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  1. @Fuzzbucket If that is true, then the disclaimer that trades that don’t help others understand what types of offers the trade creator is looking for should only be reported may be misinterpreted, or be considered inaccurate.
  2. I personally do not think that saying “offer” or any variant thereof without mentioning something even in a direction of what you might want is any different from leaving the text box empty, functionally. It doesn’t help anyone understand what you’re looking for. So would it be acceptable to report such trades?
  3. Is YGMIP “valuable” or “cute”? What about xWHlP or Pzazz or lfUJr or FAJJJ?
  4. @Ruby Eyes It doesn’t seem likely that he or any other typical of the species would have the foresight to write like that until about a hundred or so attempts and a more experienced teacher, the former of which would require a lot more looted, burned houses (assuming that, unlike in the real medieval periods, the common person was literate and made efforts to write- leather parchment wasn’t cheap then either) and the latter would require socializing with a dragon that would likely be bilingual (and it says they don’t get along with other dragon species in general, unless they’re smaller- and pygmies are said to be less intelligent in general) or (a terrified and likely soon to be dead and eaten for being in the territory, whether by him or his mate) human.
  5. I don’t think they got the psuedo-self aware meta joke. If you don’t want it to stop being funny because it’s explained, don’t read below. The dragon is showing off their grasp of “human language” writing and the complexity/new territory of tenses and pronouns that come with it. Given that the black dragon species is noted to be mostly solitary, a language (if there would be one at all) that goes beyond first person and general graffiti (like “I was here” or “INSERT DRAGON NAME HERE territory stay out”) seems unlikely. The personality of the dragon also bleeds through without being explicitly described, which, to me at least, makes it more entertaining to glean information from it. Also, it would seem more likely for a human to be just like his bread than alive and writing down his thoughts, or for someone to just walk out into the wilderness with the desire to randomly give this dragon paper and ink. One should assume that, like any dough that he might have, the above was more or less liberated from a burned hut.
  6. I’m just going to put this here and mention an animation parody of Bambi without providing a direct link; find it on your own.
  7. @Suzumiya I don’t think you understand. This happens every day, sometimes more than once, when my scroll is not hidden. There is no point in hiding my scroll unless I decide it’s worth it for all my eggs and hatchlings to die from running out of time.
  8. Most recent set of screenshots showing how someone I do not know (which in itself is telling of how I’m not lying- if I had it out for someone specific, I would have started blaming them for it at least two months ago; and besides, I don’t think banning them would stop them from doing this, and probably would make them “hit” even harder) putting my eggs and hatchlings into Valley Sherwood without permission on a daily basis, and me (yet again) taking them out.
  9. Montre

    Silvi's Lair

    Is, uh, anyone else getting an error message when entering their scroll name?
  10. Before I ask anything, let me just clarify my state of mind: I have a history being a non-voluntary scapegoat in the past, to put it gently. I cannot not say I ever became used to being punished for what someone else did or said I did, whether that punishment was physical or otherwise (and there were plenty of both occurrences and results), but the semi-conscious expectation of it happening is still there. That I am extremely apologetic and don’t (or might be afraid to) complain when I do deserve something like a punishment also stem from this, but those are irrelevant here. Anyway, I am currently feeling a bit paranoid with what happened to Hopsketch(?), and the likeliness of it happening again to other people? I know it’s not my place to ask about, but is how it sounds like a unsupported claim for a bannable offense enough to have a scroll burned accurate? Or am I just being paranoid?
  11. Not really a dragon but does anyone else remember this?
  12. I hope whomever I was paired with got what they wanted- my logic was that people would go for the special prize/not the balloon(?) by choosing blame the other, and that would be better than “a normal egg” for both. Thankfully, I was right. Good luck everyone else who can still play!
  13. If the person who gets this doesn’t incorporate the word quiche in the name I will be disappointed.
  14. Not sure if this is the right place to say, but someone keeps adding my eggs and dragons to the Sherwood Valley fansite. And about the possibility that it was actually me: I’ve been writing notes specifying when I’ve added my own things to the fansites.
  15. A user has been offering the same exact thing multiple times despite being declined. This has been happening since yesterday, and it also came with someone putting my eggs on fan site overnight last night; this has also been a regular albeit less rapid occurrence. I can't say it was also that person, given there is no way to definitely confirm such an accusation, nor am I here to make such a claim. Rather, I want to know how to possibly tell said person(s) I am not interested and/or that they should stop doing this. I am unsure if this is the right place to post this.
  16. @lovecats99 It's technically abuse by concept, but I'm constantly making my dragons lay eggs for those reasons. You don't have to thank me at all. In fact, I'd rather not be mentioned if that is okay.
  17. I have a blue hatchling you can have. Edit: If you want it please name it Burst Thorax for the sake of a (albeit probably silly, to many) memorial because the ant was still alive and struggling to survive against the fact of that problem the last time I saw it. And that's why it was heartbreaking.
  18. This is probably off topic but I just squished an ant while hunting for eggs and I feel terrible.
  19. Then they may have been lying when they said they were having trouble with mail. Or maybe you mailed them after they said they cleared their inbox? Whatever I did to annoy them in the first place isn't clear to me, if so. But it's still fair- they could block me again if they want. I'm just glad they got the egg. Anyway, I'm just replying because of the previous sentence- my problem's been solved. Thanks!
  20. It keeps saying they can't receive mail?
  21. Can someone tell Lucere I have an egg for them? Or if you notice this, Lucere, can you mail me? I don't think they can get anymore mail.
  22. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but how do I get the attention of someone I finally found a wishlist egg for after weeks of hunting, when their mail is full? I really don't want to go and just abandon it, on the off chance someone else picks it up and makes them "pay" for it with rare eggs.