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  1. Yep, I've done 4 remote raids today, two solo (Timburr) and two with a bunch of people. We used WhatsApp to organize the start time, as usual and it went "smoothly" (some people had displaying issues etc. but could still catch the legendary) The remote raids are awesome, I can see 19 (!) gyms from home, some of which are at the very edge of my view radius, but it works.
  2. My total count is 8 shiyn Feebas from this event. I looked up the shiny odds and it seems like, for Feebas it's 1 in 35. Because they never lowered the shiny chance after the quest event. Didn't get a shiny illumise or volbeat though Hmm... a friend also noticed that you can't name a Pokemon 69, like, their IV (not the other meaning other than it being a number) so I guess Niantic updated their swear word filter. @smokeytripod Maybe some part of your username triggered that new filter and that's why you had to change it.
  3. Got 11 shiny Abras today, mostly from home (I was out for an our) which is nice and three of them got 2 stars. Oh and I got like, 5 shiny Feebas within an hour yesterday. What the heck.
  4. Got a shiny Feebas today, which is for trade because it's my 3rd. Haven't got a shiny Volbeat or Illumise yet, but I got a 100% Volbeat and 3x 96% Illumise, so at least IV-wise I'm set. Got a shiny alolan Meowth yesterday as well. @Idril Woah, lucky you! I only got 3 shiny Sentret during that event. (now I have 5...) Got lucky during the Marill battle event, and got two, which makes the family complete. Got nothing else shiny during the easter event though. But I hatched two 100% flower Pichu.
  5. I just got the 3rd gen thuwed avatar of change! https://dragcave.net/lineage/qwkTU
  6. @Pourlemoment Probably? The creation date is somewhere in 2014 because I copied it onto a different external drive because the hold one was acting up. I think I made that screenshot because the colors of the eggs on the AP fit so nicely. I have another screenshot from December 25th, 2009 (last edit date and probably creation date) with the AP full of holiday eggs.
  7. I found this screenshot that I made long ago to share with you. Windows says it was last edited/made 17. January 2010
  8. The event kinda sucks Yay for my second shiny Aipom, a glorious level one(!), but that doesn't really makes it any better. I used a lure to get more Pokemon and all I did was throwing away 50 Pokeballs because none of the Pokemon wanted to stay in their ball. 1 hour wasted time. I have a good Ditto, I have a 100% Voltorb, I have a 100% Aipom, I have a 98% Foongus, so I don't need any of these. Catching them for dust sucks too, because I need at least 3 Pokeballs each and berries or Superballs don't make it any better. Also, Croagunk is rare as heck, so is Stunfisk and Sudowoodo So all I get is stuff I don't need and that can't be shiny, and the dust isn't worth throwing away all the Pokeballs. Rant over.
  9. @Spiteful_Crow If you want, I can breed them again after the event for you, for next year.
  10. https://dragcave.net/lineage/642Dv Free to claim normal x upside-down, both Mint, both from event, 1st gen! I got eaten this and last year, so I only have these two. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! claimed!
  11. I caught like, 50 Solosis in 1h yesterday, they were everywhere. I got two 3 Stars but still not worth evolving 😕 (82% and 84%) I have almost enough candies to evolve two. Haven'seen many Gothita yet tho.
  12. Plusle and Minun spawn plentyful for electric As well as Seal, Shellder and Surskit for water, also Barboach if weather is sunny. Only ice Pokemon I see often is Snover. What's rare is fire. I have found one Growlithe today, but that's it. Edit: Oh wait, I found like 10 Sun-Castform today which are fire. But you need the right weather.
  13. I have a spawncluster at home, with 5 + Pokemon spawning and two Pokestops, but my character stands in just 5 meter away from BOTH Stops, so I can only reach them with lots of luck once an hour if my gps bugs around. It's frustrating and I hate them... I could've gotten a Pokestop right where my character stands but it's in the same S7 cell than the one I can't reach so they accepted it but didn't put it on the map. Urgh. Also uh, I might have bought 600 Pokeballs to get the Genesect quest done because I ran out of Pokeballs far too early and it's really frustrating not to be able to catch the hoard of pokemon that spawn at my cluster.
  14. Sorry, I meant a regular pink, the lighter colored, newer one. The BSA one. Edit: https://dragcave.net/view/wSU3 https://dragcave.net/view/Yk1p https://dragcave.net/view/ExfZ
  15. I have a CB 1st April Mint x CB 1st April upside-down Mint (both obtained from blame event) Egg that I want to gift away! Claim it!
  16. This is an awesome idea! I have an fairly old account, but most of my older dragons are not CB. I have a male CB Frilled that I got like a week after their initial release, if that's from interest. I have a female Sunrise from release-day, a female bright-pink 2 days after release and maybe a bunch more.
  17. my current goal is getting all the missing growth stages for my collection!
  18. I use custom sort. 0 - eggs 1 - Special Dragons (for me) 2 - My "family" collection (Male - Male hatchl. - ungenered hatchl. - female hatchl. - Female) 3. Holiday Families + zombies + dinos 4. holiday dragon Hoard 5. Green dragon army 6. everything else
  19. I had nothing to do so I started randomly collection AP blockers which happened to be green dragons during that time. Now I hoard them and whenever I see them in the AP or cave, I snatch them up. And I have no reason to hoard those other than "there are plenty of them so why not".
  20. I pick any random mashup of syllables that comes in my mind. But mostly oriented after the dragons code. I have an army of green dragons of which I put the word "Kiesel" (german for pebble) in every CB one. My "one dragon of every kind and stage"-Collection has the simple naming pattern of "one word that describes it" plus "In" which is just a thing I started with long ago when I named my first dragon and it stuck. Hatchlings are "Little" and ungenered hatchlings are "Tiny" plus the describing word that the adult has, plus "In". "Chaos In" "Little Chaos In" "Tiny Chaos In" I have a couple of ice dragons that have a naming pattern too, giving them the surname of things related to snow, grouped by their generation and linage appearance.
  21. I just looked at the linage of the Avatar of Creation egg that I got a few days ago and holy moly, I have never seen so many spriter alts at once! https://dragcave.net/lineage/7uYg9
  22. Awesome! I also used your setup, but insead of two greens in the last row, I used one aeon. I lost the leftmost Magma in the first 100 rounds (no idea why or how) but it's still going strong and I'm about to hit round 400.
  23. I jouned January 2009 and found Dragoncave via other websites, notably Gaiaonline. Next to Valenth and Magistream I was my first adoptable site I believe. Also, I didn't get to grab the 2008 Valentines witch bugged me ever since. I was new, the egg description was weird, I didn't new thy were only there for a day and grabbed away so fast.. I didn't bother trying to get them 😕 Now I know better
  24. I just noticed that I've got this: KI1LL
  25. This is frustrating... The musky egg drop didn't event last 10 seconds... how will I be able to get one? Edit: I give up. "No eggs to be found", it hits xx:x5 or xx:x0, I refresh and THERE IS ALREADY ONLY 1 EGG LEFT. Which is not even a musky.