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EGGSINABASKET.gif2dqmr2w.gifsorry for my english i'm french ;) TimeZone: GMT +1h 2u97e5f.png 2ykfllz.pngMy scroll Dragon's Khazad-DûmWishlist :CB gold and silver, Neglected,CB black, CB stripe

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    My Whislist:
    CB Gold (M/F)
    CB Silver (F)
    Holly (non inbred)
    Tinsel from line, I don't have not more 5th gen.

    Tinsel I already have:
    Gold: ice, stripe, vine, terrae, black, sunsong, green nebula
    Silver: pink, nebula purple blue and red, stripe, black, white
    Bronze: terrae, ember, white, stripe, ribbon, marrow, vine, bbw, blue hellfire, black, magma, shadow walker, swallow tail, purple nebula

    IOU (things I owe to others):

    People who IOU me egg:
    Madzi_Jade: 5th gen gold tinsel x green nebula from AGYI, 4th gen Bronze tinsel x Harvest, 4th gen Bronze tinsel x bbw.
    zengardens1996: 5th gen gold tinsel x sunsong
    JavaMom : 4th gen bronze tinsel x green nebula