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  1. I use alt custom sort to put the breeds in an order that looks good to me right now. I might end up scraping that and just going by breed soon, though.
  2. Magma. I managed to catch it right when I first started, and then I caught another one not too long later. ...I've had terrible luck ever since.
  3. I name all of mine as soon as they're adults (at least). I dislike having unnamed ones on my scroll, since it messes with uniformity. But then I mostly use Wikipedia articles/obscure words as my names, so it's not very hard to come up with them in a couple of minutes.
  4. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) is the ABSOLUTE WORST for me. I sometimes start humming it without realising what I'm doing. I also had Stille Nacht in there pretty bad over the holidays due to sheer repetition.