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  1. Congrats Infi =3 ! If only my Thunder x Electric would breed me an Electric T-T ! It's the only 2nd gen. that I need for my even generation =/ . So, I can breed you an unrelated mate, if you want . These are the three ones I can use for you : Tempest Adian Tempest Aiolus Tempest Avena Just send me a PM at my normal acc. (signature) =3 . Greetings, Shi
  2. Very warm welcome in our lineage !! I hope you enjoy our lineage and our dragons ^^ . Congrats Xoco ^^ ! Yep, it's a pain to get a CB Trio or at least a Trio out of a breeding .... sadly =/ . I'm this far with my lineage right now : Delphi Version Delphos Version I'm still unsure, which one looks better, the Delphos Version or the Delphi Version . Here are the two lineages of the Blunas : Tempest Elpis ( Delphi's daughter) Tempest Eione ( Delphos' daughter) Greetings, Shichibi
  3. Double posting for bumping our thread and also announcing two new Tempests, that I've bred : http://dragcave.net/lineage/cjpL, influenced it female and hopefully she will accept Tempest Dynamic as her mate . And this one : http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZHR1, he is part of my even gen. Tempest project ^^ . I'll add them to the spreadsheet, when I found names for them !
  4. Whoot http://dragcave.net/lineage/6tru !! Only needing a brother of Dorit now, so I can try it with Delphi (Delphos' sister), because I can't dicide which pattern I'll use (Skywing related) . The pattern for the 3rd gen.'s from the Thunder x Electric may look a bit strange, but since the Thunders can't breed with each other, I wanted to have 1 female Thunder and 1 male Thunder in their 1st gen. . An example for this, is Tempest Clarus . I updated both charts (Delphi and Delphos versions) and I'm this far right now : Delphos Version Delphi Version Greetz, Shi
  5. Well, I wanted to keep it a secret, as a surprise for this lineage, but since I'm so far right now : I'm also working on an even generation Tempest with all our breeds in it , they are also specially named, beginning with the letter A (first gen.) to the letter F (6th gen.) http://i181.photobucket.com/albums/x306/Shichibi/TempestGaiaCharthowfarnamesdescription5.png ! Yes, I know that it's not a Gaia (neither a letter G ), I just added it for fun , I also do have male and female from some of the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th gen. ^^, too . If someone wants an egg from one of the pairings, just shoot me a PM (best is my normal account Shichibi) . A view of them are not in the spreadsheet, I think, which I will adding later . Greetings, Shichibi
  6. Yep , this is a half-blood Tempest example Tempest Yacri ^^ . But you could also have, for example, a pure 3rd gen. Skywing (which is not Tempest) and breeding it with a Tempest and the offspring is a half-blood as well . This counts for all of our half-bloods, as long as they have only Tempest breeds (Water, Storm, Deep Sea, Skywing, Electric, Bluna and Thunder) in their lineage . Greetings, Shi
  7. Please read the rules closely , only CB's or Half-blood Tempests are ''real'' Tempests and be allowed in this lineage ^^ . Did you added them to the spreadsheet already ? Because if you did, I've to erase them immediately . IMPORTANT FOR ALL : Well, I did made a little chatroom (nothing really special ) for our Lineage in Chatzy, if there is interest, I'll post the link ! Greetings, Shi
  8. - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - 08. June till 13. September : Moved all new Tempest dragons, that were added to the spreadsheet, to their right places . Added 7 new members . Welcome to our lineage : klinneah, Husker, Helix, puppy2722, Snow Plow, purple_amethyst and Enigmus If I missed someone, feel free to speak up immediately =) ! We are now 91 (!) members with .... ~drum roll~ 700 (!!!!) Tempest dragons !!!!!! I've listed the total number of each generation at the front post now, under the section PARTICIPANTS & DRAGONS IMPORTANT : Just edited the signature on this lineage, so you only have to click on the signature and are up to date . Feel free to take a look, if everything is alright or if I forgot something . The green marking on the 1st generation is the unkown one, maybe someone of us know this user ?? The green markings on the 2nd generation are for Aeria / Sable Wing that I've already PM'ed about it ! --got no responds until now-- Greetings Shi !
