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  1. I only have a female Silver. Now trying to a Gold. And then going for a pair each. I don´t think I will ever get CB´s
  2. I started recently to look at the code (Before I never did lol ) and if I like them i try to make a name out of it
  3. I now have 8 Now i´m trying to 2 Royal Blue so that I have 8 of them too. Yeah
  4. I will join. I want to catch to 2 Cb Blacks so ^.^
  5. Got a pair^^ Traded 1 away (before I saw the adult sprites). I really love the male Adult sprite So ones my eggs hatch I will try to get another 3 pairs. So I have 4 pairs ^^
  6. At the moment not very good. two weeks ago I had my first influence fail and since then it happend quite often
  7. My goals are: Have at least 1 (rares)/4 (un- & commons) Pair/s of Cb of each Dragon Finish my lots of Lineage Projects Get 2nd gen rare Offsprings from Holiday Dragons
  8. I really love the Equus dragons. Others I´m found of: Morganite Wyvern Pepper Dragon Sugar Crystals Jinx Dragon Sugarfeather Face Eater Dragon Haunting Heartbeat Celebration Dragon Petal Dragon Eastern unicorn Dragon
  9. Now have one of each^.^ I´m looking forward to the adult sprites
  10. Are they permanent? Cause I´m egg locked and I don´t want to Abandon them ><
  11. Didn´t catch any this year. It´s my first Christmas so I didn´t except one Will try next year And congrats those who got one ^.^
  12. Thx TJ and Sprites The egg looks wonderful <3 Got my first one easily have to wait for one of my other eggs to hatch so I can grab the second one ^.^ Sadly my Incubates are out so I have to wait a day longer to see them hatch ^.^
  13. Mine pretty simple: http://dragcave.net/wreath/Peij
  14. Picked up these two a day ago. Thanks so much to whoever drop them
  15. quitting for half a year and missing the marrows , ribbon dancers and rosebuds
  16. I name all of my dragons right after they gender Don´t want to leave them unnamend
  17. Breed one of my Ridewing pairs and they produced their first tan that I wanted to use for a Lineage of mine just to notice i´m egg locked -.-
  18. Ähm a lot not a good hunter. lol. But what I really would to catch miss are pillows , nebulas and stripes.
  19. Got 1 Gold, 2 Silver and two Bronze. Silver still needs a mate through.
  20. Amazing! Congrats. Would love to be on a future list too.
  21. I caught three new eggies in this drop and now I´m happily egglocked with 5 new eggies and one marrow :3 through they get sick all the time But good luck to all those who still hunt .And Happy Halloween
  22. So exited to see what the hatchlings will look like :3 Hope my other eggs will hatch soon too si I can grab the new eggs again
  23. Yeah caught at least one in this drop