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  1. I wonder if the frustration about the Team Competition would be less if 3rd Place would get +1 Point at least instead of Zero. The point system seems to be very punishing for last place.


    I am Team Pharos and pretty much gave up caring about it after 3 days. I would've done the same if I was on the winning team anyways. I'm just not into the games that much :(

    (They are nice and fun tho)

  2. Pharos was 2nd place on Cocoa Rush just now, so I played some more Cocoa Rush to help my team and after 10 rounds, I go back to the leader board to see we are 3rd place again... despite me playing it a few times. :(


    Anyone notice how there's sometimes little dragons between the people when playing Cocoa Rush? They do not appear in every game, but some sessions they are more frequent.

  3. I am really happy to be team Pharos because the Avatar of Creation is my favorite of the three!

    Not so happy about it being the absolute worst team 😕


    I don't have time and energy to play the games a lot and they are not fun enough to play a lot (I have more fun doing coli grinding for NotN on FR)

    But I try to play each game at least once each day, submit scores and play snow wars from time to time. it's not much, but at least it's something, right?


  4. I wrote a Gorillaz and a Portal fanfic once.


    Right now I try to write down every bit of conversation between my OCs that just go in my head like daydreams, to eventually be able to make a story or comic out of all the funny little situations they spontaneously get in.

    Or write down the crazy dreams I have all the time as ideas for new stories. Most of them don't go anywhere though and I am bad at writing altogether.

    But even tho I just do it for myself, I do notice that I read every bit I wrote three times in excitement because I love it and my Characters so much.

  5. By the looks of it, most dragons on DC pretty much follow the "standard" western Dragon body plan which is quite consistent between a LOT of art and franchises, a body plan our whole society has mutually agreed on. 


    Dragons have always been fantasy creatures. Even in old folklore many looked more like scaled dogs or cats with horns, bat/fan wings and snake tails than anything lizard like.

  6. 8 hours ago, Shokomon said:

    Is it common to get a Shiny Raid Meloetta Hat Galarian Ponyta on the first try though? 


    'Cause that happened.



    No. But that's the common newbie luck every hardcore player is jealous about XD


    Like that guy getting a shiny 100% Rayquaza on his 8th raid and I didn't even get a single shiny after 120 raids.


    Generally, Shiny chance is about 1:450 and for raids it varies but is generally at around ~1:80, legendary raids 1:20
    A few Pokemon like Bronzor and Feebas have a permanently boosted shiny rate of 1:35 or so.


    On Community days, the shiny chance of the featured Pokemon is about 1:25.

    Last weekend was GoFest and Saturday shiny chance for all (featured) Pokemon increased (probably not as much as C-day but certainly higher than normal, maybe 1:64 - 1:128)