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  1. A lot of my dragons names are based on the code, it is a good way to name 500 dragons at once But I love those most who's code is almost a name and I'll name it like that exactly, if it wasn't taken. Obai, Gecot, Rydei and Reja are some of those.
  2. It think it sounds pretty fair to have that huge amount of winners, besides, it would be a hell of work to give out custom prizes instead of just prize dragons. I hope I'm lucky this year :U I'd really like to get one with a custom code or a CB Avatar of Creation that fit with my Oc, but a CB prize is also a nice thing to have.
  3. Sounds like the CB Solestices are safe from the change, good thing. I hope at least one of my breeded ones have plain wings.. I think I got them all during the same time and I think it was night...
  4. If it would be possible I would take a CB 2009 Valentine. I was there during the event! But I was too much newbe to realize they were only there one day.. (also snatched away really fast) And now I really need one for my Ice x Pink linage *cries* I would probably pick a CB Avatar of Creation! (with code Shaku) My oc is a parentless human experiment, and this dragon fits him so much (regarding abilities and such)! but too bad they always have parents, soooo, a parentless one would be awesome! A prize dragon would be awesome too. First it would be a perfect chance to finally get neglected dragons for my collection and second, I would only breed it ocassionally and every 2nd gen from it would be damn rare, because I would not give in any dedicated pm's on the forums. I would be hated... so much.
  5. Cold, wet and no snow here :I All germany had snow yesterday and I'm sitting here at the german western north coast and look at the rainclouds.
  6. The game is so much fun! I did it just because of boredom and did not really pay attention on what I'm doing though. Got about 2880 points. is there any thread to share records? And: got a few nice new Holidays, new blood yay! And breed mien afterwards. Just my hollies are a special case, I save one egg for myself, and I don't have space for one rigth now D: (a few late hollies are nice for latecommers I guess)
  7. Ice and.. Pebbles. because... Pebbles. There was a time they were flooding the AP for quite a long time and they are still kinda 'flooding' the vulcano area... I just have to pick them up. All of them.
  8. I could've traded for really good stuff with gen 1's of each halloween dragon kind (yes, indeed, also pumpkins) but they are just gone to the AP now. Yay for anybody who cares about linages, good luck with those :3
  9. I guess it's the database that has to catch up with the amount of 'overservations' you are doing. Think about a queue that stacks up and has to be worked down. I'm pretty sure it just need an hour and then a hard refresh. I just clicked someones lair and man, that person has a lot of dragons. Then I noticed that I don't have any hollies unlocked, and clicked my one and only one. then the page said I already looked at four of them. It just registered late.
  10. Ok, I've been only collecting Dragons for my collection which are Ice and Pebble + 1 adult+hatchling of each species (you could say 'sprite collector') and I don't want to 'clutter' my lair with a ton of 'unloved' dragons so..... views are the only thing I can do to bring this foreward. It's a nice addition and when I've got time and maybe a lot of nothing to do, I'll click hundreds of dragons to get some mor info, horray! (please read further before you have to disagree) No really, no sarcasm here,it's a really nice addition! (a little laggy though), but It would be better if the ones that we already have would count. Startig from scratch is so... discouraging, and on every other site new members always have the disadvantage, it's just normal. (read on!) And then there's the problem with the discontinued breeds... Plus, I don't want to make another Zombie dragon just so that it counts... not that it's suuper easy to even make one. Plus, I really, really don't care if others have more info in their dragonwiki o_O isn't it just for personal enjoyment? (Ok, this is the point that makes everything above meaningless! ) Okay, I see, that if you have a really full lair with a lot, and I mean A LOT of dragons, you may have gotten everything and there is nothing left to 'try out' that new feature. It's like starting a new game and getting all the archievments ever existed at once. Suddenly you have no goals anymore, nothing to do.... and you haven't even started!
  11. Please please please DON'T add these Crapbook "Like"-buttons etc. they suck :I Otherwise, I'm always a little nervous about new designs, but since so many sites got trough this and became more awesome afterwards, I am eager to see what it will look like! (I bet it will be awsome!)
  12. I've bread my Guadrian of Nature with a Magma dragon. Got one of the new eggs! Destruction I suppose. It looks maga-ish.
  13. 2009.... wow, it has been 5 years since I joined... I'm curious about the event and new dragons O3o (might as well hoard a few valentine draggies yay)
  14. aww, no pretty 1st gen prize dragon for me as expected The community wouldn't like me anyways, I would stay silent and ignore PM's, I would throw an egg to the AP now an then, that's all I would to with it.
  15. wow, this snow wars is nice, and yay to no egg limit... but I wonder if I should keep one of each egg or just abandon them for others? I mean, I don't do linages and one adult and one gendered hatchling is enough for my collection...
  16. I just cought this one and I can't believe it. It's a name. I'm gonna use it as name for a future Oc. I'm sure about it. Ryudei. [Rydei]
  17. Woah, I can't wait for the release to come! Looks like I will get one of each, or maybe 2 if I get the timing right with incubating and hatching... I may also catch too mach and then send them to my friend :3
  18. Name : Frozen Lovebird Breed : Ice Dragon Mate/s : Covetousness in (Flamingo) Fail to produce : ice Progeny : http://dragcave.net/progeny/9Srt0 10 Fails so far! q____q All I want is another ice to go further with my ice x Pink star linage, look at this! http://dragcave.net/lineage/j1zXJ I'm stuck at this point since MONTHs x___X And I failed to get a CB Valentine because I was a newbie and now I wish I had one for this lineage!
  19. Ah, I wish I cought a Holly yesterday... I missed... don't know, 30? I suck at snatching eggs from the AP I try every year but can't seem to have much luck... here it goes, year 3 without any Holl.
  20. 4 Dragons dead grrr... Last year I haven't got a Zombie Adult either. Nah, got one ungendered frozen Hatchie to become a Zombie It's so cute!
  21. Aurgh... another Failgrab :I I guess I won't get even one brine this release... Anyways, got 4 of each of the others, 2 for my friend. So, not bad at all. But I seek all 'sprite form' except S1 actualls, so It's unnecessary to have 3 yellow ones, and really bad to have no brine because I need 4 at least q_q
  22. Breed 2 Valentine 09, 4 Sweetling and 2 Rosebuds (please don't ask me about one, I abandoned all) I see foreward to the new Valentine release! :3
  23. ohright.. lol.. wanted to go online shortly before school because I tought at 9am nobody might be online. and what happens? Maintenace FUUUUUUUUUU am i still able to grab 3 golds in the evening? goddamn it q_q