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  1. I just got "Old Thuwed" because the dragon is a Thuwed linage dragon and has the code 0ld10
  2. I bred and abandoned 35 Earth/Green Dragons with special linages (Dorkface, Thuwed, Prizekin) to the AP just now. (most are messy though) additionally got 4 Prize and 3 Ice to automatically abandon to the AP if anyone wants some Earth Dragons, I have 900 to breed https://dragcave.net/group/1550
  3. I was randomly breeding Earth Dragons to abandon and got a Straterae egg! messy linage, but who cares? This is my second Strat ever after the one CB I got during the release. https://dragcave.net/lineage/4oRKk
  4. I just found out that I have a direct descendant of a Spriters alt! https://dragcave.net/lineage/uqiFl It's a mess though! (probably on purpose) I don't know if I should be happy about it or not. Edit: https://dragcave.net/lineage/B2ZfN loonks like I have another one.
  5. Also, I did breed 10 Ice a few days ago, but I think they are already grabbed. Anyone in need of Earths? I could block the AP for days: https://dragcave.net/group/1550
  6. I just found out one of my Earth Dragons has a dead linage now: https://dragcave.net/lineage/hMHrR He is named "Red Sox Dorkface Alkohol" which indicates he probably had a messy linage with (TheOriginal)Dorkface, Sox (a red Dragon often found in old Dorkface linages) and the Tinsel Alcohol in them.
  7. We are hitting 6 days 15 hours. I guess it'll be over soon
  8. Down to 18h. I still have a few freezes left, so I will probably grab a few and freeze them as S1 hatchie and try to get a few more. And it is still going... wow.
  9. I wrote a Gorillaz and a Portal fanfic once. Right now I try to write down every bit of conversation between my OCs that just go in my head like daydreams, to eventually be able to make a story or comic out of all the funny little situations they spontaneously get in. Or write down the crazy dreams I have all the time as ideas for new stories. Most of them don't go anywhere though and I am bad at writing altogether. But even tho I just do it for myself, I do notice that I read every bit I wrote three times in excitement because I love it and my Characters so much.
  10. ... you realize you have (almost) never missed a day to check your dragons for the past 12 years.
  11. I want a parentless male Avatar of Creation with the code "Shaku" because that would be the ultimate persona dragon for me.
  12. By the looks of it, most dragons on DC pretty much follow the "standard" western Dragon body plan which is quite consistent between a LOT of art and franchises, a body plan our whole society has mutually agreed on. Dragons have always been fantasy creatures. Even in old folklore many looked more like scaled dogs or cats with horns, bat/fan wings and snake tails than anything lizard like.
  13. I kind of panicked in the middle of the event and "gave up" and ended up with a messy overgrown graveyard theme. That has a lovely field in the front. Here is the mess:
  14. I was able to grab 3 now and I'll have 5 hatchlings grow up in 8 hours and after that I'll be able to grab the remaining 5. I could freeze some, but I don't want to.
  15. The lack of energy makes this game more frustrating than fun I have to wait for energy to water and harvest, nothing really grows since I can't water it and it's just... not very fun.
  16. https://dragcave.net/lineage/snm41 there is a band called "Sum41" that I like very much. this code is almost perfect - the u is just upside down.
  17. Avatar of Creation - no change I updated the spreadsheet
  18. No. But that's the common newbie luck every hardcore player is jealous about Like that guy getting a shiny 100% Rayquaza on his 8th raid and I didn't even get a single shiny after 120 raids. Generally, Shiny chance is about 1:450 and for raids it varies but is generally at around ~1:80, legendary raids 1:20 A few Pokemon like Bronzor and Feebas have a permanently boosted shiny rate of 1:35 or so. On Community days, the shiny chance of the featured Pokemon is about 1:25. Last weekend was GoFest and Saturday shiny chance for all (featured) Pokemon increased (probably not as much as C-day but certainly higher than normal, maybe 1:64 - 1:128)
  19. I got 27 shinies (not counting the shiny Pidgey I got 1h before the event started) and got 4 shinies on day two, two of them legendaries (Grrathina and Latios)
  20. Well, I didn't get a shiny Darumaka during the event but I got the following in the past few days: - shiny Taillow half an hour after Tepig C-Day (meh) - 15 shiny Tepig in 4 hours one of them a 3 Star (82%) - shiny Torchick - meh - shiny Bronzor (better IVs (2*) than my current three) - 2 shiny Pidgey (better IV's than my lowest, I now have 5 shinies) - traded one for shiny Bidoof with a friend - shiny Aipom - meh - first shiny Pidove !!!! yes!
  21. Oops, I missed this release. Edit: got 3 by catching 8 eggs from Volcano. The other one seems to be a hybrid, so there is no rush. Yay!
  22. I found my old phone and old laptop on the logins page Time to log them out.
  23. Wait wa... oh my god. I'm stupid. I thought the blue was the male and the red the female. For months. And I have collected a few of them because I like the sprites a lot. I somehow totally ignored the gender symbols. Guess I was just dumb, thanks for telling me. I would've never found out otherwise.
  24. I just say, Alcedine S1 ungendered hatchling is slightly more blue if it genders male. So you can see the gender in the ungendered S1 hatchling. Anyways, they are gendered now and colors/genders are mixed, so my idea was not right. Could be biome related. Grey for volcano and brown for desert. They have the color of basalt and sand.