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  1. banned cause i want that pikachu thats in your siggy's watermelon.
  2. its unusual habits bled dragons under jinxes in jeopardy xylophones zebras. lolwut? uioheth
  3. There were a bunch of funny ones, but I would have to say Magikrap was my favorite.
  4. Well, today my first vamp grew up, so i thought i would try out the bite option on a CB mint that I got from the AP. I was expecting a death, but it turned and stayed! So far I'm lucky, but this is only my first bite.
  5. Cream cheese enchilada. I would love to help out! I had no idea there were wild dragons dying! I'll be sure to choose some sometime to watch once i have time.
  6. I got "Gilbert Prussia Beilschmidt" for an albino dragon. (i love hetalia!)
  7. im someone who looks at the parents names of a dragon to name the dragon i got off the ap. i always wondered if that annoyed the breeder or made them happy. if you look at my scroll you'll see some male dragons carrying their fathers namesake. (like ruan daylight II)
  8. Plushies Username: rileysasha Which dragon you want plushie-fied: moonstone family (male, female,1hatchling, and an egg) Sample image (only for customs): Text (only for customs): nothing
  9. hey can you do a female hellfire dragon plushie?
  10. i adopted your ridgewing lyssie! i will give it a good home! (lol ive been wanting a ridgewing for some time now also)
  11. can you draw me a wolf with a barn owl perched on its head? i dont care about the details, except could you put ear tufts on the barn owl? i can wait if your busy.
  12. I can haz art? Username: rileysasha Request or Commission: Request What I want: drawing Size: it doesnt matter Details about it: a barn owl griffen and/or dragon (with ear tufts plz) Examples: some what in this sense, but with a barn owl http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/...1103-owlcat.jpg ------------------- i can wait if your busy, im not in a rush to get it.
  13. i have an egg up for grabs heres the link: Claim my eggs/hatchlings! EDIT- gone!
  14. ill take any hatchie if i have space! i PROMISE that i wont kill them!!! i LOVE all dragons!!! pm me if you want to give me one. i promise to give it a good home and name!
  15. Gruffin

    Mag Lineage

    hey can i be added to an egg waiting list? ill take any egg as long as its in the the lineage.
  16. i have a tri-colored female snow angle dragon that is 8th generation dorkface and thuwed. apparently, one of the children of Midias Dorkface and Shallyna'ar mated with one of the children of one of the original thuweds.
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    i've never made tea myself.We had sweet tea in class, but apparently they didnt put enough suger in it...
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    plz (Please read the forum rules) (they are about to die like right now!) plz click the magi one (orange) first though...
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    plz click (they are about to die like right now!) No eggspam. Please read the rules.
  20. im a black dragon hatchling owned by me!