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  1. I had nothing to do so I started randomly collection AP blockers which happened to be green dragons during that time. Now I hoard them and whenever I see them in the AP or cave, I snatch them up. And I have no reason to hoard those other than "there are plenty of them so why not".
  2. I pick any random mashup of syllables that comes in my mind. But mostly oriented after the dragons code. I have an army of green dragons of which I put the word "Kiesel" (german for pebble) in every CB one. My "one dragon of every kind and stage"-Collection has the simple naming pattern of "one word that describes it" plus "In" which is just a thing I started with long ago when I named my first dragon and it stuck. Hatchlings are "Little" and ungenered hatchlings are "Tiny" plus the describing word that the adult has, plus "In". "Chaos In" "Little Chaos In" "Tiny Chaos In" I have a couple of ice dragons that have a naming pattern too, giving them the surname of things related to snow, grouped by their generation and linage appearance.
  3. I just looked at the linage of the Avatar of Creation egg that I got a few days ago and holy moly, I have never seen so many spriter alts at once! https://dragcave.net/lineage/7uYg9
  4. Awesome! I also used your setup, but insead of two greens in the last row, I used one aeon. I lost the leftmost Magma in the first 100 rounds (no idea why or how) but it's still going strong and I'm about to hit round 400.
  5. I jouned January 2009 and found Dragoncave via other websites, notably Gaiaonline. Next to Valenth and Magistream I was my first adoptable site I believe. Also, I didn't get to grab the 2008 Valentines witch bugged me ever since. I was new, the egg description was weird, I didn't new thy were only there for a day and grabbed away so fast.. I didn't bother trying to get them 😕 Now I know better
  6. I just noticed that I've got this: KI1LL
  7. This is frustrating... The musky egg drop didn't event last 10 seconds... how will I be able to get one? Edit: I give up. "No eggs to be found", it hits xx:x5 or xx:x0, I refresh and THERE IS ALREADY ONLY 1 EGG LEFT. Which is not even a musky.
  8. OK BUT there are Final Fantasy XIV Eggs. And you know what? THIS IS AWESOME! Because that's like, my favourite game! In face I am playing it right now xP There's the job stone of Paladin, Ninja and Dragoon. I play Summoner and White Mage so I'm a lil sad that those aren't there but at least there's something shown from the game :3
  9. Damn... I've been here for 8 years, being there for every release, looking at the front page once per day.... AND IT LOOKS LIKE I DIDN'T DO THAT IN THE LAST TWO DAYS. I missed the release. Damn. :I
  10. Read carefully. It told you that the mana latern can't be picked up. Pick up the glowing crystals.
  11. That one only goes to the poimt of looking at the horse on the cliff and stops then. I'd like to write down the whole solution there but I would need to restart my story, but I finished it.
  12. Is there a way to reset your progress and do the whole thing again if you've already finished it?
  13. The cat beds don't have a toggle function I want my cats!
  14. Aaahhh yes... knowing how to play Minesweeper finally pays off. For anyone who doesn't know: the Numbers tell you, how many of the 8 fields around it are infected. 1st look for corners, there's usually just one. Right click and mark the virus so you don't accidentally click on it. Continue. Soemtimes you have to guess tho... I can't wait for the new dragons aaadddd. Gotta try to make some Zombies to get new sprites on my scroll
  15. You are not. You still got 24 hours to go! Deadline is March 29th 11:59pm I started getting eggs 2,5 hours ago and got 25 now. 3 days = all day 27th all day 28th all day 29th
  16. I stared about half an hour ago and got 5 eggs already. 3 of them dropped right after 5min, the other one after 8. I have more than 24 hours, with 6 hours of sleep and 8 hours of work, I'll STILL have enough time to get all. I just need to look at Dc all the time >___< (I'm glad to be 5-6 hours ahead of server time)
  17. Okay that should be 5am on the 30th (I live GMT+1) ... That's enough to get all. Thanks for telling me! (also: WOOOT, theres a Bismark egg? awwwyes. I just closed ffxiv for today because I need to collect eggs right now.)
  18. Ever year I collected everything from the start... this time I forgot about it >__< Could any of you tell me the exact deadline, so I can manage my time to gett all 60 before the even ends? I just started grabbing eggs (I have 3 now)
  19. Yay, thanks for fixing the font, now me ""'s display right in firefox or it was the Firefox update that fixed it?... Anyways, now I'm perfectly happy with the redesign. (now I just need one back-to-scroll link on a dragon specific actions page)
  20. Stange but okay, I guess I'll get used to it. Also, my "news" section has a weird scale, all e's missing a stroke. screen: http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn4/Shakura_Kazuki/DragoncaveLayout_zpsjanx1ls3.png~original' target='_blank'> I have teh website at 100% zoom, so it's not that. Using in firefox 35+ (don't know my version exactly) Anyone alse with this problem? It doesn't look good... It also looks like that on my dragon page for Dragon, Name, Manage, Views, Unique, etc.
  21. Are there any new items today? Or are those only 1-2 and I haven't noticed yet?
  22. My Avatar of Creation (in a plain boring cave) seems to attract a brimstone... :I
  23. (fUKAY) .. I don't know what I should think about this :X (LOVWm) for a Pink dragon = awesome! (COtZe) Sounds much like "Kotze", what would be the german word for puke/barf :I (XUkER) ...uh oh.