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  1. How..? Link blinked. He was suddenly furious, but he wasn't sure why. He stood, slowly advancing towards Igneel. He could read Him like a book, and Link could not stand that. So what if he was nervous? The Nebula had co me here from a whole different continent entirely! Who was he to judge anyone? "Why don't you stay out of it!!" Link spun swiftly, and speed-walked away. Once out of earshot, the dragon mumbled to himself, "He doesn't know anything. He comes from over the lake," he murmured, referring to the many miles of ocean separating Ireland and Link's homeland. As he marched on, he thought. What if he was right? He told himself it didn't matter, that he didn't care. He shook his head angrily. It didn't take him long until he reached his home. As he reached the clearing, the small puddle-of-a-lake, was already frozen. He sat in his usual spot at the puddle, and stared back at himself, cursing to himself that the stars weren't out yet. He looked at his reflection, brooding. "D*** dragons..."
  2. Link stared out into the sky as Igneel talked. When he mentioned something that might be a plan of action, however, he came to full attention. But what the nebula dragon had said, caught him off guard. "Was that an offer? An offer for me to go with him? Link thought to himself. "No, he was just... But then why would be tell me... It was an offer. Link was thrown into near-panic. He was almost positive it was an offer for him to tag along, but it seemed like that would be foolish assumption. There was no way to be sure of either option. How do you reply to something like that!? Noting the increasing gap between dialogues, he knew he had to say something. "Um, yeah." And Link left it at that. If it was an offer, then Igneel wouldn't leave without him after he 'agreed' like that, and if it wasn't, then he'd just leave. Either way, Link was out of trouble, and the spotlight. Well, close enough.
  3. Link shook his head at Igneel. Even though he was from the area, and lived here is whole life, he had never strayed far from right here, and hadn't met many other dragons, and had never figured out what was beyond his clearing. Retracting his wings and sitting up, Link glanced up and looked around. As he pictured their location on his head, he figured that they weren't far from where the rest of the dragons centered on the island. Link stood and walked into the sun, staring at the sky and wondering. He sat and looked down at Igneel. "Um... Maybe..." Link circled until he was almost sure he was facing north. "Maybe that way..? I don't usually venture far from here, so..." He nodded. "There are most likely dragons that-a-way." He circled some more, and he faced south west. "That's all ocean. The island ends there." Link faced Igneel and sat down. After having this bit of conversation, Link was feeling more at ease. He figured that this dragon could be trusted, at least for now, at the most part. He obliged him with answers, but maybe they could become friends in the near future. Now that thought set Link's mind reeling. He had never had friends before, and he never got along with any others; everyone was so aggressive towards him. The Royal Blue set that thought aside to come back to later, when he had more time to think, but in all honesty, what was there to think about? ((Sorry for any typos. I'm on my iPod. ^^'))
  4. Link opened his closed eye and peeked out at the dragon. He was from Ireland...? He never would've guessed. He raised his head off his paws, leaving his wings out to shade him still, "Hmph. Well, I'm from around here," Link noted, unenthusiasticly, "I'm Link." The dragon felt compelled to bow his head or make some other polite gesture, but stopped to wonder what gestures from Ireland would be most appreciated. Link realized then that he really didn't know what that place was like. He wondered if he'd ever leave this forest, or this island. A rustling of leaves above him brought his attention back to reality and Igneel, still sitting a decent legenth away from him. Link swollowed the breath he was holding and looked back up at the dragon, trying to pretend calm. But Link was never truly calm, and he settled for the closest he could get, which was mild anxiety and let everything be. He distracted himself by watching ants crawl up his previous snack, and waited for whatever response was coming his way.
