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  1. Avatar of Creation - no change I updated the spreadsheet
  2. No. But that's the common newbie luck every hardcore player is jealous about Like that guy getting a shiny 100% Rayquaza on his 8th raid and I didn't even get a single shiny after 120 raids. Generally, Shiny chance is about 1:450 and for raids it varies but is generally at around ~1:80, legendary raids 1:20 A few Pokemon like Bronzor and Feebas have a permanently boosted shiny rate of 1:35 or so. On Community days, the shiny chance of the featured Pokemon is about 1:25. Last weekend was GoFest and Saturday shiny chance for all (featured) Pokemon increased (probably not as much as C-day but certainly higher than normal, maybe 1:64 - 1:128)
  3. I got 27 shinies (not counting the shiny Pidgey I got 1h before the event started) and got 4 shinies on day two, two of them legendaries (Grrathina and Latios)
  4. Well, I didn't get a shiny Darumaka during the event but I got the following in the past few days: - shiny Taillow half an hour after Tepig C-Day (meh) - 15 shiny Tepig in 4 hours one of them a 3 Star (82%) - shiny Torchick - meh - shiny Bronzor (better IVs (2*) than my current three) - 2 shiny Pidgey (better IV's than my lowest, I now have 5 shinies) - traded one for shiny Bidoof with a friend - shiny Aipom - meh - first shiny Pidove !!!! yes!
  5. Oops, I missed this release. Edit: got 3 by catching 8 eggs from Volcano. The other one seems to be a hybrid, so there is no rush. Yay!
  6. I found my old phone and old laptop on the logins page Time to log them out.
  7. Wait wa... oh my god. I'm stupid. I thought the blue was the male and the red the female. For months. And I have collected a few of them because I like the sprites a lot. I somehow totally ignored the gender symbols. Guess I was just dumb, thanks for telling me. I would've never found out otherwise.
  8. I just say, Alcedine S1 ungendered hatchling is slightly more blue if it genders male. So you can see the gender in the ungendered S1 hatchling. Anyways, they are gendered now and colors/genders are mixed, so my idea was not right. Could be biome related. Grey for volcano and brown for desert. They have the color of basalt and sand.
  9. Ah, that's why there are 6. The ungendered hatchling is already color coded by gender. Good to know!
  10. Congrats. I'm still waiting for a 96%Iv or higher. I have a 91% lucky but... It's not good enough.
  11. I feel you. My first 5 Skrelp and Clauncher raids were all 2 Stars... The only "raid only" I've got a bunch of 98% at the first few raids was Tumburr. The one that needs a ton of candy or needs to be traded 😒
  12. I evolved my two 98% which I had before the c-day. the best I got was a 93%, but I discarded because I got the two others. I ended up with 20 shinies (3 hours out, walking) and two of them came from quests! So I have a 89% and a 82% which is both 3 Stars and the last for the family is an 80%. Many people I know got a Zero percent, some even as shiny! But I didn't go that direction this c-day so no zero Percent for me.
  13. I have one right side up from the first Dragon Dilemma 2017 and one upside down from 2018. I have breed them a few times.This year got my second upside down! I got eaten 2019 and 2020.
  14. I was missing 15 dragons, but then I did some Rayquaza raids last weekend and got that. The 151km will be the hardest challenge for me. It'll probably take forever. I got a new phone and now I've got no more gps drift/jumps assisting me (unintentionally) in getting km.
  15. Awesome, I got an upside down! Now I have a pair of upside downs! Whoohoo
  16. 27 raids today, no shiny, best is a 12 attack 93% I'm at a total of 205 Rayquaza raids, with 2 shiny overall. I hate it 😕
  17. I have almost powered a Gyarados and a Pidgeotto to level 50, but I am waiting to level them to max. Because one task for gaining a new trainer level is to power up 5 Pokemon to lvl 50 and I do not want to level up unneccessarty ones (I do have enough xl candy for Pikachu, as example)
  18. Shiny chance was only significantly (to cday status) increased for certain Pokemon, other may have had just a slightly increased or no increased chance of being shiny. You can't compare that to a cday.
  19. If I see a wall, I just go to the cave an grab whatever sounds good and abandon what I don't like later. Walls of greens, 6 or so years ago made me hoard them. And nowdays I enjoy seeing the occasional pebble at the AP or cave and grab them instantly! I am, however not fond of the species that are "walling" right now 😕 But the walls also made me collect CB Sratos and other newer breeds which are fun to grab because they are pretty and abundant in the cave. You just need to adapt I guess.
  20. I had a green ticket and got 16 shinies. I'm quite happy with it as I didn't have most of them (and I participated in ALL past community days) Kinda happy that I didn't get a starter! I got: 1 Pidgey (number 3 for full family) 1 Sandshrew (new) 2 Tangela (not new but one has 3 Stars) 1 Bellsprout (The reason i got the green ticket!) 1 Porygon (meh) 1 Staryu (new) 1 Pinsir (meh) 1 Rydon ( 3 Stars, so yay) 1 Evoli (3 Stars) 1 Lickytung (new, 3 Stars, 96% woah) 1 Psyduck (nr 2, family complete) 1 Lapras (my number 2, but 3 Stars, so yay) 1 Vulpix (meh) 1 Machop (meh) 1 Ditto (like everyone) - traded 1 Vulpix for Mankey (new)
  21. I haven't gotten any event shiny during lunar or valentines 😢 But I had some good Lucky trades this week so I guess that evens it out? Also got a 100% Darumaka. I also hatched a shiny Buizel. I didn't get one during their shiny release, so it's a welcome thing! (I really wanted one). But 67% IVs from an egg hatch is just.. urgh.
  22. https://dragcave.net/lineage/KI1LL -speaks for itself https://dragcave.net/lineage/fUKAY -also speaks for itself https://dragcave.net/lineage/0blaR - pronouncable name https://dragcave.net/view/eWakE - wake https://dragcave.net/lineage/ORBjT - Orbit
  23. I wish people with alt Sweelting scrolls were not able to get normal Sweetlings. I also demand to recieve a CB Avatar of Creation with the code "Shaku" because that's my Own Character/Persona and I want it SO BADLY.
  24. I got "McTree" on a Leetle Tree. I also got a dragon named "Hirn", which (a short form) of "brain" in German. "Head Examiner" and "Lab Assistant" I have a pillow named "Utsubushi" which is a character from the manga "Amatsuki" My Avatar of Creation is named "Shakura" and I am SO HAPPY about it. So many people take it as alternative spelling for Sakura, but for me it's MY name as it is "Shakura", or at least my online name and the name of my own character. I always hate when it's already taken in other games or websites.