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  1. I suppose so. It still seems awkwardly worded to me.
  2. Didn't TJ say there were 8 different eggs? These eggs all look the same to me.
  3. Loving all the ideas in this thread.
  4. Has anybody got CB yellows? If no one but TJ has them, that means they're probably breed only.
  5. Who are you to say this isn't an improvement? As it is I find little incentive to log in more than once a month for the new release. The only other times I log in are to use my summon and breed some Shimmers and Tinsels for the lovely people in the departures thread. Now I have more reason to check in regularly. It's nice. If I miss a release because of this, it's not the end of the world. I've been on this site for a couple years on and off and I still cannot believe how much people whine when they don't get "their" way. Thousands of people play this game. ~Removed~
  6. Do not see how either of those things are TJ's fault or responsibility.
  7. I really don't see the issue here. Unless it's a rare release - which is very, pardon my phrasing, 'rare' - you'll easily be able to grab the new dragons when it's convenient for you. Last month's releases are still readily available in the cave. I spotted a bunch of blue bands and cassares while browsing the cave waiting for the next drop.
  8. Ooooo that's a tough one. I'm not entirely sure. It was either Ecco the Dolphin, Super Mario World, or Sonic the Hedgehog.
  9. I'm not able to vote in the poll because I already looked at the results, but today I successfully summoned with a female Ice dragon. Here are my other statistics: Ice Dragons: 12 Magma Dragons: 9 Thunder Dragons: 8 Total Trios: 29
  10. Today I was finally able to add this banner to my sig:
  11. We're going to see the adults tonight.
  12. Since the eggs are found in different biomes, I doubt it.
  13. Thanks for posting this, I was having trouble with the image, too.
  14. Caught a couple. I love these so far! Can't wait to see the hatchlings!
  15. There's a fantastic wolf comic online called Off-White. Best I've ever read in that genre. But some of it's fans are serious wolfaboos. There's a human character in the story named Seven. She almost kills one of the main wolves in self defense. Because of this, some of the wolfaboos have been cheering for her death. She's obviously not going to die here and now - as she's a major character - and it kind of sickens me to see such closed minded thinking from these kids. Hopefully they'll grow out of it. Wolves are fascinating animals. But they are, ya know, animals. I've heard some people apply words like 'honorable' and 'compassionate' to wolves as a whole and it's just not true. Animals have no concept of honor. Social animals like wolves do understand fairness, however they are hardly alone in this sense. Most social primates also have a concept of fairness and will punish members of their troop who cheat. Wolves (and most other social animals) also care for one another, but to call it 'compassion' is a gross misunderstanding. I think if you love wolves, you should try to understand them as they are: wild animals.
  16. Now that they're all grown up, I caught this Pink and this Shimmer on the AP about a week ago. Thanks, breeder! Still need a name for the Pink...
  17. HAVE: 3G Black x Arsani perfect checker - Lineage Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! 2G Daydream x Sweetling (Z coded) - Lineage Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! SEEKING: FOR THE BLACK 3G Daydream x Rosebud perfect checker, unrelated to her Bloodswap 3G Common x Halloween perfect checkers (no pygmies, please) If trading a Halloween checker, my favorite commons are (in no particular order) Greys, Embers, Hellfires, Magi, Moonstones, Nebulas, and Whites. I may accept other breeds if I like the lineage. FOR THE DAYDREAM 2G Sunset x 09 Val, unrelated to her 2G Crimson x Rosebud, unrelated to her 2G Tsunami x Heartseeker, unrelated to him
  18. Except DC never does that ever. DC focuses on the ecology and behavior of dragons and rarely touches on their biology. With respect to genetics, which is what we're talking about, it throws science out the window at supersonic speeds. DC dragons are actually more similar to Pokemon in their breeding habits than animals on Earth. Pokemon breed using "egg groups." That's the reason why Skitty and Wailord can breed - same egg group. You could think of drakes, pygmies, and two-headed dragons as each having their own egg group, which is why they can't interbreed with others. Again, this makes no sense in terms of Earthly biology. And yes, Pokemon are divided into "species," but due to the way that they breed the term "species" makes about as much sense in Pokemon as "breed" does on DC.
  19. Please read my whole post or at least the tl;dr at the bottom. The variety we see within species was just one point of three.
  20. Pardon me for having a bug up my butt, but... These are all the same species. In all honesty, though, there are more important reason I have for not making this distinction on DC. One of them is that if you look at the morphology of DC dragons it is abundantly clear that many of them could be classed as different breeds of the same species. Reds and Royal Crimsons, for example. Sunrise/Sunset dragons also bear a striking resemblance to Striped dragons, including their ability to change their offspring's color based on certain conditions, so they could also be a single species. You would basically have to go to all the spriters and ask them what they thought about the taxonomical classification of their dragons, and would they mind sharing the same species and/or genus with Balloons? The other is that there are no two species on earth with as many differences as we see between DCs dragons that can breed together. If you insist on going by Earth's biology, which it seems you do, then it would be literally impossible for, say, a Deep Sea dragon to breed with a Brute. Even if they were to somehow meet (dragon scuba gear?) the two species would be separated by hundreds of millions of years of evolution. Successful copulation would be physically and biologically impossible and most likely unwanted. Oh, but what about artificial insemination, you say? Well, that would be missing the point. It would be like breeding a goblin shark with a mountain goat. And then the shark gives birth to a goat. The goat promptly drowns. tl;dr: DC dragons obviously do not conform to Earth's biology, so to treat them as if they do is misguided. Also they are sprites. PS - Really you'd just be replacing one meaningless word with another meaningless word, because neither "breed" nor "species" is accurate. DC dragons are too different to all be the same breed but interbreed too easily (and with completely nonsensical results) to be separate species. You might as well call them flerpity-floops. It would mean as much.
  21. Have: x 3G Pink x Sweetling perfect checker Seeking: Priority - 3G Daydream x Rosebud perfect checker - 2G Harvest x Heartseeker - 2G Tsunami x Heartseeker Will also consider - 3G Halloween perfect checkers - 2G Common x Halloween dragons
  22. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan. The new drop time isn't terribly inconvenient for me but I do worry that releasing a new breed at a time when the site is more active might be a bad idea, especially for those with a poor connection.
  23. Lately I've been finding some fantastic checkers just lying in the AP. Silver x Tan Ridgewing Gold W. x Gold Ice x Shadow Walker
  24. All the wyrms. *nods* Even if they only breed with themselves, I think they would fit in great in DC and would love to have them on my scroll. In no particular order: - Anemone - Artistic - Blackphase - Calligraphy - Cloud Weavers - Corkscrew Wyrm - Desert Wanderer - Devil - Dustrunner - Fiery Triline - Frostbite Wyrm - Jinx - Malaysian - Mercury Pygmies (because Pygmies deserve metallics, too) - Eastern Mint - Rogue - Rustic - Smokewyrm - Sugarponies (AWWWWWWW!!!!) - Tanglewyrm - Tropical Seadancer - Eastern Unicorn - Willowherb - Zyme