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  1. Going from 6:30pm yesterday to 3:30pm today with no sleep was an experience. How's everyone doing this evening?
  2. Glad to see everyone's doing well. ;;owo I've got a day off from school today, which is why I'm on - I get to do my schoolwork at home.
  3. Oh, is that so! Sounds like fun! So have you been up to anything lately? (Others can answer this, too!)
  4. Morning - or afternoon as it may be - guys! Goodness, Fortune, that's quite the strategy, but I'm sure many players do those sorts of things all the time.
  5. Goodness, looks like some of you have been awfully busy! [[sets out macaroni]] Taking over the world is a tough job, you know!
  6. Hey, colouring books and crayons are fun, too! I'd buy some myself if the pages of most colouring books didn't bother me so much. For some reason, the way that the crayon sits on the page irritates me a little. Sucks to hear about the tennis elbow, though. That's gotta be painful.
  7. Well, if you ever decide you want it, hit me up. I'll dig the link out of wherever it went in my Tumblr, aha. Here I am sitting without having done any drawing. I'm great.
  8. My mother has a license for the Creative Cloud suite, but her Adobe account isn't working properly for some reason, so it's been treating it like she needs to purchase the software all over again as opposed to needing to simply renew the license. So I haven't been able to use it as of late. I think Adobe released the entirety of the CS3 series for free download if you have a Windows, though. I can double-check on that, but if you'd want to use one of those, I could shoot you the link. It's completely legal, too.
  9. I think I'm going to do some digital drawing, only because my laptop is on my legs at the moment so there's not much else that I can do with it there, but normally I'll draw in my sketchbook. I use FireAlpaca on the computer! I'd prefer to use Photoshop, though...
  10. I'm probably going to end up doing some kind of YuGiOh/Puzzle and Dragons crossover art. Should be fun. My only regret is that I have very little material to use as a reference for the PAD part of the drawings...
  11. Ooh, nice! I'm about to try to start drawing myself. Not sure how well it's gonna go, though. Are you drawing anything in particular?
  12. Y'know, given that I probably have some kind of mild digestive issues, I probably shouldn't be eating so much, but here I am. :vvv Anyone having a good Sunday out there, though?
  13. [[sliiiiiiiides in] I have seven babies now. I am a proud mother. ;;u;; I'm also almost completely egglocked already, currently holding 6 eggs. Holding out for a Xeno in the forest, just in case.
  14. Good to see you all this afternoon! Sorry I'm a little late to the party! Anyone else out of it this Sunday? Didn't get much sleep, if the timestamps on some of my other posts are of any indication.
  15. ...wow. Wow. That's just... wow. That's really sad. Use a spoon, I guess?
  16. //pats I admittedly can't offer much comfort since I don't share those experiences. All I can really say, I guess, is when you really need to, have a pillow on-hand to scream in. I guess. Hope things start looking up sometime soon.
  17. Yeesh, when does all of this need to even be done? In any case, I hope it eventually smoothens out...
  18. Ahh, goodness, that's the worst. Gotta love academic issues-- Hopefully the lecture itself is tolerable enough to make it worth your while (even though you have to watch it regardless of whether or not you want to).
  19. I've been egglocked within an hour since I started playing again, haha. Got a couple frostbites and one of those fancy Spirit Warden breeds. Really looking forward to seeing them once they hatch! I'm not quite as concerned with Xenos (yet) as I am with catching up on holiday dragons. I'm gonna want to hoard the new breeds a lot, but I also need to try to get some eggs/hatchlings of older breeds. Gotta collect them all! Or something. Lagie, do you still need a cuff dragon? I've got so many dragons in my lair without names---
  20. Aw, that's kind of unfortunate. Well, I've got so many unnamed dragons/dragons with names in gratuitous Japanese that I need to change, so maybe I'll cuff a few people yet. Anyone is welcome to cuff me. I gladly accept any and all handcuff dragons. :vv But that aside... I guess I could ask about the happenings of the main site? What's new? Anything particularly fun that stood out to you in the last year or so?
  21. Sounds like fun, WS! I hope you have fun as well! (I don't think I've ever seen you before, but that could just be my memory failing me again.) Oh, purplehaze, I gotta know: do we still cuff people to dragons? It doesn't seem like it based on this page? But it could just be too slow to tell at the moment.
  22. I'll keep that in mind, then! Maybe some of the Avatars would make good trades (once I start to obtain those)?
  23. I'm really interested in the Xeno family, but unfortunately they seem to be quite rare. I doubt I'll be able to get ahold of one for awhile. On the bright side, though, I can start hoarding some other things.
  24. Ahh, alright. Well, I won't complain; this is my first successful Summon, after all! And yeah, a long hiatus at that. The newest adult dragon that I have on my scroll grew up on June 7th of 2014... I have a lot of holidays to catch up on! I'm not gonna lie, I came back for the sprites. The artwork for all of these dragons is so pretty! I think I'm gonna start hoarding Frostbites and Falconiforms...
  25. Ahhh, I see! Makes sense. Can't dedicate all of your time to DC. I've only been playing for a total of an hour, ish? And I've already filled up my lair with seven eggs. I forgot how pretty some of the sprites are! Oh, I should probably ask while I'm thinking about it: is there some kind of glitch regarding Summoning?