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  1. Huh. According to the cookie I am 56195.
  2. They must have been recycling ID numbers just based on this and the post above you. So one's ID number is.... just a random number. How sad.
  3. I need someone with 2 CB female waters and 2 CB heartseekers. I'm trying to continue this stairstep lineage, but I would like the user return the final egg to me if possible. http://dragcave.net/lineage/1V9KV I can pay a rare off your choice from my scroll for the use of your eggslot. PM if interested. Thank you!
  4. I'm pretty sure I don't have that email anymore... is there another way to look it up?
  5. *grins* The newest member of my War Mount split line is about to grow up! So proud, especially since its the one from the "pretty gen" line. I also got a bunch of descriptions accepted yesterday, but some of them are still without descriptions. With 50 split dragons (including my newest) it's getting harder to come up with a description and name that is unique edit: Also just got a CB split egg for the little guy. Can this day go any better?
  6. Are they on random pages or specific ones? I've only found one so far.
  7. Not sure if this counts, but I found someone that picked up both my metallic fails. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Uk2J6 http://dragcave.net/lineage/upF8n Ironically enough, after looking at it, they'd make a pretty neat arrowhead because that is ALL of my golds with no inbreeding.
  8. Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: Reject: Too short... Accept: Too short my butt... I have a number of dragons that have one sentence descriptions. How can someone reject something on the grounds of 'too short'? o.O
  9. "Your magma, thunder, and ice dragons attempt to use their power to summon an egg, but they are not successful." *rage* I dropped an ice egg for you... How many more months... years will it be? Dosen't help that I see people posting "Oh hey, I got one and it was my second try. Teehee!" *stab*
  10. I am looking for a partner that has 2 male heartseekers and 2 CB female waters on their scroll. I only have the first egg, but I am planning on doing a staircase: http://dragcave.net/lineage/NLlcK My partner would have to do their two breedings to make it a 4th gen, then give me an egg Named dragons preferred.
  11. MOST breedable pet sites do the "pets are a combination of the parent's hex colors" so I'm not sure why people are treating is as "TJ's best idea ever" It's a very common mechanic that most people already know about or use.
  12. My first sweet dragon Foolish I was to kill you Lost name forever
  13. I'm hoping that by 'registering' our email address, we get a trophy added to our dragcave account, nothing more.
  14. I traded an egg for another with the code MOOOh
  15. I wish someone had told me back in 08 that lineages would be important. Thinking splits were rare, I took any anyone would give me, so now I have rather messy lines so much so that you can't even appreciate mine that took years to build
  16. Username: Shian Number: #5406 Join Date:7-June 08 I'm very old lol.
  17. Grats. You got the last egg in the lineage you can get with a 'clean' lineage. The others I decided CB eggs got too hard and who knew such a thing would be important later on! edit: here's what I mean: http://dragcave.net/lineage/jH8C
  18. I have a few. Dotz, Punx and um... a couple others. I forget
  19. 1Kzp - Kizzup Wdir -Dream Wing (really mutilated, but I did name it after it's code!) vIN9 -'Vine DoTz -Dotz (Liked the code so much, I kept a dragon I really wasn't planning on)