  9. I bred this Bluna =3 ~is happy~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/E9OO . I bred the pair again and got a Sykwing out of it http://dragcave.net/lineage/p85E , anyone wants it ? Send a PM to my normal Forumname (signature) then, please . had to abandon it =/ ... I HAVE to run an update this weekend..... I know, that I promised one last week, but I had things in real life and a Dragon Request that took my time x.x . Greetings, Shichibi !
  10. It wouldn't count as a Tempest then, sorry . You can catch a CB Thunder / Storm / Deep Sea / Water or Skywing and name it Tempest and it would count, but not a 2nd generation without Tempest parents . As MissVampire said to icare4u above, you can pair it up with a Tempest and the offspring will be a Tempest then . If you don't want a CB, you can also ask, if somebody will breed you a special Tempest ^^ . EDIT : Whoops, I got 'ed . Well, a very warm Welcome to our lineage !! Greetings, Shichibi
  11. Aww, Japanese name =3, nice choice MissVampire ! Also have two dragons, again , to add : Name : Tempest Biton Gender : Male Breed : Deep Sea (purebred) Generation : 2nd Mother : Tempest Aoi Father : Tempest Aharix Name meaning : Suaheli/Swahili for ''born after long wait'' Name : Tempest Chaya Gender : Female Breed : Storm (purebred) Generation : 3rd Mother : Tempest Beulah Father : Tempest Burja Name meaning : Feminine form of Hebrew Chayim, meaning "alive" Biton will be fully grown in 6-7 hours ^^ . Greetings, Shichibi !
  12. NEW dragons, already added to the spreadsheet : Name : Tempest Atlantis Gender : Male Breed : Water Generation : 1st Mother : CB Father : CB Name meaning : Should be well known Name : Tempest Althaia Gender : Female Breed : Water Generation : 1st Mother : CB Father : CB Name meaning : Greek name possibly meaning "healing" Name : Tempest Anca Gender : Female Breed : Water Generation : 1st Mother : CB Father : CB Name meaning : Romanian pet form of Greek Hanna, meaning "favor; grace" Name : Tempest Burja Gender : Male Breed : Storm Generation : 2nd Mother : Tempest Adjoa Father : Tempest Akesh Name meaning : N/A Name : Tempest Birako Gender : Female Breed : Skywing Generation : 2nd Mother : Tempest Alira Father : Tempest Akon Name meaning : Names from parents Name : Tempest Belus Gender : Male Breed : Skywing Generation : 2nd Mother : Tempest Anyawu Father : Tempest Amari Name meaning : N/A Name : Tempest Bunyeras Gender : Female Breed : Bluna Generation : 2nd Mother : Tempest Anyawu Father : Tempest Aranus Name meaning : Names from parents Name : Tempest Beulah Gender : Female Breed : Storm Generation : 2nd Mother : Tempest Ayex Father : Tempest Amun Name meaning : Hebrew "she who is married" Name : Tempest Biquirany Gender : Female Breed : Skywing Generation : 2nd Mother : Tempest Aikany Father : Tempest Aquir Name meaning : Names from the parents Name : Tempest Cosmina Gender : Female Breed : Water Generation : 3rd Mother : Tempest Banafrit Father : Tempest Bellaunos Name meaning : Feminine form of Romanian Cosmin, meaning "order, beauty" Name : Tempest Charm Gender : Female Breed : Bluna Generation : 3rd Mother : Tempest Bunyera Father : Tempest Byharus Name meaning : No need to explain I did also move nearly all dragons in the spreadsheet to their right places, will be doing a FULL update this week, including : - Adding new members to the spreadsheet and moving their added dragons - Updating the number of Tempest dragons in total - Updating the number of Tempest dragons in each generation Greetings, Shichibi
  13. Is absolutely correct ! I'll do an update in a few days .... at the moment I'm rather upset, because I got disappointed again ~hates my life/friends~ . Not so happy greetings, Shichibi ....
