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  1. I saw a paper in alpine, so i guess they can be found everywhere
  2. 24 for now :U started today 4pm.. next half tomorrow and I'm done :3
  3. I have just 1 pair each color of the Striped, and breed them with normal Blacks, got a Black-Striped egg at the 2nd try ^^ good luck to everyone!
  4. There are many Database errors yes.. Buuut I got my two! (at first try :3) So, I don't have to worry anymore. I got anything I wanted. Thanks to Tj09 for making the side back up.
  5. little Trees? OMG! I need one but.. yeah.. I'm to lazy to refresh 5+ hours... D: but I got 2 dino eggs... exact the ones i don't have already.. I'm happy
  6. The Legendary Dragon IS the "Guardian of Nature" Dragon.. i have one, and the side shows it as legendary. and that I have 1 for that Limit Just to say that.
  7. I've breed my snowangel and yule, and got 1 snowangel and 3 yules, I could keep one of each, mysteriously, but now they are gone. good. I hope some people had luck and catched those 4 >:3
  8. cought 3 as the Cave was loading a lil bit faster... after 4hours trying. I could get a 4th, but I'm a lil but frustated, and I see, that I can do other things in the time now... congrats to anyone who get theirs, and good luck to those who got nothing since now. don't give up!
  9. thanks for the answer! So I have the chance to complete this tomorrow... just 3 more yours, then I have all.. i hope
  10. I feel like a newbe, posting this the 3rd time: When will the Event end? :I at the 31st, midnight time? (for me it's minus 6-8 hours in europe)
  11. When will the Event end? :I at the 31st, midnight time? (for me it's minus 6-8 hours in europe) last chance before I write in capslock... Can somebody answer me?!
  12. 60/92 now.. I have to go to bed.. I hope I'll get the rest tomorrow. When will the Event end? :I at the 31st, midnight time? (for me it's minus 6-8 hours in europe)
  13. wow, the lag is over! I stand up 9am (in europe) to catch the eggs,and I had no problem and got all 4 (2black,2other) in those 5minutes drops ^__^
  14. hey, it seems like the lag is not that bad now. maybe, because the abandones page got cleared?
  15. Reja = Reja (alt black hatchie) Obai = Obai (waterhorse adult) Nodl = Nodl (green adult) Code= Name, because it sounds like that
  16. yay, my 2 flamongos went male and female, my blue ridgewings got female. I need a hatchie, and I froze it. catched 2more blue ridgewings, and one tan ^^ I'm courious what that with the different colour should be.. maybe, like the dorsals, where the red one is rarer than the purple.
  17. ahh, I got 2 pink and 2 blue mountain eggs :S I guess I have to search for the brown one later...
  18. seems like the cave blocking because of the abadoned page is back now...
  19. My real Name is a female Vine with 1child ( I love vines! x3) http://dragcave.net/view/n/denise And my username (Shakura) is a Male Red(fire) Dragon (Cb and no children,no username, no wild thats awesome!) http://dragcave.net/view/n/shakura wow! already somebody who used the name shakura as male, not as female, LOVE you! (shakura is one of my OC's, and a male one, yes.) I like these x3 Other Oc's of mine: http://dragcave.net/view/n/xen hm, a second male red one, a split woud fit in better http://dragcave.net/view/n/kai a, my crippled char is a male frilled http://dragcave.net/view/n/deimon and deimon is a male black http://dragcave.net/view/n/mitsuru uhw, mitsuru is a stone dragon, a blue one should fit better... this is so interesting! my sister is a frozen cheese hatchling O___o http://dragcave.net/view/n/Small%20cheap%20cheese wait... it has not the name jacqueline.. why this dragon? oh, lol, some sort of fail, here: http://dragcave.net/view/n/Jacqueline she's a dorkface, cute x3 my dad is a stone too... oh, and my mother a old pink