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  1. The Boy Named Sue his code has "Sue" in it, so I named him after a funny country song. 12mPH just got it off the AP. It seems this dragon goes up to 12 miles per hour! I lol'd when I got this.
  2. Gruffin

    Pictish Lizards

    introducing a new pictish! I caught this off the AP just moments ago. Hopefully it genders female! Here I absolutely love the code.
  3. Gruffin

    Pictish Lizards

    I would like to join this project! These lineages are absolutely gorgeous! The names that they have aren't permanent, they just have them so I can keep track easier for the time being. I'll be getting more, but for now I'm egg-locked. Here's my pygmys: hrJG-Male CB Regular Pygmy TrPrv-Male 2Gen Crimson Pygmy from male pumpkin Wkdcr-Female CB Dark Myst Pygmy 9TfKe-Male CB Nilia Pygmy V5H7e-Male CB Seawyrm Pygmy And this one is my 2gen PB Male pumkin. Also, can I have a sibling of the double rainbow pretty please?
  4. Here's the codes of mine. o4QEa-60 dragons more than once mE2j-46 dragons more than once dHNWG-112 dragons more than once, and a number of them appeared 12 times!
  5. Gruffin

    Dragon Stories

    I've read the fire within series, the inheritance series(which I never really finished, but I plan to reread it.), and dragonology. I've also found a book called "here there be dragons" that I've yet to read but own. I forget the series name though.
  6. Gruffin


    (hi kaitlyn!) I've read up 1-15 of the manga. I forget how much of the anime I've watched.
  7. TurpxTurp=refusal I'll be trying out new pairings soon.
  8. http://dragcave.net/lineage/FcPjt Beautiful lineage, AND its a white! I'm surprised I got it since I didn't click it as fast as I could. My best guess on why it was abandoned is probably because the owner wanted someone to continue the lineage. Hopefully it genders right so I can!
  9. I have a grown split that was QvgiT. I named it Oh Shut It You
  10. Sorry for the double post, but I also have a description to show. This, by far, has to be the description with the most accepts I've ever got. Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: I love this! So funny! I support Space Chickens to! Accept: Accept: Accept: Very good job, I love the way you created such character. Accept:
  11. oh, hi there! I was the one who abstained! I hope it gets accepted too though, and it was a very good, original story! I couldn't fit that into the comment, so I'm glad I was able to do so now!
  12. I have one that I named "Oh Shut It You" and the code is QvgiT. I can't believe I got it off the AP!
  13. Maybe we could get decorations by clicking other peoples' hatchlings and eggs, so that way we could help out others too!
  14. I Support Space Chickens Her description just got accepted today! She's also a hardcore fan and supporter of the space chickens.
  15. LET THEM EAT CAKE but I only looked at the first page. (so many dragons!) here's my scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/rileysasha
  16. just got this one a couple of minutes ago!
  17. My two CB vamps http://dragcave.net/lineage/eAqUk http://dragcave.net/lineage/HWtMG and this beauty I got off the AP just a few seconds ago! http://dragcave.net/lineage/TfBvU Why would anybody abandon that?!
  18. lureihd little umbrellas read enough imaginary head donkeys. lgkugfhlfi
  19. banned for the really long post.
  20. yup ^^ you got the right scroll (im planning on naming them all eventually)