  5. Link, upon hearing the dragon mention the deer carcass again, he turned to stare at it. Ha stomach growled, still trying to persuade him to walk forward and actually eat it. He wanted to so bad, too. He stood slowly, and took a tennitive step forward. Seeing no reaction from the nebula, he proceeded. Cautiously, he approached and sat buy the prey. He glanced back at the dragon, still working to ignore his stars, and Link turned back to the deer. When his head went down, his hind end went up, and he went to take a mouthful. The flesh teared as he lifted his jaws and the weight of the deer held what he didn't grab, and ripped haphazardly. His throat accepted the venison gratefully as it slid down whole. Link's stomach settled and he sat back down. Thankfully, he had not snatched up any ants with his breakfast. He looked back at the Nebula Dragon, wondering why he was still hanging around. Link wasn't very good company as far as he thought, so why was he staying? Maybe he wanted to be friends. Oh, that probably wouldn't blow over well... Link was generally very unlikeable, and has never really had many friends. Maybe, this could be one of the few dragons that got along with him nicely. He'd have to find out. Hesitantly, Link spoke up. "What's your name?" He pawed at the ground and shuffled his wings. He finished licking blood off his muzzle and stood. He closed his jaws around the deer's shoulder blades, and dragged it out of the sun. Maybe he should hide it in a tree for someone else to find, or just bury it and be done. He pulled it indecisively into the shade and left it. He took up under a tree next to the Nebula and laid down straight on his chest, stretching out his wings sideways above him, creating even a greater coolness around him. He kept an eye open, watching the surroundings, and the nebula, who Link still wasn't entirely sure if he was entirely trustworthy yet.
  6. Link looked at this dragon, confused. Now what should he do? He had been invited to eat? Most other dragons just wanted everything to themselves, and didn't want anyone messing with them. Why was this one different? Hmm... Link's stomach growled, urging him forward and towards the deer, but he shook his head anyway, took a couple steps forward and sat, his body facing the catch of the day. He glanced over to the Nebula sitting in the shade. Link hadn't seen many up close, but he never really had met many dragon up close, period, so it wasn't exactly that odd to him. Even thought h was out of the sunlight, he could imagine how the stars against his scales would have shone. He blinked, knocking him out of his trance. But the stars... No! He's gonna think I'm a weirdy. This was going to be an odd and distracting conversation. Link was just glad he was in the shade and not, say, moonlight. Looking back up, but Blue dragon swallowed, and he eyed the deer again. He hadn't eaten yet, and he was kind of hungry, but ignored the prey. He spied the Nebula, keeping his eyes focused, and sometimes off-point, using peripherals to keep an eye on him. Link cleared his throat, "There isn't normally others way out here; in this part of the park." Like usual, he finished the sentence to himself, 'Is there?' He looked up, keeping a watch for others, in case he had ventured further from his clearing than he expected, and was actually in prime, dragon country.
  7. A large boom was heard in the not-so-far-off distance, and Link turned his attention to it. He debated within himself. Go towards it? Maybe someone was in trouble and was injured. But did he honestly care? He did, a little bit, only for the welfare of his own kind. At least, that's what he'd always told himself. It was mostly true, he was concerned with the mortality of dragons as a species, but as individual, he wasn't too thrilled with them. Other dragons were so... Feral. Aggressive. Of course, he didn't have anything against aggressiveness; anything other than envy. His mind reeled out of his deepening, brooding thoughts and refocused them on the sound. Maybe he should check it out because he was bored..? He didn't have much else to do at the time. All there was to do nowadays was to survive, and he had already accomplished that for the time being. He rolled his eyes. Link stayed to the shadows of the forest, remembering and pinpointing where the boom came from. He wasn't sure of the accuracy of his decision, but went with it anyway. The smell of death and blood and prey filled his nostrils as he walked. Was that a good sign? Maybe someone was hurt... He didn't know if this was the original source of the boom he was tracking, but he was going to surge ahead and figure out what smelled so... Link stepped out into a clearing that he couldn't exactly remember, but he might have just lost his bearing somewhere along the way. The first thing his mind could comprehend was, well, the smell, then the blood that covered the dragon's muzzle, then the deer. The Royal Blue paused, unsure of how to continue. His first reaction would have been to turn around and amble away, like it had never happened, but then he remembered that he was probably the only one of the two dragons to be completely fine with that. Still thinking about what the most appropriate action would be, he spatted his first and only thoughts. "Oh, uh. I thought someone had crash-landed and gotten hurt; that was quite a thump. I'll leave...?" Under his breath, he continued, 'Because you probably don't feel like sharing and I don't want to get hurt...' However, he didn't move a muscle, but he did flinch and squirm under the pressure that undoubtedly only he felt. Link blinked and sighed, pinning his wings tightly against his back in nervousness.