  14. If it's possible, please post your dragon/hatchling when it has gendered, so there'll be no double posts then or if you would edit your post after the hatchling gendered . The first generation IS the CB-generation, just to exclude misunderstandings in the spreadsheet later . In the adding-system, for our spreadsheet, just type CB (if the dragon is CB and gendered of course) into the fields for mother and father, instead of N/A . Thank you really much for using the spreadsheet and the adding-system =3 ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @all : If anybody of you need Pinks and would take 2nd gens. or 3rd gens., I would love to breed for you and I think some of our other members would also breed for you, if you'll send them politely PM's and ask . The same goes for the members that officially (look at the spreadsheet) aggreed to breed Tempests for others ^^, just send a politely PM and I don't think you would recieve a no . Greetings, Shichibi
  15. The title IS the name ''Tempest'' , it's the ''Familyname'' of all the dragons that rightfully belong to our lineage . There are some other dragons out in DC that also have the name Tempest in their names, but only the ones, from our registered members (in this thread + our spreadsheet of course), do belong to this lineage . Just look at my post above yours, all of my dragons have the title ''Tempest'' as prefix, just as you plan to put it into your dragons name . We don't care if the rest of the name of your dragon has a meaning or is Tempest-like ... I just put this into my dragon-adding-post, because it's fun for me ^^ . Oh and you also DON'T have to make an announcement post of your dragons, but you must add them into the spreadsheet, to make them part of our lineage . Usually we DO post our dragons here, even if we don't need it anymore (we didn't have the adding system in the past), because we like to see which member bred or got which dragon and how they named them .... just for fun ! Greetings, Shichibi
  16. NEW dragons, already added to the spreadsheet : Name : Tempest Amaterasu Gender : Female Breed : Thunder Generation : 1st Mother : CB Father : CB Name meaning : Japanese sun Goddess, which rules the sky Name : Tempest Byharus Gender : Male Breed : Bluna Generation : 2nd Mother : Tempest Aurelia Father : Tempest Abe Name meaning : Just the code ... thank you very much for him, Infi =3 ! Name : Tempest Artemisia Gender : Female Breed : Electric Generation : 1st Mother : CB Father : CB Name meaning : Feminine form of Latin Artemisius, meaning "safe and sound'' Name : Tempest Aura Gender : Male Breed : Water Generation : 1st Mother : CB Father : CB Name meaning : Everybody knows what an Aura is Name : Tempest Aoi Gender : Female Breed : Deep Sea Generation : 1st Mother : CB Father : CB Name meaning : Blue in Japanese Name : Tempest Bellaunos Gender : Male Breed : Water Generation : 2nd Mother : Tempest Abira Father : Tempest Atlas Name meaning : "the Lord," and, "Apollo" or "Jupiter" Name : Tempest Banafrit Gender : Female Breed : Water Generation : 2nd Mother : Tempest Adara Father : Tempest Arnon Name meaning : Egyptian name meaning "beautiful soul" Name : Tempest Arethusa Gender : Female Breed : Deep Sea Generation : 1st Mother : CB Father : CB Name meaning : Latin form of Greek Arethousa, meaning "the waterer" Greetings, Shichibi
  17. Yes sure, you can join ! Name the dragons, if they're CB with the title ''Tempest'' as prefix or suffix (please NO variations of the Tempest title) . Then add them to the spreadsheet, with the formular that you'll find as a link in the very first post . Like all the others that filled out the form : You can add your dragons and you're already members , a very warm Welcome to you all !! Please read the first post at the first page closely and then you'll find two links, one is for the spreadsheet (in green) and the other and is a formular to add your dragons into this spreadsheet (in red) . I'll make an update in the next few days, by the way and then everybody will be added to the spreadsheet and every dragon that was added will be moved to its right place . Greetings, Shichibi
