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| my scroll | my wishlist | my lineage projects | im taking breeding requests for common dragons/lineage projects etc, im taking tradesmy whishlist: lowgen metals (gold, silver, tinsel, new prize dragons), 2GEN stripes, lineaged dragonsPM me about new Prize dragon egg or fail to trade with me for ANY dragon!

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    Wanted partners (M = male, F = female, CB = cave born, PB = pure breed)
    - 2gen M pumpkin pygmy from CB M pumpkin + CB F Crimson pygmy
    - 2× 2gen F Crimson pygmy from CB M pumpkin + CB F Crimson pygmy
    - 2gen F earth from CB F earth + CB M colosus
    - 2gen F blue copper from CB F blue copper + CB M moonstone

    accepted IOUs:
    - 24.4.: Stellaluna22 - for CB green nebula hatchling