  8. ((Gah! I hadn't realized I'd been accepted. ^^' Sorry Cyda.)) "Link! Up, up! It's almost noon, you lazy pile of scales!" Rolling over onto his side, said 'lazy pile of scales' yawned wide, his chin almost bumping against his chest. Link looked up and saw the 'relatives' he lived with practically standing over him. Oh, he couldn't stand them, but he had no where else to go, and they wouldn't let him live on his own yet. Something about not knowing responsibility... The Royal Blue shrugged in his mind's eye, and heaved himself up with one mighty lift. He shook off the dust that had settled on his wings during the night, and left the small, barely-a-cave, heading out to the small pond beside their humble abode. Looking down into the water, all his painful memories and resentments returned to him, but he couldn't bear to look away. The shriek of a neighboring dragon tore his attention away, and decided it'd be best not to look back again. Using his wing as a giant scoop, Link lifted up some water and let it drizzle over his back, head and neck, not bothering to shake it off. He looked around. The small clearing they resided in wasn't exactly the safest place to stay because of the vulnerable nature of the place, but it was encircled with dense forest, like most of the area, and the cover it provided sufficed. Link sighed, and entered the shadows, looking for some more shut-eye. He was suppose to be nocturnal, after all.
  9. Ugh, why can't you still be accepting?! I love this idea; I wanna join... Will you ever start accepting again?
  10. They look like wrapping paper! >u< Love 'em.
  11. Iris didn't have that much difficulty keeping up with the flying dragons. Every so often, she would slam against the ground with more weight than normal, trying to catch any echos of anything to her right. She would follow up by swinging her head around, looking for anything near her. Her path was still relatively clear, and she arrived by the base of the mountain with ease. This next part, she knew would upset her. She would have to find a particular path up the mountain, so that he left eye was always to the cliff. She grunted; this was too difficult. Forgetting this asinine plane completely, she backed up enough to look up and see the ledge clearly. Quickly surveying the area with a swipe of the head, she sprung up and flew to the ledge. Latching her claws on the ground there, she pulled herself up with help of her wings and joined everybody, looking over the remains of the Ridgewing camp.
  12. Iris laughed to herself as Ger'land made his announcement. "Dang that guy's weird..." she rolled her eyes. Standing and watching the Blue and White dragons take off an head towards the mountain range, she too stood, and fist observed the plains in front of her. Of course, it was mostly void of trees, but rocks were a big problem, especially when you don't see them coming; you can break a leg like that. She sent a small tremor through the ground, feeling for any vibrations to come back, revealing the location of any rocks or other objects that might try and trip her up, as well as sending any hiding wildlife running scared. Imprinting a clean path in her head, she took off at a pleasant canter, keeping pace with the dragons above her and occasionally scanning the area with her good eye.
  13. ((Ah, but the time you guys are all out of school, I'm working on getting to bed *is in EST*)) Exactly to her nature, Iris didn't like Ger'land. He knew way too much about her in the beginning; which leads to assumptions, and Iris hated when others assumed things about her. Even though, he was correct. She would feel better traveling on the ground, but even she knew that Ridgewings liked nesting on high cliffs; almost impossible to reach by land alone. She knew she'd have to do some flying, and it worried her. Her left eye jolted to meet his when the loud thump of a dragon landing occurred. She had the tendency to be jumpy around dragons she didn't know too well. "Yeah, that's fine," she groaned, trying to keep the attitude out of her voice. She sat down, swinging her head to find Lolong and Zy'kalon both in her field of vision, while keeping Ger'land and the other flying dragons there too. She waited for everyone else to rise, so she could find the route they'd be taking, and she could find the best ground-trail.
