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  1. The shiny chance for legendary raids is sort of 1/19 to 1/25 which makes me feel even more bitter to know I got like, only 2 of them AFTER doing 170 raids WITHOUT a single one. And then they have crap IV. Sorry, I'm ranting and whining but honestly, I have every reason to do so. I can't even be happy about the 2 shiny Ray I got now and it sucks. Edit: It's like paying 200 bucks for a rollercoaster ride, waiting in line for 2 hours and afterwards you found out it wasn't as good as you hoped for and a kinda crap ride.
  2. @smokeytripod Nah Ray is just easy to catch. I have caught 158/175. It doesn't attack or wiggle as much as other legendaries and has a good circle to throw excellent. I actually almost never do the catch trick (waiting for an attack) because it's just so calm~
  3. Geeze and I'm here with 150 Rayquaza raids and NO shiny so far. I sunk so much money in this and no luck, it's frustrating. I got a bunch of 96%+ Rays and even a 100% but nah, no shiny. And the one I lucky-traded got 80% Yeah, Rayquaza hates me I guess.
  4. I think I did like 30 Rayquaza raids this weekend and I still have no shiny. My Pokedex counter for it is at 147... Yeah, I'm extremely unlucky with this one. I got like 2 more 96% IV and another three 93%. But I can't even be happy about that because I already have a 100% and three 98% ... urgh. The event is super unsatisfactory. Another line of non shiny Rayquaza raids, nothing that I need in the wild, except maybe shiny Horsea but I don't expect to get any shiny. I got 98%s of all the current event spawns, and shinies because of past c-days. So, everything is pretty much useless. Also the 7km eggs are not worth it. I already hatched 15 and I got like 2 Gible and NO Deino. Mostly all the ones I don't need, neither shiny nor IV. I'm just catching stuff for stardust I guess.
  5. I have 3 shiny Gyarados and 5 shiny Magicarp. (2 from earlier this year, I can't even remember that I caught them) My oldest Magicarp is from 2017. And I think I already threw away 2 shiny Magicarp.
  6. Ah, I see. In that case it's okay to purify I guess.
  7. Oof. Did you know a 0% Shadow is usually better in dps than a hundo because of their +20% dmg? So if you get a >82% Shadow, DO NOT PURITFY. I wasn't able to do much on day one expect a bit catching with incense and didn't get anything useful at all. A few shinies in the first two hours and nothing in the last 8. (like, what the heck) and I did catch 4 of 5 of those shinies with Go Plus. Super disappointing. I really like fighting Rockets, so I was in constant struggle to either fight rockets or catch Pokemon with incense, because you can't do both. (Well, you can with Go Plus, but it's catch rate is crap) So I ended up doing 4 hours both, 1 hour raids (waited a lot for invites... did 5 in total which of 3 ran away and they all had bad IV, so... totally wasted), 3 hours incense/catching and another 2 hours rockets. In the end I was stressed the first 4 hours, wasted 1 on raids, chilled (watching YT and lunch) 3 hours and then went rocket hunting for the last two. Last 5 hours were the best! I got 6 shinies on day one and another 6 on day 2. Most of them which I did not have before. (Heatmor, Coragunk, Jigglypuff, Gible, Qwillfish) Best catch of the day was a 98% Shadow Dratini that I maxxed out! Badass dps Dragoran incomming 😁 I did so many Gible raids (got invites from all over the city, because I got so many friends) but nothing turned out good IV wise. I did get a shiny tho, but NOT from a raid so it's IVs are crap. I started collecting shadows a bit too late when some of them were already cycled out, so I was happy to finally get one of each Kanto starter again as well as Dratini and the new shadow Seedot.
  8. I got 10 shiny Ghastly, but I already have 6 shiny Gengar from previous raid events and one Ghastly I got through a quest. So I evolved a 3 star to Haunter and threw away all but 2 for trade. I also got a perfect IV Ghastly that I evolved for the attack. I also had two 98% Ghastly before the event so now I have 3 good ones with the community day attack move. I also caught two shiny Oddish shortly after the event ended! yay!
