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  1. Only 7 more to go then I'm done. When I should have finished yesterday >.<
  2. I can't wait till I finally got them all. I should have got them all yesterday
  3. I got eight left. I left yesterday and completely forgot about this.
  4. that is what happened. sorry if this isn't allowed. please tell me so I can delete it
  5. I clicked on a sun egg again and the usal this egg has already been taken popped up. but the E. Egg with the sun and flower field popped up in place of it. XD XD
  6. oishdfiuasdioufaso9 I am almost there
  7. Only on DC site. hello its a DC event
  8. I was clicked on the sun egg that said this egg is glowing brightly as the sun. It said it was gone, but I found a beautiful easter egg that was blood red and sunsetting-ish on that page
  9. I'm half way there yay 19 *jumps up and down and makes monitor fall over* ooops
  10. I have 18 just 20 more to go *sigh*
  12. Read nebulas description at the end. then look at them I still love them though
  13. same here. maybe they hatch in easter basket though O_o and they grow up and stay there. maybe TJ will reward us with ....nvm I got great idea
  14. I wish there were just 50 eggs and they come out every 5 minutes but they are smaller and kinda hidden
  15. I found the glass one with gold stuff on it while I looked at one of my icicles
  16. I will be mad and sad If we can't keep them
  17. 11 eggs. and I still have only got 1 I wanted
  18. Yay I got 10 just 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,28 more too go.
  19. OMG I JUST GOT THE...............................swan egg. which I didn't really want. But I need all.
  20. Everybody. they pop up anywhere on DC site about every 10 minutes