  18. Sure you can join, she will not be accepted in our lineage, but her offspring will, as long as its father would be a Tempest . Which means, it must have at least 1 Tempest dragon (with the title Tempest in its name) to let the offspring being a (half) Tempest and then it'll be accepted ! And as MissVampire13 said, please copy and fill out the form from the very 1st post and please read the first post closely : [SIZE=7][COLOR=OrangeRed]Scroll Name: Forum Name: Willing to gift Dragons: Y / N Willing to Receive Dragons: Y / N[/SIZE][/COLOR] --------------------------------------------------------------------------- For us, especially Rhetsura, was the main and I think the only thing that mattered, the description . You can tell that by the discussion with the Waterhorses & Waterwalkers vs. Deep Seas . For me, it doesn't matter how a Tempest look like, the only thing that matters, is the description . They could be yellow with red and pink stripes, as long as they would be a Tempest, according to the description, it doesn't matter (for me) ! The Shallow Waters were disqualified, because of the Magi in their lineage, but the mainly reason was the description . I only started a vote for the Electrics, because I recieved some PM's with ''No Thunders, but Electrics'' and vise versa and it were also discussed here in the Thread much . And, if I remember right, the ''both''-section won with only 1 vote ahead . At first, I was only for the Thunders, but I'm good with it now, because we can create a Tempest with an ''electric theme'', because we can't breed the Thunders together as you know . Skywings, as I said at the other page, LIVE (like the Storms) and hunt in the sky , which I think was the reason for start a lineage with them (alongside the Waters and Storms of course) . So they can live at, no, above the Ocean . The Waverunners CAN live in the sky for a few days, which sounds a little bit like a rumour, according to the ''some stories say'' in the description . If they would play in the Ocean or above it or so, it would be OK, but they play in sand dunes and shallow pools and we had the shallow discussion with the Shallow Waters (Goldfishes) already . As I said, the Blunas are our most handsome / calm Tempest breed, but they come FROM our Tempest breeds . Suggestion : A Tempest Skywing flies above the Ocean and paired up with a Tempest Water or Tempest Deep Sea and the offspring : a Tempest Bluna . If they would've had a description like the Waverunners or the Shallow's, they maybe would've been disqualified too, but their description says, that they LIVE in the ocean (''and riding ocean swells'') . So, it will be a no for the Waverunners, but I agree that they would look Tempesty enough . Greetings, Shichibi
  19. Helix, was your former name helix9 ? If so, then you can look at the spreadsheet, you're listed =) ! @all : If someone of you changes your username or scrollname (which you can, saw it a few times), please let me know, so I can change it in the spreadsheet as well, thank you ! About the Coastal Waverunner : I think it is clear now, that this breed won't become a Tempest, everyone agrees with me so far about that . Greetings, Shi
  20. As I posted the description, I read it again and I thought the same as you infi : ''Kinda like the Skywings'', but the Skywings live in the sky and only land for a short time to rest, like the Storms . The Waverunners can fly for days, but this sounds like that they would only do this, when they're forced to (like flying to another or better beach for hunting or something), for me . And I totally agree with Xoco ! Even if the Blunas are our most peaceful breed, they live in the ocean and can be the offspring from 3 of our Tempests . I can imagine the Blunas are out in the ocean, diving or surfing on the waves with the Waters or Deep Seas, during a storm ! Greetings Shi
  21. Okay , I wouldn't have posted the picture, as I said above, because I don't want to ruin the game for you again ! Description : Coastal Waverunners spend most of their time skimming the waves along the coast, snatching up their prey from the shallow waters. They have developed markings along the leading edges of their body that help disguise them as breaking waves. When they are not hunting, they enjoy playing among sand-dunes and shallow tide-pools. These dragons live in small but noisy rookeries. Some stories say Waverunners can fly for days on end without landing. Which doesn't sound so Tempesty for me =/ Greetings Shi
  22. You don't have to worry, I can still remember the last debating and already thought about you, so I won't post the picture . Would it be okay for you, if I'm posting the description ? I can totally understand you, such an awesome sprite and I would have expect more from the description, a more powerful one, too . If you asking me, I think it's not a Tempest dragon .... sadly .... Greetings Shi
  23. Sorry, but it's not one from our dragons and even if it would, it would maybe has Tempest parents, but wouldn't be allowed in this lineage (because of the breed and the breeds which are mixed in its lineage) . I checked our spreadsheet and neither the dragons nor their owner are from our, or in, our lineage . Greetings, Shichibi !
  24. Your post made me curious, so I checked my dragons and it seems that my first lineage dragon was/is also a Tempest, but a CB ~pets Tempest Amari~ =3 . Ooh and in 6 days, he's 1 year on my scroll ... yaaay ! The second is a green Stripe Dorkface with a loooong line .