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  1. I just summoned my first Guardian of Nature Yay! Still can't believe it ><
  2. The S2 Hatchies look great can´t wait to see the adults ^^
  3. Yeah new Eggs Caught two and misclicked on a new Teimarr but I`m keeping that now. Will try to catch the last one another time.
  4. Wishlist Updated 21th December 19 CB Gold (f/2m) CB Holiday -none- 2nd Gen Hybrid/Alts -none- Hatchlings to be frozen Action Freeze : available -none- Holiday Hatchlings to be frozen Arcana ungendered Arcana (f/m) Starsinger ungendered Starssinger S2 x2 Valentine 19 ungendered Valentine 19 S2 x2
  5. Just breed a gold and a silver ( the 2nd in a row from this pair ><)
  6. Got 5 now Will hunt for a bit more through ^^ Wonder what they will look like as adults ^^
  7. Got mine already <3 They were really easy to catch thought would be way harder. Thanks TJ and spriters !
  8. Just finished two of my Projects My BP Stripe with Frills in the First gen and my Bluna x Shallow Checker.
  9. 3 left ^^ Yeah The eggs look so great
  10. Just reached 26 Eggs Just 16 left ^^
  11. I´m at 15 now 27 left *off to hunting again* ^^
  12. Got 8 now This is so fun ^^ Thanks TJ.
  13. Just bred my first Gold, My Cb Thunder Girl gave me the second thunder in a row and got an Tinsel eggy
  14. Just got a MAGIKARP badge ^^ and 2 Eggs hatched.
  15. After I hold off for a while from my Project breeding. I got lucky this week and got 3 eggs for my Projects This one has this Shallow Water waiting for 'him'. And their child will be her mate and finish this Project ^^ When 'he' is an Adult I can finally breed a mate for him and finish this Project ,too:D And I hope 'She' won´t alt. Through she will have to wait for her mate
  16. I think this is a good Idea as well. It would definitely help for even gen projects.
  17. I name my Dragons after their parents (If they got names) except If I got them for Lineage Projects cause I always have Projects name themes.
  18. I only have a female Silver. Now trying to a Gold. And then going for a pair each. I don´t think I will ever get CB´s