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  1. Just post it. If it's wrong it'll get moved.
  2. The thread starter isn't called SockPuppet Strangler. Look more closely.
  3. As you send plants to people the space is filled by a random seed.
  4. I've just received my first flower gift. It's just sitting at the bottom of the page with the message. [under 'Received Messages'] Are we supposed to do something?
  5. I have two that look grown, but they aren't clickable : https://i.imgur.com/ixPc3hq.png
  6. It also means people are hoarding hollies and people with a slow connection are getting none. Takes away the 'rarity' value as well.
  7. Good for you. I'm guessing you're in the same time zone as TJ and the cave (or close to it).
  8. How far apart are they appearing?
  9. Oh yes, I see it now. Thank you.
  10. A bit O/T but where is it in your scroll and how do you put something there? I didn't know you could.
  11. But somebody has one since the 14th and even TJ's nly grew up today.
  12. majors I think you are wasting your time.
  13. Not something very obvious though.
  14. You didn't call a dragon Gardenia did you?
  15. Or maybe because it wasn't your vase? I don't know.
  16. What else did you do? Go to the cave? Teleport? I have no ideas just shooting in the dark.
  17. If you can get your mouse pointer on it you can drag it away from the vase to see it on its own.
  18. You don't seem to have been alone http://dragcave.net/valentines13/Gardenia
  19. Yet someone who actually has one said they got it in the first few hours on Valentine's Day. Salt, anyone?
  20. I've saved your page but there doesn't seem to be any way to post or PM an attachment. If you want to see it PM me an email address.
  21. I did that earlier too. I sent him Lotus, Orchid, Lily. It didn't work.
  22. Also VERY strange that the person who claims to have 'figured out how to get one' doesn't have one. silver_chan I read away back in this thread that only mods or TJ can give it out.