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  1. On 2/8/2019 at 7:09 PM, Peij said:



    Ready to breed user posted image CB Silver Tinsel (female) and  user posted image CB Shimmer(Male)

    I have all past Valentine Dragons



    user posted image 2nd Gen from Silver Shimmer

    user posted image2nd Gen from Silver Tinsel


    PM me please :)



    I want to breed them in next 7 hours

  2. On 2/20/2018 at 4:36 AM, angelicdragonpuppy said:

    So I'm just going to stuff this random thought in here.


    TJ shot down CB hybrids / alts, but that got me thinking... what if there was a potion that could remove the lineage of dragons without children--with a twist? It would still always show the real generation number, much like some of TJ's thuweds do, like this one: https://dragcave.net/lineage/fjQn9


    That way, people could make "faux" alt / hybrid checkers while making sure the only way to get them was still to collect the parent breeds, encouraging the collecting that alts and hybrids were meant to do all along. It would also allow people who want to make metal / prize / insert other rare line here lineages more easily. Thus people who only care about making pretty lineages could do such fake lines if they needed to with rares, while people who are devoted to collecting "the real stuff" would notice the wrong generation numbers and strive to collect the rarer real lines. 


    Thoughts?? I'm probably crazy and it's probably going to get a lot of hate but I think it's kind of brilliant, haha!

    I actually like this idea. I would finally be able to make perfect checkers with Soulpeace Dragons :3


    Not sure about the "without children" part though, cause I immediately thought about using in on my second Gens .... who I already used in one PB Lineage. I would still like to make them appear CB.

    After all I could get a similar Lineage view if I killed the first Hybrid and other people would be affected by that also? Aegis are like that too

  3. 10 hours ago, Dragon_Arbock said:

    I'll be waiting for TJ's reply he's promised to give on the 15th, but since with suggestions he seems to care more about the why;

    -lineages with alts are ruined when they are picked up with pink scrolls

    -more people with access to alts = more unrelated dragons to build lineages with = makes lineage building with alts easier and alt-owning lineage builders happy

    -if some people get to have both, others will want both as well

    -people want to collect all the sprites

    -there are very few dragons on the site that share that color-scheme, so very few that substitute its role in lineages

    -it doesn't fit the mold of the usual primarily pink or red valentines, and is desirable for that alone


    (anyone can add anything else they can think of)


    9 hours ago, OMGitsKairi said:


    This is pretty much what I'm seeing at the moment. I, too, will be waiting to see what TJ says.


    Edit: Especially the first point. I have so many beautiful lineages that I can't do justice. :<
    Edit, Jr. - The final point as well. The alts are striking and different in a sea of pink V'Day sprites.


    I completely agree with the that.

     I didn’t collect sweetlings from alts because I couldn’t do them justice 

    so those are the two reasons why I support this 

  4. So after stalking the suggestion thread for a few days I decided to spring over my shadow and actually reply ^^


    I really like this idea because 

    - players with less time/ bad internet connection or rusty reflexes can get (with time) get those rares without having to rely on trading 

    - it be motivating to be online more often even if only for short periods of time 

    - with special events hunting for cave Blockers could be encouraged 

    - would love if it would be used to make CB Price dragons available for everyone (and I am a price owner)


    The first point really I myself simply don’t have the time to spend hours hunting that CB Gold (have some but would like more for lineage projects)

    So I spend most of my time breeding 

    a store would give me a new way to get dragons I don’t have time hunting for.



    While I think most has been mentioned before TJ pointed out that he is more interested in why as to how 

    So I summarized that

  5. 29 minutes ago, laertid said:

    Don't remember who suggested using incognito window first, but thank you and a lot of chrismas candies to you! Got both of my Hollies.

    Guys, use Google Chrome and the incognito window, it helps A LOT. More than hiding pictures and disabling javascript in Firefox, in fact (you lazy slow fox!).

     I second that!

    After spending 15 hours hunting today and yesterday. Caught two Hollies within half an hour with this method :3 Now I'm happily egglocked with all the old CB Christmas Dragons I've missed out on.

    Good Luck to those still trying to catch one (or two) it's possible.


    Through there's a huge difference between today and yesterday. Yesterday there were so many people 5 Minutes drops were gone in second today the cave moves really slowly with eggs sitting there for minutes :(