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  1. That was the entirety of the joke. I have never believed that statement. It is purely egotistical, and I have no idea who ever came up with it but they are wrong. We have never been number one and never will. We will be number one in stupidity, greed and corruption until the day there is a change. I believe by the end of it all, we will have the worst outcome by far because our "president" is that stupid to believe himself rather than what others are telling him in how serious this is. Sadly, people are readily willing to believe him and go along with it. We have a pretty terrible healthcare system here and people can get screwed over very easily here. I'm more worried about what will be left of my family and my friends' family. Beyond that, everyone is for themselves, they are nuts here in that hand sanitizer and stuff like that is being hoarded. It's ridiculous, even the pricing of everything is going up. I checked on a Nintendo Switch cuz I been looking at them for years and they are nearly 600 now alone. Sadly, we will probably continue to rise, wouldn't surprise me if we have far more than anyone else combined by the end as people are not taking it seriously. It sucks and I am seriously considering why I live in the US anymore. The laughing stock is those with trump anymore but sadly, we are all lumped together cuz of them and therefore, we sadly are a laughingstock.
  2. I don't get it. Being in the US with the president we have is really eye opening. I can't believe we elected this person, how much more he cares about the corporations than the people in the country. How biased he is towards red states vs blue. This criminal should have been impeached. He does not care at all and anyone who says he does needs to go back over everything he is doing, really look into it. People are not going to self quarantine because they think they are special and able to avoid it. It needs to be enforced, hospitals need proper equipment. The US is a laughing stock. We're number one surely now, aren't we? I hope against everything that Trump and Pence are voted out this election and we get someone who legitimately cares in. This cannot continue or the US is going to be beyond screwed with nothing to fix it besides to restart, but maybe that is what we need in the end? All I know is Trump needs to go and corporations need to be checked and taken down several notches.They should not run a country, yet here we are. Probably got a little more political than intended but it absolutely is true. My own state is getting more cases and the first two in my county is finally here. I am terrified what it will do with my family and wonder how many will be left standing after all it said and done.
  3. I absolutely love these dragons!!!!!
  4. Oh, you have got to be kidding me. What makes me truly sad is people will still vote for this idiot come election day. My country is even more screwed up than I feared. 😕
  5. I'm still allowed to show support for things as it can change either way as TJ has said no to a lot of things and it has changed later on.
  6. I'm for 3, 4, 7 and 8 on the first post. Those in my eyes would help the most with keeping the abandoned page down, we have too few slots per user to keep up with mass breeders and the more the site grows, the more people we have mass breeding and we just can't keep up with the amount. I'm not saying limit them from breeding, I'm saying limit how many either show or give us the slots we need to help out. Splitting the eggs into their own biomes would also help because we could also surf through them as we do the main cave.
  7. I haven't been on here in so long I nearly forgot it was a thing! Dx
  8. Love this game! Played it for several hours, I'm actually kind of wanting to play it again soon!
  9. I swore one website did but not sure. I haven't checked any websites lately to see. Thank you!
  10. So, been out of the loop with new websites lately, does any website have a tool to check what dragons you have, what ones you don't and how many of each?
  11. I just got Milk for the first time in like 2 days. I was playing rather often too. 😕
  12. Definitely a no from me. It's part of the reason why I don't like reddit. People can just do that and down vote someone when they need help all because "searching can give you these answers". Maybe so, but that doesn't mean I understand it any better.
  13. My mother works with mentally disabled people and while I feel sorry for them, I know that I myself cannot handle it. If I had become pregnant with a child and it had a disability, I would choose abortion. I could not handle that at all, I don't want them living a life where it may be pure misery depending on the disease and I don't trust adoption agencies or foster homes after hearing of the amount of abusive ones and the fact it seems impossible to adopt half the time. It honestly does not matter if you are christian or not. I'm more concerned about how it effects my life, as someone who does not want children currently, and their life as they are the ones who have to deal with this their entire life, even after I am gone.
  14. Game had an error as I was collecting a chest and a enemy locked onto me. Worst timing ever. I came back to my own death screen. >.> Elder Scrolls Online for you!
  15. That is actually what I am worried about. The way I've got it set up may not allow for that.
  16. If you click start over, do you lose all EXP from that round? Cuz the set up I did was is on round 83 and I'm a bit worried it wont fall.
  17. 100% support this, I've got an entire year missing from this slipping my mind entirely and miscalculated on this last one and missed about half or more.
  18. Yeah, I really wish if we collected the entire set of one year, the old sprites would start showing up giving us a chance to afterwards. I know this, sadly to me I thought it would end at midnight on the 24th, not 23rd. I'm actually on DC time as it's EST.
  19. Thought it was till the 24th, might just give up on FoE personally. I love collecting them but having one entire year missing and another incomplete is a bit discouraging. My own fault either way but just doesn't give me the drive to complete it anymore.
  20. Wait it's over already? I thought we had 3 days? 😕 2 years in a row I never completed them.
  21. Okay, the happy Tsoko and Ion images are adorable. :3
  22. YES! Snow Wars makes a come back! I loved it when it was out the first time.
  23. That still does not mean that the life of the mother becomes less than that of which she is carrying. If she cannot handle the child herself, if she cannot support her family financially, emotionally or the baby cannot live it's life comfortably, they should have all the right in the world on how they handle the situation. A doctor or nurse is there simply to provide whatever aid to a person they can, they cannot and should not be allowed to have their personal feelings on the matter interfere, if they do they should not be in that profession. I understand caring for them but you cannot put your personal feelings above that of a patients simply because you disagree. Not everyone is cut out to be a mother or a father, they should not be forced into it. Let them decide, let them choose what happens to their family and future, let them deal with the outcome of that decision.