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aha! good to meet you, my friend!

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    Y'know, the more I think about it, the less I'm sure.
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    Gahh, it's been, what, a year or so since I've played here? I'm not really sure what to do with myself, haha! I guess the courteous thing to do here would be to give some basic info?

    I go by Epsilon, but Ep and E.P. (or just ep works too :vv) are just as good. I'm asexual, and while I'm not 100% sure if I'm aromantic, I'm not really looking for any partners either way. Not that this is exactly the best site to be hooking up on.

    I'm agender, so if I could pick an option on the "Gender" selection below that said 'neither' or 'none', I'd do it, but assigning it as male is fine for now, since I prefer he/him pronouns!

    I'm still really into YuGiOh, and while I remember that at one point I ended up ruining a YGO RP thread on here, I promise that I'm not as annoying about it as I used to be! (Plus I'm a way better RPer now, too.) I won't be roleplaying on the forums anytime soon, but if you want to talk about YGO, hit me up over PM! I have a YGOPro account on my laptop, so if anyone's itching for a duel then I can potentially offer one. Again, just hit me up over PM.

    Oh, another thing is that I've been playing NA Puzzle and Dragons for over a year now! I run a Bastet team that occasionally switches leads with Verdandi, and as soon as I get everyone to a higher level, I'll be running a dark orb enhance A.Haku team with Christmas Haku as a friend's leader. When A.Artemis comes to NA, I'll be attempting to piece together a mixed TPA-OE wood team. I'll give out my friend code over PM if anyone is interested in those leads!

    Lastly, I have a Twitter account that's pretty PG13, so if anyone's interested in that, I'm @ep_crisis. I tweet a lot about YGO and Puzzle and Dragons. I also tweet my art, so yeah. Fun stuff.


    From NovaEcto:

    NAME: Marluxia
    GENDER: Male
    TAIL: Pale ginger, VERY fluffy
    EARS: Pale ginger
    OWNER: DiaGlace48
    LIKES: Flowers, chocolate, Legos, cherry soda
    DISLIKES: Spiders, porcupines