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  1. Some 3rd gen Tinsels/Shimmer Claim my eggs/hatchlings! You're welcome Jazeki Glad that you like them.
  2. FINALLY caught one in the ap. So they are still there but the eggs are moving so slowly... Took me more than an hour.
  3. Already did but that didn't help... I'm going to try a different browser when I get home (using safari right now on my laptop).
  4. Same for me... I hope this gets fixed somehow :/
  5. Reporting Zombification Attempt Breed/type: Neotropical Age: adult Kill date: 09/02/2016 Kill time (ET): 5:05 am Revive date: 09/02/2016 Revive time (ET): 05:06 Zombies visible: yes Result: zombie Dragon link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/4hjOE
  6. Maybe they turn blue the whole year and only become black on April Fools Day and only be able to breed in either of their forms. Pretty excited to see what is going to be special about them if there is anything
  7. Had to do the same thing to get all items. Seems like a small bug :/
  8. Thank you, I took it! That gives me another lineage goal for my alt swellings now that I have finished my marrow one this valentines.
  9. So today is the last day and I still have not heard from my gifter :/ I however was able to get some nice stuff for my giftee at least And as it seems this year many people received really nice things so I hope there will be another Secret Santa next year. Looking forward to it!
  10. I dont want to sound greedy or something but I still have not heard from my gifter and I'm starting to wonder if they may be inactive? Is there any way to find out if they are or if they are just having troubles finding anything from my list? If that is the case I would gladly give them some other options since I am starting to think the things I put there might be a bit to hard to get for some people
  11. Stories looks so nice. Can't wait to play it. In the meantime I have plenty to do in Cross still. Definitely better than MH4U for me.
  12. seI will try to get some other stuff for my gift later. CB Golds seem to be soon rare at the moment... :/ Still have not heard anything from my gifter. But there still two weeks left so maybe they will come up with something special?
  13. Just sent my third gift - a CB Copper Thats spot 1,2 and 3 of my giftees list done!
  14. My giftee accepted their first transfer already got another nice thing for her sitting on my scroll
  15. Oh it seems like I got the coal badge The event was pretty fun this year. Hoping for something similar next year
  16. I always get stuck when I activate the snow drifts... Do i have to dig through them or is there any way around? because they wont disappear for me and the game just freezes... EDIT: Activating the snow, then clicking on the inventory and moving over to another item (clicking at least on time on either w,a,s or d) then exiting the inventory again made them diasappear for me. I had to do this on every single one. Maybe this will help someone.
  17. http://dragcave.net/lineage/85M4w Thanks Infinis for accepting my offer!
  18. I want to sign up! Forum name: KingZanto Scroll name: KingZanto Wishlist: 1. 2g from Spriters Alt, any Neglected 2. any alt Black 3. 2g Shallow Water 4. 2g Shallow Water 5. CB Fever Wyvern 6. Anything Breeding abilities: I have a 2nd gen Gold Tinsel, 2nd gen Bronze Tinsel, 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer, Two CB Alt Sweetlings, Every CB Holiday dragon (except Yulebuck, Holly, Pumpkin and Val09) and some 2nd gen Thuweds. I can also Breed 2nd gen Golds and Silvers. Catching abilities: I'm pretty good at catching normally. Have caught many Golds and Silvers, too. Managed to gift a CB Gold the last two years of gifitng Santa. I can't make any promise of course tho. Might not have that much time to hunt in the cave often. Trading abilities: As I said I can catch metals normally so thats the best thing i could get.
  19. Glad it found a nice home ...and that you also named it after its code just as I do with my dragons, too I got this one: http://dragcave.net/lineage/G1CM4 . I've been looking for a marrow from Bright Pink for a while now..
  20. http://dragcave.net/lineage/biEgr its something at least
  21. http://dragcave.net/view/3mVd makes me kinda sad that I will never have that egg on my scroll again.. :/ However I can't wait for the new dragons to drop!
  22. Same for me.. Hopefully I just have to get used to it :/
  23. I would like to set a record! Name of category: Most Number of Shallow Water Dragons Number: 384 (420 including frozen hatchlings) Evidence: http://dragcave.net/user/KingZanto
  24. Still pretty easy to catch imo. I just caught two on my mobile and hotel wifi which is quite slow in about 3min. Glad I got every color now so i can finally breed other stuff again
  25. So they can use magic. Hopefully a new BSA