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  1. I want to be added to a List! Forum User: SaeginBlight Scroll Link: Scroll Link Requested list: Bronze Shimmerscale PM link: PM Link
  2. For Christmas I would like a Thunder or Ice (any gen, any lineage, I don't care!) -------------- Got a thunder from kwan852963!!!
  3. Only 3,000 more words until I make...yesterday's par. Poop.
  4. Currently around 5k, which I'm not sure if I should be excited about or not. This is my first NaNoWriMo, so I've no idea what I should try to aim for per day...
  5. I can't believe I found this on Sunday! I need to pay attention more... Edit: Kandycat, I have two spotteds. Do you want one? I have a Teleport open.
  6. 1 new CAPTCHA! http://dragcave.net/view/n/CAPTCH%20Nacial...d%20of%20Strike CAPTCH Naciali forward of Strike
  7. Vampires: An egg, abandoned at the entrance of a cave, stood solemnly alone in silent vigil under the light of the moonless stars. Its parents, siblings, aunts and uncles and beloved family all slept behind it among piles of riches within the dark chasm. Maybe it was a pink, or a gold, or simply a plain white egg to begin with; none of that mattered as a shadow, human shaped, flowed out into the open, black-on-black, and surrounded the egg. A young vampire, as voraciously hungry as it was inquisitive, flashed eyes soulless and bright in the dark as it contemplated a quick meal of dragon's