthday gift i get Thanks everybody who participated in the creation of those, and good luck everyone!
  2. Update 11/10/16 to my project - Updated Magmaling (did i procrastinate?)
  3. update 05/09/16 to my projects : *All breeding failed
  4. Long overdue update 12/11/15 to my project: *Zombification failed for my Les Princes d'Ambre lineage, will have to rebreed an orsic and a finndo. *Magmalings and Icelings really don't wanna give me a new gen, haven't got a new ice or magma in what seems to be ages.
  5. Update 09/01/15 to my project : -> Added the completed project "Cursed Purity" -> Updated the Thunderlings links to add the last 2 gens
  6. Envy-sama

    Cool Codes

    It went to the AP (i massbreed my rares while egglocked to autodump metallics and such in hope that some lucky user with none will catch 'em) D: http://dragcave.net/lineage/DrRph (if you happen to catch it in a few days, hit me up, i'd love to get it back or at least know that he's got a fine new home )
  7. Thank both of you for your answers
  8. So question : what happens when one of your dragon's name is reported? I *might* (emphasis on might, seeing as i can't find any of my dragons containing that word on my scroll) have named one or two of my scalies with a name containing the 3 letter F word which rhymes with bag. I learnt not long ago the homophobic meaning of the word, speaking english mostly with brits or non natives who use that word with the intention of talking smokes. I was genuenly confused when i saw some multiplayer game chat (namely league of legends) censoring the use of the word (and even more later when i saw s
  9. ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ I've got a few nice ones Like ZeOMg, PArT, rOuTE (wich made me laugh 'cause it also means street in french), and my all time fav, fAke who's a real as it gets.
  10. ~~ Envy's Lineage Frenzy ~~ *Scroll link/forum name : Envy-sama --------------------- Lineage name : Icelings *Breeds of dragons involved : Ice/Slime *Type of lineage project : Custom ''Twisted Half stairs'' based on a twisted fail. *What are your goals for this project? : Reaching the 9th Gen then mirroring a 10th gen. Where am i so far : 1st branch Gen7 ''Mirror'' : 2nd Branch Gen3 Missing stuff : None, yay! --------------------- Lineage name : Magmalings *Breeds of dragons involved : Magma/Terrae *Type of lineage project : Stairs Magma (M) x Terra (F)
  11. Youhou that sounds great. thanks and do not overburden yourself TJ >.>
  12. with my real name, i'm a male >.> water i tryed with my nicknames and i'm a female paper (yay ♪ ) and a male autumn none with Envy-sama but one with just 'envy' (another CB male water u_u ) (if you reconize one of your dragons, Pm me )
  13. hmm... an pld pink lady, a winter (♂) , a purple lady and a magi (♀) all from Ap