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  1. I managed to get all the eggs but it sure was a crunch. I was grateful for the decrease to 10 minute drops yesterday, wouldn't have gotten them all otherwise. Like a lot of other people on here, I'm not allowed to have my phone out at work (plus the site is blocked on work computers) so I only have a tiny window in the morning and in the evening after I've cooked/cleaned up dinner to play online. Easter is always a no go because I come from a bit of an old school family that frowns upon playing on your phone when guests are over. (Which isn't a bad thing) Lots of people on here have the same or similar situation as myself with a small window to get on and collect easter eggs. With the larger number of eggs we've had the past few years, I don't see why we can't get an extra day to collet. Maybe start on Saturday instead of Sunday. Since there's no prize, other than the sense of completion, and everyone gets the same eggs, I don't see why anyone would be opposed to having a longer drop window to be honest. TL;DR everyone needs to have a bit of empathy and realize not everyone can devote 10+ hours of their time to dragon cave over three days. Please let us have four day drops in the future.
  2. I know I'm getting old when every year I understand less and less of the pop culture reference eggs 😅
  3. Thanks to the resource update, I was able to more or less finish my decorating. I think I went a little overboard but oh well! My fort has a hedge garden, small pond, and I guess a bird zoo(?) out front, yay.
  4. Thank you for the update! Huge help on fixing all my stuff so I can figure out what I still need to decorate.
  5. Ok, sorry to come across as complaining. I do really like this event as much as I enjoyed the first snow wars. I'm having fun building my little fort area. The artists did a great job. (along with the coders for bringing it to life!) Just one more suggestion, can we have a button for "repair all"? It would be super helpful now that I have like a billion cannons and little stuff that is hard to click on. Would also help me from accidentally deleting things.
  6. Thank you for all the resources! It was super helpful. Quick question, are the spots that are impossible to place certain items (don't show up red, but when you click they won't place) a glitch or are they really not able to be placed in those locations? I have spots I'm trying to put stuff that absolutely will not stick. Also, are there any plans to make a "confirm to destroy" popup... I keep accidentally deleting stuff..
  7. It would be nice if fixing things didn't cost so much. Can't do much with my fort if I'm spending all my resources to fix. Pretty much at this rate I'm just ignoring broken things to build more cannons... Along with VixenDra, I too have accidentally deleted items because the "X" in my mind means "close text box". Would be nice to have a "are you sure" prompt.
  8. Just finished my pokedex thanks to Lesh! Other than melmetal. Getting that one will be a slow process. Rather devious of the pokemon company as a way to force completionists to play the phone game for weeks to evolve up meltan. I'm hoping it won't be so complicated to obtain in the main series games next year. The great news is not having melmetal doesn't affect getting the shiny charm. Only need 150 for it.
  9. I tried shiny hunting for vulpix and gave up after a non shiny one ran on me and broke my chain. I did randomly encounter a shiny tentacool at seafoam islands. Managed to get it! My team is Meraxes/Dragonite, Nightshade/Eevee, Rosalind/Mew, Tortimer/Mega Blastoise, Fiver/Nidoking, Fortunata/Ninetales I got really into book names for my team haha
  10. Ah that's exciting! I totally missed that page. I'll have to go hunt for one now. Thanks. Update: got it. Only 11 left for the dex (including melmetal). Collecting pokemon this time around feels like a breeze compared to doing it for Moon
  11. Anyone have Let's Go Pikachu and want to trade version exclusives with me? Almost done my pokedex. Stuck because everyone I know and myself got Eevee version. I also need Wigglytuff. Turns out that's the only moonstone evo you can't catch in the wild. I went and wasted my extra stone on clefable. I have elusive Kangaskhan and Eevee exclusive pokemon for trade. As an aside, there's a lot of features in this game I'm really hoping carry over to the main series. Having the IV judge feature is great. The catch combo features increasing chances of good IVs is also great. Plus riding/following pokemon is a huge plus. I adore getting to ride my dragonite
  12. It was actually the other way around, I had three eggs and they were offering two, but they're egglocked and can only make a 2:2 trade. Makes total sense now why it's greyed!
  13. Why is the "accept" button greyed out for me on a trade offer? Decline appears to be clickable but I don't want to decline the trade. edit: Nevermind! Found the answer (they're trying to accept more eggs than they can handle)
  14. It would be funny if the eggs ended up being a snake dragon, a lion dragon, a raven/eagle dragon, and a badger dragon. Since all those color combos are totally the hogwarts house colors haha. Even the descriptions really match up with book described house personalities. Can't wait to see the hatchlings and adults.
  15. Some of these dragons actually look really, really good with the mint colors. Eastern Prize Dragon looks really good, also the Pumpkins, Freckled, Shallow Water, Horse Dragon, Anagallis, Scripts, Tarantula Hawk Drakes, Undine look good, just to name a few! The Arsani sprites are top tier as well! Great job all of the spriters who were involved in changing colors!
  16. Considering in their description they say the males and females are identical other than what they collect, yes they'll have identical sprites.
  17. Freckled Dragons are hoarders. I love them already.
  18. Ok, I figure I should ask. I've been sending a bunch randomly but I bet a lot of you would like some of my attempts at witty valentines? Will return send (Scroll is Lady_Nightfox)
  19. Is it possible that certain pairings with tinsels simply do not produce tinsels, or am I just having horrendous luck? I've been breeding (or at least attempting to) a silver tinsel with a sapphire dragon almost every single week since at least February 12th and have had either no interest or only sapphire eggs (so somewhere between 25-29 attempts). I've never had Goomy go this long without giving a silver egg :C
  20. Those Script dragons are amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Also, so now that we have a 2 headed leviathan..... Will there be a new undead sprite? Or will it default to the 2 head undead western?
  21. That's what I'm hoping as well! I have a feeling if they do release a "Core game" that they'd at least have counterparts on the 3DS. It seems like they'd be hurting themselves tremendously if they didn't. The switch CAN connect to the 3DS so it's not like there'd be a trade barrier.
  22. Considering they haven't announced any sort of date of release for this thing (I think the last I read was "2018 and beyond"), you're probably still fine with starting 2.8 late.
  23. Especially since the original games didn't hold your hand. That was also back before most of us had our own internet access so you either had to buy the guide, find out by word of mouth, or figure it out on your own. I really do like Sun and Moon, I just wish there was different mode settings (which wouldn't be hard to implement. Games like Fire Emblem now have it). As an aside, you all see there WILL be a mainline game coming to the Switch? They say it's in development so I'm not so sure it's going to be related to Sun and Moon directly. I wonder if it'll be akin to Shadows of Almia or if it will be a straight up new generation. (Or diamond and pearl remake...)
  24. I forgot about the Tangled world since we seem to only get these trailers once a year at E3 time. Seeing the original 2013 trailer, you can see they definitely started from square one at some point, graphics a lot different. Like I said, graphics looked so good, and not just in cutscenes, for BBS 0.2 which ran on UE4 like KHIII will. So I understand why it's taking so long. I just really hope it lives up to the hype, and answers at least most of the questions.
  25. It looks pretty good but I'm so hesitant (about it releasing any time soon) because we've only seen one world with only one more being teased. Until we get a more solid release date I'm not going to get too hyped. One thing I will say is I played the birth by sleep epilogue which ran on unreal engine, so I can say that KHIII, which is supposed to run on UE4 as well, will probably be very pretty looking.