  14. ((So, Shibadruid poofs in, doesn't post, and poofs out? And her character is the one being overly impatient? The irony. ))
  15. ((Sorry I'm taking really long to respond. ^^' You guys are going pretty fast. I might have to skedaddle.... :/)) Iris felt the sun on her scales, and her head rose up off her paws. "Uh..." Her eyes widened with realization that she had woken up late for a meeting of dragons. She groaned and laid her head back down again, too lazy and unconcerned to get up. Feeling something to her right, and too close for comfort, she jumped up and spun around, so she could view it with her remaining eye. She saw some dragons fluttering impatiently, and decided she might as well join them. Iris shook her pelt and dashed off towards the plains. Without being able to see off her right side, she's made a habit of not flying very often. It scared her, and without being able to see wind currents and attackers. Because of her flightlessness, she's become very fast on the ground, definitely faster than any other of her own breed, she often gloated, but now wasnt the time . When she sensed the trees thinning out and the grass getting thicker, she stopped and took a look around. "Ah-ha." She spotted the group and, smiling cocky and keeping her bad side tilted away from everyone, joined them. Iris watched as the few dragons began taking off. Partially panicking (but successfully keeping it hidden) she approached quicker. Maybe if they saw her arriving, they'd come back and explain things first. She still didn't know how she would fly off and follow them without drawing attention to her... unsightly features, but she could think of something. If only they'd come back....
  16. ((Yay. Can I come in another way, or do I have to be at this meeting thing?))
  17. ((Still accepting?)) Name: Iris Breed/Species: Spitfire Gender: Female Age: Full grown adult Good/Bad: Good. She doesn't mind at all being secluded from humans. Personality: Iris appears very confident in herself, despite her disgusting appearance, but she is actually very self-conscious about it. She hates it when people point out her scars and missing eye, and she uses general violence to cover it up. Usually she is very casual, and she is sort of a loner, because she is a difficult personality to like. Others know her as a fighter, and it's become instinct to hate anyone she first meets, and unless they give her a reason not to, or she has an obligation to be kind to them, she is outright volatile. Because of this, she is very emotionally unstable. She can be very quick to become attached to someone, and (depending one who) she can be very clingy. On the total opposite hand, she will hate with a passion. Power: Super hot flames are a given, but she has the ability to cause ground-wrenching earthquakes, and can pinpoint them to general areas. However, this ability makes her extremely tired, so she can only use it occasionally, plus the fact it's dangerous for the planet. Small vibrations in the earth, however, are simple, and she uses them to her advantage. (See "Looks.") Looks: She has large slash marks covering the right side of her face. Not only is her lip torn there, making eating and drinking difficult, she is also missing her right eye. Since she has a blind-spot there, she has learned sense vibrations in the ground, so she can tell what is around here. Personal goal: Iris simply wants peace. A world is easier to live in when you don't always have to watch your back. (Or blind side.) Derp: Hurr durr (almost forgot. ))
  18. :/ Meh... We still don't have an approver anyway...
  19. BAND FOR THE WIN. Trolololol I suck at Mellophone during marching band (I really need to practice >.<) The section leader last year was a pain in the arse, but she just graduated. Now I'm the only Mello left (besides the incoming freshies, so there's about three of us.) But I'm a huge win Oboist during concert! |D Been playing for... going on five years. I think I'm going to be the only one there also. Not many oboists coming in and I think our other is switching to bassoon. That traitorous rat... >n> And I kinda taught myself piano, but I'm not really that into it. I like using it to tune though. |D Our show last year was Led Zeppelin, which wasn't too bad, but this year we're doing Billy Joel. -n- Not that I'm not a fan of his music, just... For a halftime show? REALLY?!