  9. I'm more of a "completionist" I need to finish those challenges or I'll miss something (even if I don't, there's that feeling) Anyways, I caught a shiny Sneasel, but it had like 27 CP and very low IV so I transferred it. (I already have 3 shinies)
  10. I'm not a fan of PVP and I think level 3 (69 CP) for a Pokemon that can have like 900 max CP is pretty low tbh.
  11. I just got 2 (!) CB Ice from the alpine, right after another and I love these guys!
  12. I got a 100% Ballon Pikachu from the photo-bomb today. o__o I did not expect that! It's also the one with the LOWEST CP that I got so far... That always happens!
  13. 31/50 excellent throws. I'll finish it today
  14. Yeah, Pokemon Go is a very social game. I got lots of people to battle in raids due to social groups per WhatsApp and I raid a lot and got tons of legendaries. I was a lone player for a year or so and then, when the legendary dog trio got released, I met a group of people and I asked them if there are organized groups and they invited me to their WhatsApp group. And then I met up with them occassionally to do raids. And then I started raiding with people in the city frequently, got into their WhatsApp group and raided there. Then I moved, got into that Group etc. I even have 3 chat groups that do not do raids, but discuss stuff and show off their Pokemon etc. It's really cool. I meet up with many people for trades etc and found a few new friends! The only negative thing is that of you do so many legendary raids you end up buying raid SO MANY raid passes. I think I pay 30€ each month for this game just for passes or incubators.
  15. I don't have either shiny Solrock, nor Lunatone, so I have to, just like last year, wait for another year to pass by again. But I got a shiny Teddiursa during the event, which is nice.
  16. When there is nothing else, I do use tomato paste on plain white toast sometimes. I think tomato paste is delicious.
  17. I love frozen pizza because it is super fast and super easy to make. Just shove it into the oven for some time, check on it some time later and done. Got your full meal. (Yes, I do not set a timer or anything. I have burnt like, maybe 1 or 2 pizzas a year (and those were still salvageable) and I eat pizza on 3-4 days a week, which means, it's happening rarely)
  18. Birds! I love birds, all of them. But my favorite type of birds are the ones not many people like! Pigeons and Chickens! Especially pigeons. I also love ravens and parrots.
  19. Probably some stuff I already do hoard or collect. Seashells, feathers, precious stones, LEGO sets, Blu-Ray CD's and... uh... the plastic caps from New Years rockets. (I have 4 boxes full of them)
  20. I had Windows 7 for the longest time, but I got a new PC three months ago, so now it runs on Windows 10. Phone? Samsung, so it's an Android one.
  21. Some people say my eyes are green, but I don't see that. They have like a grayish-brown color, with more brownish parts around the pupil. (but not heterochromia) It's really hard to describe. It's like, they were brown but lost their color. it looks washed out.
  22. I speak German (native) and English. Although I can read, write and understand English perfectly and I have a big cache of words that I know, I suck at talking. Why? because I know so many words, but never heared them, so I assume their pronunciation and I guess I'm wrong sometimes. People also say that my English sounds American (I guess I watched too many cartoons haha). I had Spanish for 2 years, but I forgot most of it because I don't need it and I didn't like it.
  23. I used to put my eggs onto multiple sites, but nowadays I just use AoND and maybe Silvi's Lair if I'm worried one egg doesn't get enough views.
  24. It always amazes me just how long this kind of website lasts! Same with Magistream. Since Valenth crumbled away I'm always grateful for DC and Magi to still be around!
  25. Niantic put in Squirtle because the CD one will have a special attack that is good for PvP. Because they are only doing c-days for exclusive moves that are hepful in pvp now. (urgh) Since I don't like pvp, I would vote for Sandshrew or Weedle, because a) Weedle has no shiny yet and b) I do not have a shiny Sandshrew yet and I love that shiny. I have a shiny Ghastly and 3 shiny Gengar (+2 with party hat) and enough Squirte from the cd, and I don't give a damn about pvp. I think they want to keep Deino, Axew and Gible rare and that's why they don't get a C-Day. At least not for another year I guess. Because they want us to buy incubators to get them out of eggs, which sucks because all you get is f-ing Feebas or others you already have plenty of or can be found in the wild, like Swak and Throh. I guess it also has to do with some people complaining that there are no real rare pokemon because everything gets worthless by c-days? And they probably listened to those complainers and keep em rare. (I'm not one of them. I'd love to finally get a 90+ Gible or Deino to evolve for my dex but the very few that I get, maybe one every 3 months have crap IV. And yes, lucky trade doesn't work, luckies hate me and always end up being below 90.